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indigo Helaku:

¿what are the perspectives of a change?

the diary of Sunny Day... an indigo guy searching for the gates to enter the 5D...
Helaku left his home from to fly over the virtual universes within... into the New Earth. And these are the process through the days:
august 26 2017 11:11 it always seems as if i don't live around anyone whom is really alive. death or muted ones walking all around their primitive caveman numbness... emptiness of mind. very few of us has the key to hacker our unreal collective life. few has the keys to get us out of this jail. it seems as if i don't have the right codes to open the "safe" material mistakes box to get off my "reality". it seems as if i am inside a jail of broken links.... what ever i create it seems as it is not attractive, because it stays to be judged inside a different dimension. a dimension of the earthlings lost feelings and to get out of this world of third dimension is like ge…

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