indigo Helaku:

¿what are the perspectives of a change?

the diary of Sunny Day... an indigo guy searching for the gates to enter the 5D...
Helaku left his home from to fly over the virtual universes within... into the New Earth. And these are the process through the days:
august 26 2017 11:11
it always seems as if i don't live around anyone whom is really alive. death or muted ones walking all around their primitive caveman numbness... emptiness of mind. very few of us has the key to hacker our unreal collective life. few has the keys to get us out of this jail. it seems as if i don't have the right codes to open the "safe" material mistakes box to get off my "reality". it seems as if i am inside a jail of broken links.... what ever i create it seems as it is not attractive, because it stays to be judged inside a different dimension. a dimension of the earthlings lost feelings and to get out of this world of third dimension is like getting out of this blog, i have to delete all these pages in order to disappear. to become invisible and transmuted into a different reality of things. it seems as if i lived only inside the fantasy of a program inside my trip that is not sensible enough for others, not clear enough for others, i am the clown of a party that it is already over and the audience are a bunch of mocker trolls. i live in a contradiction of brains isolated by an atomic mediatic radiation that it doesn't exist at all for real and for the benefit of the whole. i am alive inside the cemetery of the living ones. this blog is my confession or a good bye letter from the third dimension. already is this e third time i say good bye to this dimension. the first time after a trip of mushrooms... but i came back from the tunnel after being death inside an hallucinogen trip too big for me to hold it. second time i thought i was going to be kidnapped abducted by extra-terrestrials of 3 meters high... and i became nuts looking for a door in the cosmos that never existed or that i never found it... a psychologist woman pretend to help me out with hypnosis, but i played her around cuz she couldn't do it, so i invented for her a story... i ended up in a regular normal clinic ready to be sent into a psychiatric hospital (again) for rehab or mind detox, but she in confusion or despair looking to the hopelessness of my mental crisis and in giving me a last opportunity to trust me like acting as she was the last human that trust me before she press the bottom of the atomic bomb that will send me into the mad world of the dementia loko held by society canons for the rehab institutions... so she decided to give a last shot of an opportunity to the heavens and i was injected in the clinic with a sleeping drug that brought me back to the cemetery of the living and i woke up next day like nothing else happens>>> and in this third time i have a blog inside my fingers where i can write the last poem of my experiences. this time if i am gone; is going to be in a collective taxi-bus since inside this humanity or community of awaken sensitive or emphatic beings there are a bunch of crazy ones that are talking also about the 5th dimension and about other beings of different dimensions -outside my eyes and ears i heard only those voices and forms of beings living inside a chaos camouflaged with a nice paint job that makes believe all the zombies of the normal life to feel their own happiness that in reality is the  most bigger worry among all the worries.... cuz nobody can give themselves a note of senses to tell the others that is going to be alright for a long time, that there is not people in distress, there is no corruption, there is no injustice, there is freedom but inside their fears they don't like to talk about it... for them is normal to live in that world of contradictions, they can not face the hidden chaos of the reality they made up unconsciousness, cuz it hurts and not everybody can take the pain. i expend nowadays the afternoons of this time of life watching movies in YouTube of aliens, old cowboys, hackers, adventures for children, dragons... there is nothing else to watch for free. life should be free. like the music i can download from the internet for free. free should be life, free should be all in this world. free should be everything in this breathing life. free the information to build your own spaceship, free is the song i am listening now. the sunset is gone and i am talking alone with the night but it is free. the moon, that was a partner inside my solitude of the nights, is gone, she became inside the new real reality, a satellite where ETs and humans inside secret programs expend their time doing stuff and sometime with obscure purposes.... so my moon, the same my mom the poetess of the last generation of the good kind ones taught me in how to feel the moon and how to write poems to her. for my mom the moon was a she. and now that "she" had became a satellite fill of secrets and beings with obscure purposes. Amy is singing a song in the background of this night with no moon, she is singing of shitting herself like she knew. she knew she was nothing but trouble. she, she took the fast solo train to paradise and left us all alone visiting the rehabs places of empty coldness. like Mad Max Rockatansky putted it= 'there are ONLY Rebels and tyrants'.... knowing that all the soldiers from the "flower generation" on the last century of this future.... where kill or killed themselves by giving up... i was born in the last century when they were dreaming of computers. otherwise if i was born as millennium kid with a new ship inside the brain, i could be making true a broken link of becoming a terrible hacker. braking the obscure links of multinationals and corrupted governments. but in those times when i was a kid i started studying computer programming but the drugs the adventures and the madness of the system send me away into the streets of different countries where the only thing i learned from them, was the language. i feel a lot of times, compassion for humanity, i see a person here or there and a tender feeling springs inside myself... i don't hate humans i am just cant stand their blindness to see the truth of the cosmos of the universe of the Creator and see how they are only following mr smith matrix speculations of disillusioned realities in pink>>> i love their primitive innocent beauty though... i love animals and the tender feelings of friendship with them and with those humans of good will, the same with the trees and flowers... nature is a friend the Nature Spirits and the Elementals (The elemental types. These differentiations have to do with the relation of mortals to water, air, and land, and there are four distinct species of intelligent life as they are related to these habitats. The Gaia-Urantia races are of the land order)... i support the act of wild freedom of the hackers. i support their actions. that is for me not an illegal act of hacking a multinational or a corrupt government that plays injustice selfishness looking into the destruction and disintegration of the human race and to slave the humans inside chains that they can not see or feel. i know that there are humans of lesser understanding but it doesn't means they are stupid, they just living an illusion inside their assisted evolution, that doesn't make them stupids or less humans. but the elite of this planet seems to love to watch them suffer inside the dreams they follow. beside there are these elite partners in evil ways that they are really fascinated from the loosh energy that produce the suffering of the human race. not to mention the suffering of other beings in different parts of this milky way and of this universe. and we had that solar eclipse and we had that moon eclipse and we are now in the middle of an alignment of several planets, galaxies and in delineation with the central sun of the milky way, our galaxy. what does all these means??? changes probably. i get out on the streets with my motorcycle and i sense changes in the air i breath. in what ever situation i face i bring in the stuff i am breathing from within. and things change more and more, and my cat is expecting me to don't leave him alone inside this third dimension. he says that if he had followed me from la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta all the way to Cali inside a bus for 36 hours, i have to take him too to the outer space. inside any space ship that comes to pick us up before the "cleaning". i don't write poetry here. i don't write prophesies here. i don't write anything that makes echoes in the world that is now there. i write for other beings, i write for other parallel spheres beings that are breathing in and out in different architecture environments of a different kind, like a journalist of space passing through info of a planet.
sunday 27 2:54 am
nobody is running away, or running wild to the infinite desert of the distresses. because the message is like always: have patience!!! things are changing, but the brothers and sisters that are doing the hard work, they need us to be calm and open for the new changes to come. you are a can opener of the new dimensions to come. your mission always was to be on earth right now and right here. The four riders of the Apocalypse are the enemies of your patience. The 4 riders are the 4 falling angels of death: the dark angels of fear, the dark angel of the negative energies, the dark angel of misinformation, the dark angel of distraction. these dark angels are always on this last days changing their masks... but the book of enoch tells otherwise. tomorrow they could be playing a different roll. be aware!!! in your dreams you'll be having too the changes. in your night dreams you will be feeling the turns of the last century on earth. the faces of the performers are the eyes of the audience. you had lost contact with the gods because you had forgotten the dreams and teachings of your past lifes... now is coming the time to remember them. the music that is playing on your headphones is the right music to heard. there are only 4 generations of music listeners on earth right at this moment: those just born today whom we don't have an exactly idea of what kind of music they might be listening to when they open their eyes, because they still listening to the music of the stars for the last past nine months of gestation, and in many cases, is the same angelic music they were listening in their past life. the second generation are those between 8 and 35 years old that are listening to the new urban sounds of reggeaton. the third generation are those between 7 and 80 years old that are listening to anything else. and the four generation of music listeners are the adult people that is listening to music from different states of mind... the adults are living a different movie inside their heads: the acts of the adult world is soooo sick that humanity is asking to bring that mass of people into the trash can of the planetary computer to be deleted for good and for ever. a world of kids and children only will be a perfect world. the adults contaminate with their fears and scared emotional systems the whole generations of the newcomers. it is a really hard and a difficult task to keep your kid inside of you for soooo many years alive and in command of yours and his/hers responsibilities in order to dont became an adult yourself and act against others that are following rules of self-destruction against the children that are coming now onto earth. the terms used inside the arts are too all being corrupted by the terms bring from the adult world of self convenience. one direction of the choices of the arts is not the right choice when it comes to classified who is an artist and who is not. an artist is a person with his-her kid inside open to full expression of the creativity. the arts had been manipulated by the adult world of the selfishness and dragged down with the tools of manipulation by the elites of the wrong choices. literature is been as well influenced by the rhetoric elements of confusion created by the rulers of a paradise that is not working right, one mistake a journalist makes when is trying to write a novel, is to pretend to write at the same speed i am doing it right now. this speed is the speed of the calculations of a messages to be send to print out fast to past the voice of the new days. an apocalypse of misinformation was send through the same virtual elements of the news into the unknown worlds of superficial minds. love your neighbor as yourself in order to write the story of your life in a good old paper clean of mistakes.
the wonders of waking up in a sunny morning happens a lot in a planet with differences... in the northern hemisphere the seasons bring different views that affect a lot the emotions of the people. people got used to that after living for sooo many centuries. some migrate to the tropics, and Kolumbien is a good destination to wake up in the morning 365 days of the year in weather balance. the balances goes from super sunny days like today or cloudy days like yesterday. sometime at night time rains to water nature, sometime the wind comes from the mountains refreshing the valleys. the weather influences a whole lot the emotions and so the reactions and so the functions of the humans. the householder where i am living in right now comes as a Schweitzer and he lives like a tropical man with so many emotional and mind reactions that flow with the music around him. most of the times even his emotions are flowing with that wind, with the clouds and with the sun. he loves his swimming pool and takes good care of it as a ceremony to life.
12:37 pm
i meet this woman, a strong woman in thoughts, she said: women has the shape of love where man fits in perfectly... but she has to deal with men's logic and she have to adapt to it, because alone she can not draw the lines where to go. human race is had been always a strong race for survival. as a race the humans had survive the beginning stages when they has to deal with its first developments of consciousness among a wild destructive and primitive world. humans got along the real expression of survival when they learned that worlds don't end, worlds just change and we need and have to adapt to the new one. human race, is a survival race able to overcome: whatever. the change into 5D is not an easy one for most of us. but is a challenge and we are used to challenges. we always showed we overcome the tasks and can win. many collateral fails might occur, but at the end, we conquer our own challenges in life. this life extends into the infinite. where the Creator lives, and the murmurs of his call our souls heard perfectly inside the silences of the voided spaces... and we follow... and we are been attracted to it... it is our main source... it is the source where we came from to live the experiences of 3D. the consciousness is inside our mind, we become aware of a subtle change in the atmosphere and catching that sense makes our consciousness to grow up. is a need to increase our  channels of perception to detect the fragile changes outside our senses. we need to use more than 5 senses in order to be in track with this new reality at front of us. we feel that our many extra-censorial senses are on and in alignment with intuition and discernment and we make a choice. the choices we now make with the 7 senses, lead us into knowing where the changes are just pumping out of the blue outside the blue sky or the nights... among the stars or nature... in between people or at the streets. and we grab them softly with the hands of our consciousness all those moments and bring them inside the mind of us connected in this precisely moment with the cosmic collective mind of the spirit next to the Creators home. elevate your consciousness. i said before that i love humans. but that doesn't means we belong to the same tribe. i am from a different tribe. i can not talk about this with my "friends" or my "family" or the acquaintances or those i know. is easier at this point to relate to digital existences from the internet. my family and friends had became that tribe that is pursuing the same goal my soul is following. i leave behind many blood and flesh beings and relate to many others in the virtual reality behind the computers and above the astral. i live very far away from related beings into the same awareness of reality. my immediately twin flame is in a different mission and in a different planet and dimension, we contacted once, she is blue and beautiful. i love the human race in a level of a different feeling. i love them because i love all creatures of creation inside the cosmos. but those humans i love from 3D are not my tribe. they are like strangers i understand them but they don't even understand me at all. i remain silence most of the time, and when i speak out, i speak only those words or thoughts they are able to understand... if i bring up a subject of radical realities into contest of conversation, they just freak out or laugh nervously or just ignore me in the most cases. nobody understands now the level of adjustment i made in my writings in between the 3D and the 5D. the written people like to read now, are the common letters of the behaviors they learn in the death society they absorbed the nutrients from. man needs to absorb nutrients from all cosmos to fit in this new reality. humans hardly understands other humans. the ego is dancing around the fireplace of selfishness and a unconscious self destruction. so at the end we all feel related only to cloths, brands, collectibles, names and the constant repetition of the actions of the everyday. humans stay together to other humans even if the other human doesn't treats right the self growing between the both. primitiveness is a normal function among humans. they dont look to get out of circles of self destruction even if they see in their circles of people they know others in distress because of a cause that brought up a harmful effect in their health. eating is very important to humans, the satisfaction of a taste is the most of the feeling they need to feed everyday. they mostly follow only smells and tastes. they dont look at the consequences in their health on the long run.
the codes the hacker entered to free himself from the jail presented by the corporation, failed, and he started to run, run lola run... she runs inside a comic movie about hackers and white collar thieves. at the end of tunnel she meet with Helaku and both started a cooperation deal. helaku the hacker of the spiritual world vs martin the hacker girl of the informatics free world. helaku fights the same corporations that martin does. the difference is that in the spiritual world the fight is to grab the invisible sequences of the wrong links and report them to the higher levels. the job of martin is to expose the bad habits that the corporations of the elite do to the regular people and to protect the interests of justice of the masses. both complain with the robin hood experiences. the open channel of the underground media is call robinHood. it doesn't matter if the glory at the end is to the newspapers news. it doesn't matter if the enemy of the public is or are their own fears. fear is not the name of a corporation. fear is the last name of the cabala.
mon 28 9:43
i love very much the rain. is a stage i feel inside my spirit and has a view that keeps me inside a nest. not the kukoosnest but an earthly nest where the spirits of truth and of senses are napping their moments of solitude. thank you rain, i like it when it rains, i like when you fall rain because you are very present. i remember the northwest coast when it rains a lot. hello to the bros and sis in that part of the planet. the new revolution doesn't involves two sides. there are any more sides to choose. there is not right wings or lefties. there is no hemispheres division anymore. there is not black and white separation. there is not countries divisions anymore. the new revolution knows exactly what it needs to fight against it. the new revolutionaries are beings of knowledge from the cosmic centers of information. they know that the fight is not against flesh and blood like the guy from Nazareth told us long time ago. it took 2024 years for this generation known where the real enemy is. the real enemy at first glimpse is just me myself and i, because i had been collecting wrong info and broken links bringing them all fast and furiously inside my organic system making me believe wrong stuff in so many ways of things. but i woke up. we wake up. and we saw on the other side of the curtain, a stage of superficial hidden shadows that they were holding up the strings of the governments... of the systems... of the nutritional plazas... of the weather reports... of the presidents and the governors and the senators... of the laws and the law makers... of the medications we trusted they worked fine for our deceases... of the food we bought at the supermarkets... of the programs and movies we watched on TV and cable... and of the other ones... we saw behind that curtain a hand of a sick person. the person had naked infants around him. the naked kids performed very nasty games of sexual intercourse with the adult person. the drugs on the tables he uses where those the policemen of the planet caught on their raids. the money he has inside his safe-box, is stocked with the blood of the death ones in his own little wars. now the revolution is not against a flag. the new revolution is against this dirty architect of the system person that controls everything else and have us in chains inside our minds, spirits and bodies. we perform very nicely a dance behind the crusher mill that make us slaves of his thoughts. this is now another term for discussion of who is guilty and who is not. we the hackers of the spiritual reigns are declaring that the man holding the strings is guilty to be punished immediately and put to the delete finger of the virtual computer of the cosmos. those who know the name of the sick person are inside the revolutionary hackers of the last millennium of the 3D. every today's day is the day of resurrection from the gates of a nice doom make up with the colors of the illusions. i wake up every morning with the links of new information cling to the consciousness of the new sunny day. an everlasting day of programming the eternal and infinite line that walks inside the path of the Father above myself and within myself. every atom i breath is full of the new spirituality and the new changes on earth. i wont need pearl or ruby or python
when the Mayas left the planet, they were take to one of the Pleiades solar systems. why they left¿? because some of them evolve so high and the chaos that were coming into the continent from Europa was sooo dramatic and violent and destructive and primitive, that the brothers from space took them inside their ships into the solar system of Maya in the Pleiades. at that time earth didn't face a shift of reality in a way. only America were experiencing the changes as we read in history. but today, the shifting is global. according to a vision (true or false¿?)  of susanne powell, the time is here and we must hurry. she mentioned as how the sun is giving birth to a new planet. the exactly position of that planet will be situated next to our sun. meaning that the other planet should have to screw over one step up. that will make the earth to go in a level of freezing temperatures not good for human race. the brothers and sisters of the other dimensions are preparing a exodus into another planets, some go into a planet of 3D to continued their evolution. some others into a 5D planet to begin a new experience. meanwhile planet earth as we know it will change again into an ice era. animals and some of the plants will be also moved forward with us. the prophecies as we mentioned before, never occurred or never happened at all since our calendar is all mess up. but the prophecies are in anyway coming to a conclusion. and that time is now. all of the prophecies are meeting in one point. and that point is now. feelings and thoughts will change your reality. choose your own possible realities to see where do you want to go next. listen to your body. and don't listen to predictions of any kind... little is happening.
tuesday 6:18
i can change the desires of helping people i meet on the road. people that will love me to give them something material. people that expect me to give them that something. so from my position of 5D inside my mind, i give them something physical for dinner. i overcome those desires of having, by the images over exposed inside my dreams filled with material possessions where i am the owner of a big something and after all at the end, i discover like always, that is not need to have possession of material characteristics since they always take time of yourself, take unnecessary concentrations of attention and you ended your day in stressed mode. after all, the days inside the dreams are very long. there are not nights to sleep in the dream world. i move softly towards the beauty and unexplored world at the bottom... i float inside the silences and i break them with the sounds of my breath. above me there is nothing but a beautiful light, is the place where i came from and the same place where i am going back to when i get out of here. i immerse myself. i am snorkeling. i am going deep next to the cliffs and dark seaweed. all the way to the blue bottom, where a a cloud of fishes is waiting. when i swim inside the waters, bubbles break open from my skin, then those bubbles are going away. i check the oxygen level. i don't have much time and i am still want to see many more things... that is what make it special.
many people follow a god, or a master, or a cult, or a believe, or a religion, or a politician, or money, or a comic hero, or a woman, or a man. many follow a light, some follow a street light, others a cell phone, other a program inside Kali-Linux, many follow a system, many follow a broken dream, many other follow a human dream, other follow a shadow, many a party. many follow the smell of meat. others follow the nature of their instincts. some follow Satan or Lucifer. few follow nothing but themselves, other follow nothing but nothing. some follow death ones, some others follows remembering's, others follow their soul, others dont follow because they don't know what following  means. others just stay inside the shadows of some follower. at the end we know that following is like copy and paste inside your mind or inside your brain or inside your own spirit. long ago Jesus from Nazareth had a gang of followers, he gave them instructions and examples and metaphors, they couldn't grab correctly, so they create a religion cult and the Romans made it a religion of the masses. in xxi century people still pray to the guy in the cross, few know that he already when to his heaven. and so many still practice evolved customs made xx centuries ago. they don't realize yet that Jesus is doing something else right now. most of his followers practice cults of blind orders. but what is all these good for? for nothing and nothing else but to know that the Jesus of today and the now is working a lot in figuring out how to get u out of the mess you in. with the little help of his friends. Jesus now is figuring out how to choose those that are going to a planet and those others that are going into a different planet. Jesus now is waiting for you to make your mind and take the path u want to go or the place u want to stay. the rain falls over the city of men. i am listening to the drops hitting the roof of the house i am in. the plants wait. the animals wait. the cell phone waits... for us to proclaim him as the King of kings on this planet of Gaia or Earth or Blue Planet or Urantia or...
friday sept 1th 9:48
Nazis owned the first steps of SSP but since they were Germans working in the moon bases, most of them were not related to the thoughts of the Nazi's philosophy. elevate our vibration and consciousness. the green chakra of the chest is connected to your consciousnesses.
saturday sept 2nd 9:06
the monetary system is about to collapse, be aware and think positive and wake your intuition and discernment up if you want to survive the days when the banks are going to be closed. keep not all your money in the banks, bring home some cash to survive in those days. be smart and safe energy and dont waste the cash. the economical system is going to have some drastically changes for the good. the actual monetary system is not working right and it will be changed.
Friday sept. 8th 7:09
i keep on reading the Book of Henoch and learning a tutorial of ethical hacker.
...but at what time can i be able to read or do that... if sooooo many things are going on at this time in this planet: a hurricane is passing by the Caribbean right now... a solar eclipse just finished a while ago... a comet passed by... some big rocks from space fall and passed near this planet....... so far nothing visible is happening like to say... wow the changes are here now... every-time something come close to humanity... something big... they... or, we called: the end of the world. the wiser ones called: the change of paradigm... so far we communicate with others expressing ourselves in a level of telling things about fifth dimension and beings from other planets and prophecies and, and, and... but in reality, none of our friends are listening to that stuff at all... only other lokos like you and me are reading these stuff...
thursday 21st sept 8:06
inside the appreciations outside the eye ball with her friend the observer, they find out that mr.Smith always is on the move to protect the matrix that putted him to watch for new insurgents that are looking to destabilize the system of things that the architect of this program had built for the "good" of the feared citizens... just try out when you are at lunch with your own people to bring into conversation some deep subject about anything that goes in different direction of the matrix. let's say to mention for example that the refined foods are made the way they look and taste due to a process of chemical baths of cleaning that are dangerous to the body... and you will find your friends exploiting in euphoric reactions like protecting the status quo of things as they always used to be. mr. smith comes always to the rescue of the slaves of the system to protect the matrix at any cost using the mouth of the person you are dinning with.
one sure thing about the humans is the beauty of their soft side when in motion around their environments of daily life act as humans of good heart. think about 7 billion of us as we all sons and daughters of the One. even that person that looks really ugly to your taste in shape or in personality or in character or in looks or in whatever that doesn't fits your expectations, is also a son or a daughter of the Universal Father. in other words... those 6.999.999.999.999 other beings: are also your brothers and sisters... and it won't matters at all what their personality is all about, or what they do for living, or what level of evolution they are going through... or how "asshole" they are or not. and in that field of observations we have to admit that the universe is in reality very complex. but: we forgot to mention something even more critical: that the Creator of all things and all spirits also created a bunch of other humanoid beings sort of similar to us and some sort of not really very similar to us... and that some of them had made (or created) also some other "inferior" beings to be used to fulfill their projects or agendas... because if we look into only our planet earth, we are 7 billions of a br@therhood; but try thinking beyond earth frontiers and what you find? millions of planets most of them with millions or billions or trillions of creatures citizens of other different planets inside our solar system or inside our milky way or outside our galaxy like in other galaxies or far away inside this universe of Nebadonon outside it, but... what about those in other universes but still inside our super-universe??? and... what about those in other super-universes???... wow... seems that we are in reality a big family of a br@therhood of the Lord of the Spirits some in higher levels some other on very low levels of evolution like us, and some others even in more primitive stages below our level of consciousness. that leave me indulged among these creations of beings and plants and animals and minerals with a big smile in my face...
a great step is when oneself realize something new within his/hers thoughts and reasoning and feels in center of the heart that that new step, might be useful for the many... one time traveler passed a new info into an indigo boy, he told him: the universe you are living in, is called NEBADON among all the universal organization of the cosmos. the "manager" of this universe is a son of the Universal Father from the family of the Mikaels. this Mikael is the ruler of Nebadon. and this guy has the same spirit of the Jesus of Nazareth from 2000 years ago in Palestine. in the old books of history -even if most of them where manipulated, stays that this guy was to become a King of Kings... based on this format of hierarchy, he said to those friends of him in those times, that he will come back to established his kingdom... we must or should manifest the coming back of this man of Nazareth as the King of Nebadon inside our hearts. sounds like a mystery being open up... let's do it inside our mind too to help the order of things evolve in the direction of the will of the Lord of the Spirits.
the stupidity sometimes of thinking and feeling and believing things u read on the internet makes people laugh... i left for a trip to north kolumbien when the Haarp sent those tornadoes in the Caribbean, i thought the storm will be critical... at the same time it was september. the critical month when weird things happens. i read that planet x or Nibiru will crash on the 23rd... but i also heard that a brotherhood from friendly planets took care of it... so, seems we are in the middle of events. some don't come to happen... some might happens but in different levels... meanwhile we continue with the emotional speculations... 
...feels like i finished reading the books i needed to... seems like the info from the books was excellent and helped me moved forward this stage that i am in... feels like i need to experience back again the simple life at front of me... the experience told us that the few that are connected with the truth and the life for real... are: few. almost 1% of the humans... feels like if i choose to be with that percentage, i won't be able to feel simple life... since that simple life is attached to the wild primitive behaviors... so, i find myself again in another intersection of choices... one with expectations of a coming future... the other one with no future at all cuz it depends exclusively on the reactions of a wild present involved in that evolution that really moves very but very slowly... choices!!!... in many ways it seems that the step is like going backwards... world of things giving me choices of distractions outside the perimeter of the living souls... the music exploits from a near by speaker... the sounds involves all the walls of the room and those of my mind... feels like i am living like a poem inside a movie of contradictions...
oct. 1st. sun. 7:16
one of the importance of the books, in this case the book of Henoch, is that Henoch taught me to reconsider the opinion i have about the moon. he says in other words when talks about the paths of the sun and the moon and about the hidden path and the visible path of the moon, and how she does walks the path no matter what. and i remember me saying or thinking or feeling before cold things about the moon... same moon my mom taught me the romantic side of the moon and the poems that arouse from her when is full. that with my ideas of xxi century i had putted the moon on a different track because she was used as a satellite for secret space programs by humans and beings from other planets. now i know after reading the trip that Henoch made all the way to the Lord of the Spirits mansion and how in a sweet way he brings me back the romantic aspects i had with the moon no matter if she is been used for whatever by other beings. 💚😀👽 i love you too moon.
tuesday.3rd oct. 18:18
what it follows is a thought inspired from heard of many suicidal stories in FB... 
THE LAST SUICIDAL TENDENCY OF AN EVOLVE HUMAN: in many ways u can feel devastated by events that are involving u... but in reality those are NOT "you". by that i mean that those events are coming from the outside they shouldn't affect u since they arrive from a third party actor. so... in general those kind of events are here to help us GROW. when we are NOT centered and balanced an outside event can devastated us emotionally and physically. a person that is NOT grounded falls immediately for an escape from the situation of awkward or painful ingredients. one of the favorite and easier choices people uses commonly to escape from that close by or far away undesirable situation is to talk about with the family or friends or in the social networks of the desire of "leaving" the planet and life. that is just a suicidal tendency without the strength to mentioned in the right word. a real suicidal person don't talk about it, just do it or planned in silence like a theatrical script with unhappy ending. the process of talking about a suicidal tendency of not enough strength might shows a need of attention or compassion product of the unbalanced life. most of the humans desiring to leave the planet are people of good intentions and sensible heart that due to the unbalances around and inside-out reaches a point of starting the act of the abnormal behavior. then the scientific world located the person as sick. most of the persons involved in the scientific medical world are people that based their own life under the limits of FEAR. another aspect in these observations is the way evolve humans divided in different groups: emphatic, star seeds, light workers, healers, seekers, indigo, 11:11, disclosure fans, etc. when in reality if you read the characteristics of each, find yourself belonging to all of the groups. when in reality they are just evolve humans at the tip of an evolution crossing the xxi century inside the blue planet. being an evolve human doesn't mean that u are on top of the human race or that u are better than others. u just going through different struggles. there are some different type of humans behaving with themselves the realities of this present: the group of the simple ones and the complicated ones living inside the matrix happily with no complains at all following the rules and patterns and fulfilling all steps of the program: birth, school, adulthood, sickness, social life, loneliness, fear of everything, death. that group that fights everything from the system and ended up being kill in  mental hospitals or lost in confusions. the other groups are those inside the pyramid of control above all the elite and the soldiers and slaves from there to the bottom. the last suicidal tendency of an evolve human is a hard step to go through and is a road of despair. no matter what the choices u pick, ended up learning at the end and becoming a master of pain able to help the new comers. your feelings now of taken your life off is normal, it is just a step in your great evolution of learning in this dimension and in this planet. u chooses to come here. so don't regret it, learn and go on and forward.
sat. 7th. oct. 18:39
sometimes i fell like now... writing stuff and words without having an idea of what i want to say... i decided to just go with a flow... the flow needs to be find... it passes somewhere nearby... all we have to do is grab it... or touch it... or... jump in it. jumping inside a flow that is passing by, has a lot of advantages: like u don't have a clue where u gonna end to. the amazing destinations of the unknown. i then wake up inside a rattle hole full of Alice in Wonderland. but the difference is; that u are all those Alice. u break then in thousands of small particles from the same electron but with different destination each one of them. beautiful uh?... yes, that has many origins like one of them might born out of your soul. another one from the spirit of the One inside your head. another one from deep inside your heart. another from the atoms of your own blood. other one from your emotions. another from your dreams... your senses... your past and future life's... from your own imagination... from your superior self... from the Holly Spirit... the Eternal Son... From Mikael in Nebadon... from the brothers and sis in other corners of the Milky Way... from, from, from... so many other locations that this letters become infinite... so it is.
sun. 8th oct. 19.48
things now have a tendency to change a lot. they involve me while they appear and then the influence of their new skin make a huge dance in front of my scenario and i have to adapt very fast to the new video in town... and i like it. the sun is having another baby and no matter what the physical cosmic consequences might be... i like it. the beings of the other dimensions are going to have a big conflict between the negative ones and those that move the positive energies in this planet... because of us... and at the end... i like it. i support those that moves energies of positive polarity. but i am not afraid, they told us to be trusting the will of the One. the air on the sky is getting ready for the appearance of the space ships that are going to transport us into different locations... and i like it. i read stuff of other bros and sis in the same direction i feel and sense, and i like it not being all alone in this trip.
friday 13 oct. 7:08
things in a way of the survival, are also poetical. poetical is an appreciation of one life as it runs through the valleys of a subtle evolution hardly seen.... but felt it. feeling so many things around one life make a good by letter feel sad in a human way. but remembering that there are not good byes that are worthy anything, is emotionally pleasant. love is around all humans. inside and outside. is just that the appreciation of the movements of them, needs to be carefully detected among the walls of protection or the mud collected in their trips to nowhere. i collect mud from my trips to nowhere land. they persisted to be installed in the wall inside my feelings... my heart. but not necessarily they stay there forever or for some ever. i clean the waste bucket of my trashes basket once in a while and the green light of the chakra of the heart gets light up and that way i can feel more softly the surfaces of the emotions and expressions and movements of the humans as they passed by. it might sound repetitively sometimes the echoes i heard or i mention here or there... or coming from the outside of my senses. i am ONLY a personality passing by an experience of how is life in Urantia. i am just experiencing how to be human inside a human shape physical body. i appreciate this body and all its components for being my friend and pal on this journey. i appreciate and love it all. i appreciate also the physical mind-brain i have the chance to use now in my nows. i also am very grateful for having the chance to perform great powers of perception through the senses. is amazing as perceiving the activities of this planets life with so many senses. those original coming with the body and those included with the spirit. the spirit and those other spirits of the heavenly beings that dwell inside my wholeness are also amazing. those senses in conjunction created an amazing dance of feelings that touched those areas of the polarity that can be sensed in this planet. i am so grateful of having this experience at this moment as using all those powers i have as human. my personality is grateful with every single part of this me. and i am also love all that is around. and i am not afraid of those carrying negative polarities. the light i have added to my wholeness can go through those dark spaces very easy. i love all creatures. i pass through the dark energy one the light expecting they can figured out by themselves their choice according to their evolution step they can read. some don't really like to change into the light but that is not my problem or my position of changing anything from the outside. the free will is a good thing. everyone choose what they want. i choose also what i want, and that is wonderful too. the ONE is sending us all through the circuits many presents that can upgrade our conditions. i absorbed, i like to absorb those energies coming from the Lord of the Spirits. those energies feed my many parts of who i am. the body, the mind, the spirits. the senses. the emotions. the thoughts. the chakras. the aura. my inner circuits. the DNA. and among all the SOUL. the soul among all because it is connected directly to the Father. and there are other things inside or around me that are also fascinating: the Adjuster, the seraphims, the archangels, the spiritual br@therhood, the intermediate beings, the helpers, the life givers, the planet inner and surface, the blood and the waters. the animals, all of them. the plants, the trees, the flowers, nature. the mineral elements. the mountains. the things i eat to get energy. the air. the rain. the sun the stars and the moon. the romantic dance about all of those things and myself. the brothers and sisters from other planets and different dimensions. the other planets of this solar system. the other systems. the milky way our home. the other galaxies in the neighborhood. the music humans make. the food humans cook. the beauty of the humans at their core. the clouds. the cities of men. the blessings coming from the idea of creating all of us together inside this empty space full of circuits of energies that feed us. that move us. that support us. that control us. the way all this universe and the others are dancing inside the void of things becoming real and a living being at the same time and how it is organized in synchronization around LOVE. i love all of these. i love the center of all that gravitates. i love knowing i am going back to it and beyond. i love myself a lot and i love you all a lot. i love knowing i am a part of a Whole. a part of a One. a being mutating inside a grater Being and among many other beings... and minds... and spirits... and physical forms... and spiritual forms... and the morontial life... and... that that is beyond the wholeness created... and beyond the Trinity... and beyond the One. those places that owns us all as a unity evolving together in many different forms shapes and levels.
sat. 14th oct 20:53
no one has the chances to think a performance of be living in this turmoil with the soft skin we have and the weakness of our physical integrity. sudden death will approach from the unknown corners of our fears. the Grey was the name of that movie i had the chance to watch from youtube. we are pushed slowly and in a romantic way with the poems of our sensibilities aroused in moments of solitude like giving a hope of survival to our pity and from the consequences of our past actions, death is in the next room. is not hidden. she has the make up of our concupiscence. so when she arrives dressing like the black wolf from the steppe of our emotions and the aroused dance of our senses to collect the bill of the ticket of the one way ticket to Kathmandu to the invisible city. no way to go back and discover or unleash the secrets and forgotten poems of Amadeus from Lisbon. because all things are approaching with speed. with promptitude. in a person that dies while the nicest skin of a feeling in a young girl arouses the thoughts of dissolved purity that we thought existed in the frontiers of our imagination. so many and so much death ones. unnecessary deaths... i think. but evolution claims them, needs them, ask for them. the best humans had been falling down to pay the quotes of survival as a spices of a race willing to rise from the death. Liam Neeson first thing he says in a bar before going out into the wild to pretend killing himself but been stopped by the same black death wolf that will collect his life at the end of the movie. is just a movie. but the main idea comes from the head of a script writer. and if exist inside our collective mind, might means is real... in the bar he said: i am feed with people.
fri. 24th nov. 2017 23:19
around goes the table... the participants are inside different groups of FB... the collector of energies is on the paper... he saids that the table can goes around fears and empowerment... when fears arrive, an action of LOVE, material love, can save the day and strengthened the links between self-confidence and lost in a false trip... a night of material love brought inside the writer of the around table a sense of confidence... but in the other side of the crystal, the figure of the woman... is still blurry, because she is still in the trip of selling her skin to the better player for the money she needs to hold to support her many kids back in the apartment... the spiritual path is not a road full of roses displaying serenity among the travelers of Light... that path sometimes needs to connect to the dirt of the same path is crossing through, in order to feel the pains and sufferings of the others around u... because if i can recall: Jesus of Nazareth also hanged around them... the poor and the lost... is rally a healthy example to follow. that is why the writer needs to get in touch with blurry woman in red and the brothers in the getho; to stay strong against the spiritual warfare against the wicked ones that are holding the weird energies of wicked controls over our planet and most of the humans... brain washed humans at play over the electronic devices and apps that make life on EARTH brilliant at moments... those moments we need to scape from realities and into the realms of the virtual reality... around goes the table... and the participants are still inside the many social networks. hi i said to you now. hi i said to u tomorrow. good night.
sunday november 26 2017 8:31pm
every ET group has its own conclusions... is what it seems to be like when each one of them starts talking about creation, gods, evolution, our planet, spirituality, technology and so on. one thing they all have in common, is the fact that all of them are more advanced in technology wise than us... when it comes to spirituality it seems that no one of them want to talk about a line of direction into clear things up.... seems like they are not allowed to interfered with our level of understanding that kind of subjects... it seems that all want us to reach out a point of evolution in technology and humanity to level up at least a low level of advanced position in order for them to let dropped more info in different areas... it seems that the info it comes to us in different ways is all filtered with the same glass... you can name them so far as helpers as those cultures from Pleiades, the Blue-avians, some of the gray-ones, the Arcturians, the inner earth 4th dimensional ones, and some other ones. i can not say anything about the theory of those from the called the Domain. they say they are in other words owners of our planet and solar system. i don't know exactly the volume of their ownership. it seems they want to protect us in order to we don't blow ourself up and fckup the planet so they can not get mineral sources from our planet. it seems that all those ET creatures want or need of our abundant mineral sources of the planet, one thing for sure they all say is that we need to wake up ourselves in order to advance in the cosmos. freedom it seems is not compromised at all. they promote our freedom, but we need to be freed ourself beginning from within and expanding to without. it also seems that all those ET cultures have some relative members of them trapped in our planet or density. they see our planet more or less like a jail. more or less like a primitive dangerous unstable garden with many different cultural beings and life forms living a primitive illusion we are not aware of. today i felt from the first time a sense of connection with my own parallel Me/Iam from different parallel life forms and obviously from different closer densities as well. now i look at the planet i am in and see it as a geometrical web fill of communicativeness among the different life forms around... even the air i can breath in and out and that empty space in between; its not really empty at all, it has this same invisible web connected links that brings me closer to everything else in the whole creation... now that i mention creation, it seems also for some space beings that the creator father of all made as already fine and now we need to stop acting like religious brainwashed beings and started to walk in this cosmos as immortal beings pursuing the job of servicing others around us for ever in different task and scenarios. that religious thing is being separating our reality from the truth of what this life is all about it.
dezember 1st 2017 8:47
it was almost 5 am when a dream disrupting my sleep woke me up... the Sun was there far in the distance awakening as well from his own bed of roses just behind a high chain of picks of the Andean Mountains in this side of the planet. the last part of the dream was giving me a name of a place where they might take me called something like Collonium in the galaxy of Andromeda in one of the fleet ships. i remember now that when i was about 9 year age i had another visual dream where i was escorted by two men down into the inner Earth... well, it seems that under the times of chaos i might be guided into inner Earth, there where lives Kareen the friend of Corey G.; but afterwards i might be taken to Collonium by choice. well... after that nice soft awaken into the new day, nice and soft like my sweet cat Plank. the observation of the material world has a little difference from those of the many yesterdays. if i look into my past observations during my short life, i can see a huge difference between my first old memoirs and those of any today, i mean in the appreciation of the material world outside and the feeling of seeing the invisible links around it with a different observatory inner eye... and i jumped off the hammock and Plank jumped too and immediately i started to write this following note from the late observations i picked up from the new underground media of communications called now Social Network... same place where i lately learned that so repeat it word from many people when they message between each channel there, saying inside my head that we need to be aware of the LIGHT that resides within ourselves. so this is what i wrote this morning coming from the light and from the inner voice that pushed me into doing it right away even if it was so early in the morning: "Kosmic Journalism by the Indigo Helaku SunnyDay: according to the most gathered information i'd been absorbing from the Networks, from conversations with other humans and the inner discernment; it seems that we can heard from third parties outside from the neighbor friends of different Galaxies, Spheres, different densities or parallel worlds of the Earth all of these communication messages coming from the inside of our very close and regular spiritual multi-universes... and that info given to all type of special gifted persons like light-workers, empaths, indigos, star-seeds and the many other individuals not categorized under any group or from different other associations or alliances like all those new whistle-blowers coming from high ranked government organizations of the humans of the old paradigm. this info we collect as a journalism of the cosmos as a resume is coming from the same new underground communication systems of the Social Networks that even if they belong to associations or individuals sold into the old system of things, the shared stuff used in the networks is well used so far as to be the new newspaper-magazine-tv of this presented future of a Now. We don't forget either all that great amount of info that is been collected in our brain and inside the collective mind when we are reading a line and our inner memory goes like "yeah, remember that?" or you feel sure about that u are reading as a verification inside your past memories waking up with all of that information coming from great books specially those of these now days like the Book of Henoch, the Book of One and the Urantia Book... it seems so far that our Solar System already belongs to a social cosmic structure of some kind of very organized and powerful advance civilization of spiritual beings from the stars called themselves as a group of companies named The Domain. it seems that this alliance involve many of the space brothers of different other races, even those that still use negative approaches to get hold on their agendas and plans specially in the areas of exploring, protecting, mining and genetic experiments for the good of the whole inside the advances of spirituality and technology in this part of the universe. it seems that is difficult for us to understand in our primitive stage all that they do, it is like you and me try talking to a dog and a cat pretending they can be friends if they just meet. And so is life in our third dimensional binary time-space planet now. the social system that has the new management of this galaxy called themselves the Domain might have used the Pleiadians as local managers of this sphere we call Earth, Gaia or Urantia or the many other names she has seems that it is very common in the cosmos to have different names as you have to travel inside multiple universes or areas or planet or whatever, each names goes along for each perspective or environment. it seems that each planet has their own administrators and a boar member group in charge to bring decisions into higher levels of administrators all the way up to the central office of this universe... and so on because it seems that our universe belongs to a family of other millions of universes living inside a Super-Universe... and it also seems that there are seven other super-universes as well with different characteristics as ours. and in the center of all these created multidimensional places and spheres is the reign of what we know as a trinity that has its own house family members and divinities living among them all with different jobs and responsibilities. it seems that all of these together is the whole creation of a master universe. Imagen it all as inside an sphere the size of a sport ball and u are in front of it… she floats in front of u. then ask yourself a question of wonder: who is behind the sphere? a master God lord of the whole bunch of spirits living and mingle with each other in many many different ways... and it can be also pumped into your little brain another interesting question: who else is there with our Father creator God?... more divine beings like him with different more spheres or different other occupations?.... imagination can be huge, and specially when u can have and give yourself lots of free time besides the pre-occupations of surviving the daily life as we know it and the daily issues of the mind. anyway, back to the note: there are as we heard in the social Networks that there are many space beings in the job of protecting us also from the self-destructive ways we have by nature installed inside our DNA by former runners of the old paradigm or the “old empire”. it is not our fault to choose negative behaviors in time, is just a part of the experiment dealing with binary worlds in third dimensional experimental spheres. we sometimes need to bring ourself out of this material objective vision we have and place our observations from a different angle like looking down at us from the space… and see all these stuff as an outsider and an observer and a person of goodwill that feels and cares a lot for the wellness of the planet and all form of life inside it… we might think that nobody talks about the animals and the plants and trees and flowers and minerals... what will happens when the kaos begins? no worries they said, because they all will be moved into new locations in one way or another. the issues here is with us as i had just noticed... it is not that there are evil beings in creation, it seems that it is more like very evolved beings and races with jobs that include tendencies to manipulate low vibrational planets becoming for our point of observation like they are manipulating negative polarities, while some other beings from outer space that had been gone through those stages already million of years ago or just recently practice other type of jobs from the positive polarity as soon they see that a system or a bunch of planets or a galaxy is evolved enough to be protected... both cultures are functioning inside this universe. both are need it from when it comes to deal with low levels of evolution or beginning phases of creation in planet labs even if it is in artificial mode or in biological mode or in other modes that we don't know yet. it seems that due to the evolution of the homo-sapien on Earth and the willingly pressure of the planet Earth and its neighbors of the Solar system as living entities to evolve into better conditions of life; they are pushing hard the human race or to the human population and those of the neighbor planets to obligatory move forward with them into better densities. but of course the action of that mighty move takes the actors of a love story inside a banana-split of the actions to make creatively a conglomeration of living forms into moving in advance mode into a shaking and rattle lapse in order to clean up and land in new fresh living surfaces... fear is not valid, fear will hold u down into those paths of changes with a blurry vision inside your body and soul and u will experience that chaos as in a horrible nightmare and might experience permanent death of your own spirit or an intense suffering for very long time... humans might need to go along with that flow. if the ego interposes your actions, then u Doroty have to say goodbye to Kansas and return in a different low life medium within another third dimensional sphere. Need to take the red pill because the blue one goes to nowhere land… in other words these events will happen in some sort of equilibrium, since the planet we are on is moving forward anyway; we might need the help from the space brotherhood all the ways possible when the time arises for the survival of the species... but since a part of the universal law in this part of creation involves the not intervention with the less favored beings and to don't alter their own free will, then the administrators of this Galaxy -our Milky Way so beautiful and shinny and loving and young... they need to do some adjustments to our physical and spiritual areas -so to say, for us to catch up fast as possible with the speedy gonz of the rest around us like planets and stars and suns and whatever creatures in the Milky Way that are moving forward... whatever is moving, is moving at a fast paste... remember what the master Jesus of Nazareth pointed: My kingdome is not of this world... when my kingdome shall have come, ya should know the Son of Man as the Prince of Peace, the revelation of the everlasting Father.  Probably meaning that he is coming back with all his friends to establish a new kingdom with his allies, meaning in great proportion beings of higher ranks of evolution suitable to our level… because his kingdom is universal, it seems that he is the king of this local universe that is called in some books: Nebadon. In those times when he was the cool guy from Nazareth -with big respects, he used the word king. Is nowadays like a manager, a director, a president… I don't know, it can be also a king with different qualities as those we know have the actual human kings and queens. One thing for sure is that he is the revelation of the Father we know and not religious concepts involve in this paragraph and that he is the Prince of Peace. Our planet is populated by so many different races and some of them mixed since eons with space beings; the brotherhood of those space races care a lot about their blood living here facing this crucial times, is one big reason some space races are here now to help with the transition.All my life since early age i used to mention to friends that i came from another planet, if i did say it probable i was repeating an echo of some info i had inside my inner system of cells or inside some cord of the DNA. nowadays many of my child believes and dreams from those times are coming to make sense. probably many of you guys and girls have the same or similar stories, some even better. ok now back to the note, i get so easily distracted, i am sorry. since the so many races from space -aka: br@thers from space, their agendas are all different. so far as we mentioned before, only two races had mentioned some clear message about the administration of our planet or our Solar system. the Domain is like the ones in care of the administration of many areas of our Galaxy including our system, and the Pleiadians saying they will be our Earth administrators or the rulers in the next paradigm. of course, for me is that clear that there are not enough humans to be able and have the right conditions to manage the next paradigm in any way. we might need for sure a guidelines of directrixes to follow specially in the beginning until we with new educational basis can get to be able to administrate our planet. for sure there are plenty of good humans with goodwill but not enough training to be a ruler of a planet in our condition. since our Solar system is continuing moving as it does the whole universes like expanding the "sphere" of creation; we had reached out an area outside our Solar system where electrons are permanently bombing us with electro energies of a different caliber. altering our physical reality. it seems also that our space area had an invisible net that isolate us from receiving directly communication with higher energies and divine beings. that quarantine seems to have come to an end now. the collective consciousness of the humans as mixed race is had been slowly changed and altered for the good to reach a level of better understanding of what is going to happen next. if u have the chance to talk to strangers in your daily basis life like the person in the market, one in the bank line, at the bus stop, in the bar, in a concert, in the skate park, in your social life and deep into the conversation themes about the ET issues, the Cabala, the disclosures, the 5D, the reality of the universe, etcetera... one find out interesting reactions from them, seems that the collective of people is ready and knows the subjects of this new coming reality even if they don't belong to any social network about extraterrestrials or disclosure themes or spiritual awakening or 1111 or whatever group we are hanging around with inside the web. somethings must need to be removed at the time of rattle and shake... of rocking and rolling... hehehe... of punking and moshing and pogo... to face the new reality and that means that many space vessels are going to transport us into different locations depending of our level of consciousness or evolution of the mind. it seems that many might be taken into the Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda, inner Earth, Sirius, Alfa Centaur, with the Avians... it seems that none will be going with the Drakos since they already being removed from these territories as their contract had expired or finished and their business are not in use anymore here. many humans react with anger against their own governments accusing them of not disclosing all the info and why they don't open the info about ETs. but the reality is that they had  prohibited to do so since it seems that the ETs or space br@thers want to do it by themselves. one light day when we ready in collective consciousness... they will show up and voilà... sorpresa!!! Paper 51 of the Urantia Book mentions something like this... If a physical catastrophe would endanger the planetary residence of an evolving race, the Melchizedeks and the Life Carriers; they would install the technique of de-materialization for all the survivors, and these beings would be taken by seraphic transport to a new world prepared for their continued existence. The evolution of a human race, once it starts in a world of space, must proceed totally independent of the physical survival of that planet...
sunday 10th of december 2017 19:00
the last fortitude in Earth could be the last frontier of the mind... changes... change of a motivation could it be your ticket into the next density... changing those desires, emotions and dreams that are related to the main expectations of what we want to do now on this planet as human beings... they are "wants" that are part of the physical illusions... that tide u up to 3D temporally "realities" that are already in the process of finishing its own cycle... once we get to the point of being aware of the sensationalized images that keep us in hold here to physical desires... once we are aware of them... we will be able to jump into a new perspective of "willings"... of new scenarios that we could be wishing to be there; like new places u want to be next... like fetching them to become the new dreams, wants, and desires of us in where we really want to be in the near future with your adapted new physical form, your spirit and mind and feelings of your own personality... is what we usually call: imagine a new world, but how can we Imagen it???... once the idea of deleting inside our brain those materialistic desires like imagining every moment inside our mind of wants like to be in a new house, a new vehicle, a new lover, a new job, a new educational study, a new place to go in the next vacations, a new amount of money to safe in a bank, etcetera of etceteras... a new perspective of new ideas pop up in our brains of futuristic possible scenarios totally out of the reality of pain, disappointment, sadness, hate, conflict, trolling, FEAR, complexes of inferiority and superiority, ego drives, narcissism behaviors, blindness, sickness, mental distortion, suicidal tendencies, lost in complexed societies, weakness, conformity of the numbness, baaaaaahhh of the sheep, survival work of slavery, warrior of lost causes, hero of the few, the "man" of the season, the fashion leader, the top model of the elite, etcetera and etceteras of the many.... it is something similar to what the guy from Nazareth told us back then, that now is more clear or understandable in our own XXI century words... back then it was something like these: ...think of the things of the Fathers kingdom FIRST and the rest will be giving to you easily... my kingdom is not from here....  Imagen yourself in those possible scenarios or places of wonderful life living among others and with different environments that your imagination can create from here, from the mess we are mixing with even if apparently we are in a "good" position or situation... the struggle is always there in one form or another... and the illusionists of the elite are doing their job of keeping us tide up with or to materialistic desires that at the end or viewed them from above, they are candy jails that might send us to undesirable location within the system of the human society. the planet is changing into a different density, and is up to us to use our imagination to create new places inside our mind where we want to be in 5D. this will catapult us and speeds up the forward action of entering into what the ancient prophets called: Paradise in Heaven!
monday 18th dezember 2017 8:42
...brothers and sisters.... the things are getting more clear every day... watched this video from three people talking about HEAVENLY VIBES... just perfect timing with all these stuff that is pumping in within in this planet NOW-... i mean within every person and inside our beautiful sphere Terra-Urantia-Gaia-Earth-BlueSphere-etceteras... Heavenly connections is what this is all about br@thers... Heavenly Energies... Heavenly circuit connecting all its on inside and around this sphere.... Our Blue sphere is pumping out her own air steady but fast because SHE is exited about the new that is arriving right now.... what is it???.... a new direct connection between some cathalistic humans that are serving as pivots of strategic point around the planet with the invisible circuits that are feeding us from the center of all creation where the Father of all resides in Paradise Island Sphere... this new vibes that passed fast and lovely through the invisible circuits are coordinated through and by the Jesus of Nazareth there in Nabadon to be like the energy battery that supplies the centers of all 12 chakras of the human pivots in order to support them to distribute that income energy through out all the planet inhabitants it doesn't matter if they are humans mix with ETs, inner Earth inhabitants, primitive home sapiens, advanced spiritual humans, insensible homo sapiens, blind ones, violent ones, animals in 2 legs, regular animals of all kind, all trees and the flowers, the mineral world, the air that blows softly, the storm, the torments, the tsunamis, the water elements of all forms, the clouds, nature, peace and war, hate and care, love and life, light and darkness, all densities within this reality now from the 1st one to the 9th one,  the cities of men, the mountains and the lakes, the ocean and the earth, the volcanoes, the lava from within,  the ugliness in many human stuff, the superficiality of many human actions, the parallel worlds within this reality in this now, the ugliness and the beauty of some man build things, the thoughts of negative context and those of positive approach, the collective MIND of our planet, our ascension as collective, the sadness and the depressions, the wisdom and the thought, the feelings, the passions, the attitudes, the impulses, the desires of low vibration, the dreams of all kind, the visions, the calculations, the studies, the centers for education, the buildings where the elite hides their trips, the malocas and tepees where indigenous people live, the communities of alternative ways of living, the system of the status quo, the ideas, the destructiveness of some humans against themselves, the suicidal tendencies, the top secret documents, the multinationals, the small family business, the strength, the weakness, the sick and healthy ones, the food, the natural medicine, the corporations, the war agencies, the organized crime groups, the organized religions, the organized political parties, the elite and the Illuminati, the hippies and the punks, the electronics, the technology, the goodwill of humans, the smile of a woman, the tenderness of a child, men, women, the other sexes, the sick ones, the pure ones, all the the musics, all the poetry, all the stories of the humans, all the arts, the videos, the social networks, the film industries, the people whom works, the people who doesn't work, the lazy ones, the active ones, the street or road in your neighborhood, the farms, the seeds, the light pole, the street signal, the cars, the bikes, the motorcycles, the cloths, the hats, your cat and your dog, the mascots, the fishes, the flying birds, the wires, the electronic devices, the musical instruments, waters, all the songs, the fireplaces, the artificial moon, the satellites, the space programs secret ones and the others, the dances, the human bodies artificial or mix with aliens or regular ones, the bus, the train, the boats, the airplanes and the UFO of the hidden agenda of some organizations, the prisoners in unjustified jails, the Internet, the virtual realities, the foot prints on the sand, the dactylic ID, the smell of bad shoes, the deodorant, the chemicals, the organic products, the meat food chain, the natural organic food, the cat shit, the dog shit and the human shit, etceteras and etceteras.... the idea of these long items is to make you aware that EVERYTHING needs to be included once u open it up to receive the transmissions from the center of the Universe... why? because once the real collective is in the frequency of HEAVENLY input, then all of our reality will change for the good... it doesn't matter what is it... positive or negative... normally the negative vibes will be absorbed by the eminence of the light to balance the harmonic flow of LIFE... beside that once u connected with the heavenly circuits, u can help or feed good up those "low" vibes around you what ever shape it has... just feels EPIC all of this... LOVE to all in order to approach the LIGHT & LIFE level of evolution... helping the collective of the existences of this universe as the Supreme... with the Spirit of holiness inside.... with all our souls at dance in a cosmic DNA inter exchange of energies.... epic!
sunday 24th dezember 2017 11:44
br@others... here are the last news inside the transformation... i just going to write the key words... since those who get to this far in reading... are some of those choose ones and they don't really need many words to catch up... Lemuria... 12 chakras... spinning... 12 helixes in the DNA... upgrades... downloads... two planets... metamorphosis of EARTH... 5D to 9D... Pleiadians... <<<sun°|||>>> as closer medium of bringing in new Energy through the heavenly circuits... anchor of the energy by the star-seeds... rest a lot and sleep a lot after channeling heavenly energies... drink lots of water.... spin keep on spinning... receive those heavenly vibes that are on earth... pleiadians as the ones in charge of this blue planet... metamorphosis of earth is peeling out the new blue skin through the surface of the old earth... geometrical lines of energy in the air... everything is frequencies... love is a tool now the only one... be sweet with yourself... with your memoirs... drive the time line back and forwards and clean everything with celestial LOVE... Liebe... AMOR... Amour... Amore... Rakastan... 
dezember 2017, 26th 2:23
..we had "survived" the harsh days from the 23erd to 25th... the geometrical net around the atmosphere of Earth... has completed the webbing... now inside the calm and stillness under the rain of the consequences of a cleaning job... the circuits are now open and wider connected with the network of Heaven... the lucid dreams waken into the realms of a download of info... the dragon riders are awake in ridding the skies of the collective mind helping the br@thers from space federations to make sense in the fields of transforming the energies of a whole planet... is not an easy task... look through your window outside the nest of your limitations... there not far on the trees of reality, relax the birds of wisdom while dancing the echoes of a new frequency... we are all  the heroes of the Milky Way... the whole universe is watching the video... is not in Gaia Productions... is in front of your eyes... through the window... outside and inside... soon... u will have to walk all over the new fields with those boots... cuz' they were made for walking... the stars walkers of the galaxy... was not an easy  task, but u were educated through difficulties to face the warrior life in Terra Urantia... but it is only the beginning of a new sunset....  and u are NOT alone...
2017 last day dezember 31st on a sunday morning 6:24
many ppl are having dreams and premonitions about the next year of 2018.... the world of the commanded elite of the banking world is going through stressed situations.... the disclosure and the desire of the ppl for major total disclosure, had impacted the elite of the cabala and associates in all areas where they have the dominion.... this wasn't possible if the Sphere Being Alliance and friends wasn't there to help out and that the control of the universe had decided to change who has the controls of the play station inside the web frequencies of the human system... it was actually giving to the Pleiadians....which is fine... religion had its own problems due that the cabala is also there.... same with the corporations and multinationals.... anyway one word about Jesus according to the books and the XXI century revelations.... is that he dwelts in our universe (there are many other universes) as a king or a commander or a manager or a head of living spirits.... he has many names... Iesuah ben Ioseph... Jesus of Nazareth.... Christ.... Mikael from Nabadon.... and some other names.... all cultures in space give him different names cuz of their different languages.... the pleiadians have also a name for him.... the thing here is that as the ruler of this universe.... he is also above all ETs that are around Earth that are coming from within this universe.... they know he is the king.... so everybody follow heavenly orders.... some more disobedients want still to keep doing genetic experiments in lower frequency planet that are just in low vibes of evolution... that is allowed in our universe due to the free will installed as the app to use in biological forms of 3D.... since this our planet Earth <Gaia, Terra, Urantia, Blue Sphere.... etc> as a living creature -all things in this universe are living creatures... even the computer monitor you are sitting in front of it---... so our little blue sphere want it and desired to change her vibs into a higher density <as a normal path in her own evolution> and everything on top of her sensed the vibrating echoes of the her when they are connected with it.... and it happens that the neighborhood of this galactic barrio had listened to the messages in their kosmic communication devices.... so they decided to help in the transition and here we are.... facing 2018.... if we in mass of ppl don't do the mental desire for a drastic change... then a heavy event must be allow it in international magnitude <lets say a ww3 or something> for us as a low galactic spices be pushed to wake up... cuz that is a part of human behaviors... their emotional internal structure once in shock it opens windows of perception to be able to received "salvation" from heaven.... i don't need to get into why this is so.... intelligent ppl know why it is so....  thing is: that due to those impulses for new perspectives, the old paradigms of how to do things in this level as a human society needs to crash... yeah crash down baby, fast your seat belts because Kansas is going bye bye... in order for the new paradigm to arrive <Einstürzende Neubauten... keine sorge>.... so in this way is the banking elite going through right know.... and they want to soft down their ways of how they do banking to us, but NO WAY... they need to be exposed for they crimes and dirty ways and they luciferian rituals and pornography and children sexual ritual and all those dirty games, we don't trust them anymore... we as the ppl of the planet WANT a new paradigm in the banking system and those central banks like those in every country need to pass to different hands.... the elite of the cabala need to be judged for the crimes had done and the ppl need to see and hear that the JUSTICE of the Alliance is doing their job... personally i will love to see all banks in hands of community cooperatives.... the name of that elite that runs the banking system is the WDS the White Dragon Society....but: don't panic, no not nope... FEAR is not an option... <nada de NERVIO nada de MIEDO>... ohhh that our leaders are going away and many countries wouldn't understand that? or that not too many ppl will take that commotion easily and it is too much for us? no nope not... no way... we have to face the new changes and accept the new realities.... most of the fear comes from ppl with attachments to their material possessions and the numb comfortable ways that the system had been throwing at them to make them act as zombies the whole life.... and those humans are afraid of the change.... are u?... don't worry u wont loose the chair u are sitting in and neither the pop corns when u go to the movies... and your children, women, they are ok nothing bad is going to happens to your families.... all is for the good of the human race.... <Mon gars tu restes tranquille!!!>
sensing and feeling into the nearest future
january 3rd 2018  9:38 Planet Terra--- Gaia--- Urantia--- Blue Sphere
the lately news in the paradox of the human system is that the cabala had lost the battle and are going to loose everything they owned... question remains for the Galactic Federation... who is going to manager their assets and banks and corporations.... another news is that some ET might likes to communicate via hexadecimals.... 10101110101011011110110011101110110011001010... another thing is that many ppl willing to be awake show some traces of illness in their minds bodies and... energy of healing is being send in those directions to help them to adjust to these times.... many ppl are finding out that to avoid body imbalances; they need to drink a lot of water--- rest as much as possible--- breath sometimes being conscious of it--- nature and animals--- those tips are because body gets the adjustments coming from spiritual uploads and mind downloads a little bit slower.... body needs downloads from Terra as well due to its nature... be kind and lovely and take very good care of your vessel.... it seems that in order to catch up FAST with Earth transition into 5D lot of stuff is going to happen and our senses need to adjust at a velocity of the action.... for that our nervous system need to be upgraded as well....... it seems that the best place to learn new stuff is FB.... it seems that many groups in FB are related to this NOW times.... it seems that to consulting for guidelines the best places to go are: Inner-self... higher self.... yourself from the future or from the time line.... your own personal Seraphim's....  your inner higher Spirit, the one connected with the Father--- Prime Creator--- God the Father---- Lord of the Spirits... since inner that spirit in your mind there is a Monitor that can be the driver of your experiences.... it seems also that MEDITATION is a tool to connect to the space Internet nowadays, it is like the way to upgrade yourself in order to be able to receive downloads of positive vibes.... it seems that in your night dreaming the new input infos are downloaded... making you receptive to understand more clear whatever new stuff is arriving throughout the invisible circuits of the cosmos into seems that we don't know yet what is going to happen to organize religions and politic arenas of the humans since the cabala is being kicked out of them.... neither to the media news corporations and Hollywood studios and the army forces in all the planet.... big huge questions is how are WE going to organize the NEW WORLD with the new assistant of the ET alliances and the Earth federations of the positive vibes.... now we can see that it is going to be a world without money and a lot to SHARE.... it seems that once it opens up to everybody these NEWS, slowly ppl will start to change from their addictions and back to be themselves in harmony.... the spinning of the soul to adjust to the speed of changes inside the densities, is making many ppl to feel in their body imbalances like dizziness, headaches, etc. .....the DNA is being upgraded too as well as more like 25 chakras activated in order for us <those willing to> adjust to the new planetary video movie u we are going to experience in 5D and live HD resolution.... Earth in her transition to the 5D is willing to all of us to be there.... but only those willing to move on and all the animals are the one crossing the new subtle line of the densities... many ppl are not willing to leave this 3D they are too much attached to the material possessions and the fears of change and the lack of info the use so many decide to block the new things to come to their life ...or by just don't wanted to leave or have any changes.... as the planet Earth Gaia Terra moves into 5D some "drastic" changes might occur in her flesh... as we live on her surfaced flesh we might see how some lands of the planet might sink into the waters and some new ones might arise... the ETs are ready there to help us with the transport for those that moving to 5D... the other ones i am not sure about it... they definitely could NOT survive a 5D scenario, it will be as flowers pupping out into the for those attached to fears or that they don't know anything about what is going on now because of the level of evolution they had choose... they might have to experience a reincarnation after their death into a similar dimension in a different planet... or maybe the ETs have orders from the higher densities to take them directly into the new planet for them to live there cozy in 3D.... so far technology will be activated in connection with spirituality.... the circuits of communication with the "gods" will be restored as ancient times before the luciferian rebellion.... the quarantine imposed to our planet will be canceled.... the all mighty Supreme will add to its expanding divine being a one more very important  achievement of victory.... and i am not sure about this but if all these is happening, there at Uversa the Ancients of Days will give their final verdict on the judgment to Lucifer and his rebellious friends....
january 4th 2018 thursday morning 4:33
the Pleiadians are a bit suffocated with our course of events due not only for the direction our karmatic destinations is taken us from the manipulation of our lifes from the dark energies of the cabala but also due to our very low as a collective desire to evolve in velocity into realms of PEACE... not all the human race, i might take the chance to say that almost 90% of the human race is violent and has negative approaches towards others <we can see that in our lit things of daily life like when we drive our cars or the way we think about others that act differently than our ways> and against the environment and themselves in the way they/we express their/our reactions.... everything since it is all webbed in the network of this universe and since the Pleiadians had a lot of responsibility in our origins as living entities.... is their main responsibility to deal with us in these crucial times of transformation.... so helping them from here us as individuals is vital... we might need to take the chances to walk those lines of TIME and had the adventured will of traveling back and forward the time line to make possible the conscious communication into the collective mind of crucial events in our civilizations where there were a critical event like a discovery or a development or a research into something or a the making of something negative that had influenced our collective negatively into what we are today.... one main reason is that all those negative events ended up obligatory into a disaster by their weight.... they the Pleiadians know that and they have to do something from our future line that its where they live....
01101001 01100110 00100000 01101001 01101110 01100110 01101001 01101110 01101001 01110100 01111001 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01101110 01100101 01100101 01100100 00100000 01101001 01110100 00100000 01110111 01100101 00100000 01101110 01100101 01100101 01100100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01101110 01100101 01100111 01100001 01110100 01101001 01110110 01100101 00100000 01100101 01101110 01100101 01110010 01100111 01101001 01100101 01110011 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01100011 01100001 01100010 01100001 01101100 01100001 00100000 01101111 01110101 01110100 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01110000 01101100 01100001 01101110 01100101 01110100 00100000 01100101 01100001 01110010 01110100 01101000 00100000 01101110 01101111 01110111
 january 8th 2018 20:14
u are not the only one going through difficult times.... times in general are hard and in particular for those with a tendency to move forward into or with the new changes... we need to experienced these times of "no interaction" with humans... they live in macdonalds world or netflix world or creditcard planet.... their fantasies are around a shopping mall.... so what do we expect from them? nothing.... because they only laugh and make fun at us if we said anything different.... in that way they feel better as their vampire agony is been satisfy.... to talk to them and interact with them we have to low our perception of reality and adjust to a level of conversation that goes nowhere.... but.... be strong.... cuz we are warriors and we knew that before we decide to come to this planet.... we are powerful.... we have powers of discernment and intuition and telepathy and many more.... we are amazing because we decided to come to this agonizing society to do our best and after all to acquire our experiences.... in order to help the planet to go into the new density..... we have guts to had decided to become such a low level species in this 3D biological vessel in this side of this universe but it need it to be done but somebody...... we are NOT ALONE.... the br@therhood of our brothers and sisters from multi-dimensional spheres are around helping---- protecting...... talk to your inner-self in the near future... your higher-self from the future, cuz he/she is connected with the space br@therhood.... LOVE LIGHT AND LIFE
after all... i heard that the G.E.S.A.R.A. project was to be implanted in our planet after the RV and the elimination from power of the Illuminati and the White Dragon Society and the other ones what ever name their group had.... but my point here as i see it, is that that might be a way to help the human system from the rude economic system from before and under anew supervision of the new republic of the US.... 
i guess they might expect <the Alliance> that if we are living in a more balanced society with out poverty and surviving like before, that might spring us into a better level of spirituality.... the Alliance trust us as a human race capable of doing that in our transition.... and no matters if the same US under orders of mr president in 2015 or 16 took a foot away from the convention of environment of all the countries in Paris.... <that time was when the GESARA project came to light>.... people changes their minds at all time.... we are in a free will environment.... so it is acceptable that mr US president change also his mind and accept the advises from the ETs and decided to front the attack made into the corrupted system of the Illuminati..... i hear that people want him out of the office.... but i also heard that many patriots love his ideas.... i might suggest from a lower profile point of view.... that we have to remain skeptics about politicians from 3D and rich people from the same 3D.... if they do a good beneficial plan of action towards the global needs... cool.... but have to keep them under an eye since in 3D the idea of switching  bands was normal.... CIA strategy all the time we remember.... but i don't want to be to hard on the subject.... i give it a try.... and trust for now.... any way i always had a good feeling that he was going to win over draconian clinton.... i thought i never got involve into politics... remembering the words of the Nazareth about giving to the Cesar what is of him and to God what it belongs to him.... something like that....
tuesday january 9th 2018 13:59
now it all seems more clear.... those of us who came to Earth to fulfill a mission.... after the job is done.... we need to forward in evolution with the New Earth Urantia into the 5D as a next step in Divine ascension... some of us more advanced can return to their higher densities.... very few wanted to remain on 3D Earth as guides... the destinations are mostly Pleiades but also Arcturus, Sirius, Orion and others....  the way to connect is through your inner higher self into the near future.... in the case of the Pleiadians, your inner higher self resides with them... in the other cases i assume it must be of similar nature.... now, when do we know the mission is finish? when the Alliance open the doors of information and declares the new order of thing in a globally contest for the earthlings.... what is going to happen to those remaining in 3D planet Earth? they might go into significant changes and probably most of them into a shock, but it needs to be done because the ones pulling the strings of this evolution and among them the planet itself.... are pulling hard... so the Alliance drops a plan of substitution for the "new rules"  for the local governments and highlights on how to and the institutionalization of a global planetary government that can represent the 3D Earth into the council of planets.... the subtle move of our vessels into the 5D might be done in a collective action with the help of the ships of multi-dimensional beings.... the earthling wont be left alone.... many dimensional beings will stay around to help and protect.....
 pic of my cat and i going for a visit to Alcyone
1.11 2018 14:55
but i am not whom makes the rules.... me myself and i already went with ego into the back room to watch some tv... since i don't watch tv anymore... the rules are coming from higher levels... like they said: "your will be done in me Father in Paradise"... so... it might happens that me and my cat get the order of staying and help in the transition as well.... we are waiting... is kool though.... and what are the news from the Alliance?... well they need to figure out still how the social and economical system of these humans can be changed with out fricking out everybody.... takes a while... the Alliance won the battle though... Cabala and all those secret societies are being defeated... a great power from the Ancient of Days had arrived... Saint Germain for us on the west... and Quan for those in the east.... they are still figuring out our humanity.... to avoid many human to frick out with ET stuff.... we are waiting.... the RV is not public.... they are doing it behind the camera... GCR is not yet being reseted.... Qanons and all those hackers from the underground are working passing info.... i am just a spiritual hacker that my job is dealing with negative energies on earth and our Solar System..... i expose the negativity into the higher realms and they that have the power of unplugging virtual computers do the job.... but we work in alliance....
saturday 1.13.18 7:55
Lately people from different FB groups is been asking themselves 2 things concerning the TD thing.... CG and Q.... Rumors among them speaking of ?..Who is Q? And who is behind the SBA.... From the perspective of this new reality.... Is difficult to know who is Q and what is behind the curtains of CG.... First let's see the Q subject.... He always uses the word Patriotism.... And again, viewing it from the window of the TD... Is a word that creates division or calls for emotions of 3D realities that in all the ways are attached to the old paradigm which is the one everybody wants to change and get rid of it..... Earth itself seems that is moving to 5D anyway and we are the ones that need pronto a switch of reality.... Something that for many is almost impossible or out of the question because of Fear... For few is a new path or walk to get into it.... but we are in the intersection point where the GPS of the brain goes cuckoo with so many roads to pick.... So... all we have is that Q is a good patriot.... He is doing a great job, but he needs to adjust his/hers emotional words and concentrate in the real meaning of Universal Love.... Cuz the changes are global.... Now CG is a great guy with a sensible personality and spirituality.... From the beginning when started the disclosure thing he pointed when asked why he is not been kill by the cabalas.... Said that it probably was because of the group behind him that are supporting a disclosure.... Total or partial.... He did mention the 2 major tendencies within the military that supported TD and those for PD.... What the rumors are saying now is that behind him, his manager is a good guy that used to belong to groups that deal with negative energies... But that is not an issue since people can change into positive energy as well as it gets the influences of the light.... But those rumors carried doubts about if there is an agenda's group there... Who were one of the main groups inside the influential controllers of the human system that always had been the opposition to the cabalas? And it is clear that the Aryans name showed up.... The Aryans were kicked out from Europe after ww2 and try to established in S.A..... But the cabalas screwed their plans due that they owned the banks and never let them to prosper as they wanted to.... Rumors also mentioned about the BRICS being the next in control.... But actually and back to CG and the SBA it seems that the guy behind CG has affiliations and support by the Aryans.... One curious thing is happening now in L.A. as the oppositions of the cabala, the Aryans are getting almost there in control of the polls..... The bottom point here is a wondering if the change of paradigm will led us into being ruled from now on from another group that might fall later into similar addictions as the cabalas had.... Well, it seems that to clear those doubts ...there is an Alliance group with the new ETs that had the authority from above to deal with the big clans of earth in order to adjust the economical and social system that the mass of humans are comfortable with into a new one more beneficial for them, to the environment, nature and the animals.... And of course for the other space beings in the Milky Way and the multi-dimensional br@therhood.... It seems like the higher spheres of the cosmos had sent 2 big deal personalities to protect the interest of humanity ...sent from the sphere at the center of the directors of this universe ...the Ancients of Days.... Because there is a huge group in Asia supporting their own agenda away from western secret societies and it seems that they don't trust that much the westerns since they broke a pact of big gold they had with them originated after ww2 and failed when the 9-11 inside job was finished by the cabalas.... So it seems that this 2 personalities are advisors to the Alliance for a better solution and adjustment between the west and the east social ways and thinkings..... We are about to see results soon.... Public RV is been on hold... Negotiation is running.... Trump is taken care of the Cabalas remains in Deep State.... Underground world anon Intel info drops steady.... World is sleeping or distracted with their day by day issues of survival or.... Zombies with the tech.... As usually.... Those out of the matrix are reading the galactic news and doing their job.... Everybody's adjusting...
too late to be awake 3:26 in the morning.... thursday january 18th/18
good beginning... 18 18 ...multiples of 9.... the last news are both from the Cesar and from the Spiritual World.... both include ET involving.... well it seems that since they are the emissaries of the actions and the messages.... On one side some earth events like BOOM sounds in Germany.... False alarm rockets over Hawaii and Japan.... and Detroit rock city being "attacked" by <whom?> orders of laser beams from satellite... now... there is a war going on between Alliance and the Cabala organized secret societies.... but also Q informed that Trump send the rocket to Hawaii in order to get access to top secret files kept in that area.... but of course was a play game to open the security access codes that were denied to him... he might need some of that info to back up attack into Deep State.... well... the Clinton's doing their clinton thing.... but we wonder.... why they are not already in jail????....  what is with the military and the Alliance in this particular situation???.... anyway in that war, that actually is looking to free us from economical slavery.... a LOT is going on... but lets stop with this human level of perceptions.... we need to transcend it and know that above Cesar is God.... Now, the other news of an spiritual level come from the Arcturians.... they said that we need to allow LIGHT inside our consciousness in order to help us achieve these journey of shifting energies and frequencies..... close your eyes for a moment.... breath... Imagen inside your consciousness as  a "form".... and let the Light from above enter it, feel how light you are now.... so simple, and things around u begin changing bc yr perception is altered in a positive way.... and believe it.... even the skeptics that only use their brain can do it just for the fun of it....
friday 1.19.18 7:09 sun is out
 when u have a good will heart in your interacting intentions with ppl... u might get abused sometimes or used in cold ways... but u need to know an important thing: That is exactly the idea of a Good Will at heart.... complaining about it is nor acceptable, is part of your mission on Earth...., since the source that feeds your heart with love resides above all the universes, is coming from the One Father of all, a personality that enjoys for eternity to keeps on feeding good will hearts like yours... u have an infinite supplier of good positive energy... another thing is to educate your emotional being to be more aware of those individuals that act as vampire "friends".... a FB friend asked me...What do you believe is coming? Get as crazy as you want, I love new-to-me theories to ponder... But i don't have like a believe in this fragile changing subject, because what one believe doesn't matters.... it seems that what counts is the global collective mind of the planetary humans.... ... is more like feeling... sensing.... a kind of discernment swimming into events like a journalist reading the wind of the weather.... but mostly is the same stuff u are thinking.... cuz everything looks crazy and loco..... soooo the events are pushing us into a collective thought...... and if it is wild then the whole consciousness of the sleeping ones is waking up..... and at this moment.... it seems that is exactly what we need.....
1.20.18 17:54
is the Internet like going into another dimension????... interesting but i am not the one with the answers.... it seems to me that our body is composed also of many electrons that according with Quantum they can divide in multiple different experiences when they are not observed.... we choose realities.... one closer one and different one could be the Internet.... a different stage of mind-tech and inside time-space... a 3D tool that guide us into different realities with in the bipolar reality of negative and positive....but another dimension.... is like trying to connect to another server or pip address when u don't have the key codes.... even for a good hacker is almost impossible when is a strong password.... is like using Windows and try to get in somebody else's computer when they use Tor browser and Linux image.... in other words.... it seems that in another HIGHER dimension.... the facts of 3D like time-space, polarity division and so on.... are not considered IN or cool.... those are toooooo lowwwww scenarios... another complete reality works in those higher densities..... Light for example.... Internet lacks light... is full of good stuff but a lot and tons of negative choices as well.... Light density spheres are 100% full of Light....
january 28 2018 7:07 sunday
...sometimes the subtle turns in life we have to or choose to make are really pushing us into new things that are radical at first... after a couple of days and analyzing the situation.... we come to conclusions like.... well this new thing is strange to me.... or, i think or thought it might hurt my nutritional ways of eating.... or my believes... or the monotony i was cozy with for so long.... or.... whatever. Those turns might pushing us into a change.... i was living in an apartment on the limits of a 3 million humans western city where houses are a more like country style.... drinking water came from the city tanks.... and so other stuff as usually.... but i was longing for a farm or finca to live in with my cat Plank, so i put the idea to the hands of the universe.... since we both really like  the country environment the wild the animals nature and those things that bring us closer to freedom.... well, an opportunity showed up... a friend of mine Claudia call me one day and said she needs help with somebody she meet from NY bcs either one speak not Spanglish... i found out that the guy  wanted to do some social work.... i called an old friend of mine where i used to do some volunteer work with street children; he runs a foundation to help mothers in need nowadays.... i tried to connect the new-yorker with the action, but the guy wasn't ready for that at all.... anyway, as i connect with the old friend from the foundation he invited me to live in their farm and to help with some social work.... i'd been 2 years without doing any service to people so i hooked up with the projects and moved in with Plank.... now we are in a farm, doing service to others and living as we like.... but not everything is perfect and i found out that the drinking water came from a ground cistern... cisterns water needs some treatment since is different from the city water.... i got sick after a couple of days.... now when i am writing this words, i am recovering from that and thinking about it... obviously as everybody here thinks: go the next store and get bottle water to drink dude and forget about it.... yeah friends and earthly pleiadians, i know.... but there are somethings that i feel that when an opportunity of changes come.... i push myself to do and practice the learning.... i am thinking now, of adjusting to that water.... or to get into a store and get that  NaClO drops to mix into the water i want to drink or into the deposits of water in the farm.... people living here are used to that water.... for a moment came to my mind an apocalyptic thought of a possible disaster in the planet and what would you do? when there is no more stores to buy bottles of water or NaClO or stuff.... guess i will need to adjust then.... but, yeah i know.... i want to experience or experiment in myself the action of drinking that water see what happens.... that is why i started this day wondering about the changes pushing me into new perspectives.... besides, in the work i do for living i can not get into an agreement with my boss for a new salary for this new year and i think i might need to quit or he might fired me.... either way... it feels like my time at that job also were coming to an end.... changes..... here in the foundation, the board of members had a great idea of turning the foundation into a Maquila to create job opportunities for the the mothers in need.... maybe.... yeah...we know...
the sadness effects of relationships at many point in your life.... with your own mother... your father.... with other humans.... the neighbors... your sister.... your brother..... your close friends..... your family relatives..... your enemies.... the people that don't like u bcs they are afraid of u..... we are not mentioning here the spiritual br@therhood.... those relations with ETs.... with spiritual masters.... with your angel.... or with the Father of all of us..... only the sadness produced among those earthlings we hurt or for some reason, we think they "hurt" us....  these are one of the most difficult experiences for some of us.... i said some, because i had seeing some other families that they can express their love with more openness and they are more respectful about/with their own closer siblings... not in my case.... not a complain.... just a reality of learning experiences i came to deal with and i choose to be with from before i was born.... there in the future.... The sadness that produce the lost of innocent lives.... the weak moments of somebody else's hurt inside their hearts.... a woman in real pain.... a child abandoned on a street near all type of dirt and shit.... the death of a parent in a cruel war created by selfish international interests..... tears drop down an eye of an earthling when outside of a painful action in normal life on Earth like watching a bad tv channel where they show news of people killing each other.... dear brothers and sisters and pleiadian br@therhood.... is here where pain is experienced at one of the most intense and sensible moments in the line of life in the trip throughout the universal path.... so: Take it and shot up!, i might suggest.... but one thing we know for sure.... inside our human system there are many power capacities that we use normally and sometimes, one is endurance.... and we can hold pains at some degree.... and we can also put them aside and forget about them and continue with life.... we got powers br@thers..... we can also forgive those who hurt as a business of life; who are those business hurt specialist? the governments, the corporate churches, the war makers, the puppet politicians, the multinationals, the bankers, the military, and over all them; the elite that runs the planet..... forgiveness.... we need to forgive that they stole our real HAPPINESS.... bcs we remember that we came here to learn from that experience in order to grow.... wow.... we got the power to overcome the pain, the sadness, the blues that affects our emotions, the mediocrity of our actions, the hidden education implanted by a social system that pushed us to do wrong stuff and to get used to live life in a hurting way with the mask of pretending you are doing right..... due to many years of wrong education and nice soft brainwashing.... they stole our happiness.... our real dream... the real dream we came here to have joy with but of course.... we forgot.... it make us sad those fool that laugh nervously when you mention a heavy or a deep thought they can NOT handle bcs they live inside fear.... fear is the main black spider snake that eats our freedom and gave us a different type of freedom wrapped in a credit card and cozy false dreams.... now they want to implant the bitcoin and the AI as the great thing in their evolution.... but i heard well from the universe: technology without spirituality hand in hand is destructive... remember Lemuria and Atlantis.... but love endures everything.... a boy and a girl (of any age) see each other at their eyes and their attraction is huge.... it can move mountains..... in our near immediate future with the universe.... the chemistry between them is a powerful tool we are not aware of..... we know is there but we don't really understand the whole capacity behind that... is not just procreation and the preservation of the human race or sexual satisfaction of a moment.... is more.... is the nucleus of the our local universe.... is a tool to see other futures.... other densities.... because the interaction of in love human could drive them to knew other experiences out of this world....  one say a word and the answer of the other lover creates a combination of energies that can fly beyond this reality if we knew it affects in a positive way the great beings of humanity in relation with the cosmos..... but we don't know.... we forgot.... we blind.... we are as spoiled children and just explore the physical emotions and ended doing other stuff: it was our education our culture our manipulated emotions.... pain is an ending result of mislead actions inside the river of love..... we can be instruments of love but instead we become instruments of FEAR.... our half male  carries a lot of a rigid structure to do things and the female side of us got many fears.... and we forget our powers.... and we are unable to evolve.... you go outside your friends circle and try talking to ppl about anything different than their superficial conversations, and they immediately frick out.... laugh.... nervous laughs of knowing you are right but they are afraid of penetrating deep into the reality they are being told to stay away from.... sometimes they even get angry with you and defend very hard with all their arguments the systems of lies..... omg.... there are no more solutions.... they are a lost case for me (even if it is not up to me).... i love them in a fraternal way.... but really: I am sorry but the destiny is been throw out and the resolutions make to push the changes into actions for the better of the UNIVERSE.... that goes first.... suffer the consequences and don't cry for them my darling..... the apocalypse is probably around the corner, and is not the end of a world or the end of the world, it is the end of a system....
1.29.18 13:08
about the Heavenly Father of us all.... and it feels as in this short minute of life we have, we are experiencing His pertaining in our material intellectual and spiritual phenomena within... Even if it is a sensible sensation, it can be also sublime... To feel in that minute the chances and everlasting sensations of eternity... 
1.30.18 22:40
all the services that included the more difficult one.... were set on the table of Mme. Patience....  all that is around u, is set in a test for endurance... and all that is served on her table, is for a banquet.... the invitation had been sent to all those willing and choosing to cross the border.... the illegal border of the cells that are beginning to expand into more deeper penetrations of their instincts, as they are discovered.... centered.... sensed.... fell it..... is the way the cells open themselves as oysters leaving out their hidden info reserved for the last times of an Epoch...... endurance to hold on strong and clear even if the neighbor hammers down 5 big nails on the wall that is next to your bed.... even if yr neighbor hunts the animals u love..... even if their jokes and conversations between them have aggressively words of dissonance and might try unconsciously to unbalance your peace and in times u become as aggressive and as lost as they are...... but yr resistance is there.... u have to hold on and be wise.... Expand yr brain capacity.... grow into the unknown paths of what if i try to think even deeper and at the same time feeling along with the new rhythm.... change of speed.... yr inner cells are experiencing a change in their steps.... and yr evolution begin to grow.... to expand into higher or deeper and unknown links of perception..... and u can not cry anymore.... u have to be there now..... bcs is yr mission...... clear up yr vision too.... the brain begin to ascend the percentage of use from 10 to above average..... and u find yourself all of the sudden surrounded by animals in two legs.... even if they call themselves the president of a country, the scientist, the mr general, the doctor, the teacher, the leader..... even the cool, the musician, the tax driver, the rich, the poor..... animals in two legs walking among their own pretty highways fill with the signs of selfishness.... but endurance is yr goal.... stop feeling as an estrange personality in an ocean of wasted creation of unnecessary beings.... bcs u came from the same dirt and u eat before the same shit..... remember, don't feel superior, bcs is yr mission to be here..... and among them...... the broken links are like breakfast every morning.... need to eat..... for every animal they kill u are growing in yr evolution as u stand their deaths, while the hunters seemly appear more normal among themselves as ever before.... bcs they are in their natural environment.... the 3D is for them.... to eat all animal meat they want.... to kill all animals.... the search and destroy enemies they need to have when they create every time new war fields...... is their violent blood Rh..... lust, depravedness in sexual relationships based in fear of being alone.... living under the codes of fear to survive their own life...... they are very happy if they feel all those emotional unbalances, bcs when the news come on the tube, they feel that their lives are ok...... tomorrow is full moon over the towns of the citizen silly sheeps.... it might announce the arriving of many more deaths on the horizon of the negative vibes...... the beginning of this diary started the day Helaku arrived to the front gates of 5D.... the transition takes a while to get all the way in.... every time i feel i said a good bye with my right hand, my lefty holds into another step of endurance.....
2.1.18 11:59
in times... i have not a clue what to do with my spare time.... meaning not that there is not stuff to do, but instead.... that my mood is going on a different direction.... one i don't know what to do with myself.... i set the discretion of the balance of duties and find that there is nothing really important that i need to do now.... in these type of nows the main energy goes in direction: kick back.... relax.... do nothing.... and the brain think and think like it needs to keep the body busy when in reality all i need to do is lay on the sofa and wait.....
2.2.18 17:27
she got cancer and will die in 3 months... he sees a phantom from ww1 and goes to funerals.... his parents are dead..... her parents: she drinks a lot...... she draws birds.... he plays naval war game with phantom Hiroshi..... and i am the only one watching the film.... bcs there were no commercial in it.....  at the Webber theater..... death could be a joke to talk about it..... go to a cemetery..... visit a death body at the corpse station..... with your friend about to dies and don't invite your imaginary friend.... in 3 months u will come back to a reality long forgotten.... there is nothing behind the death's doors.... those who call you behind that door, are yr relatives.... and death friends.... but if u break that scene.... u could live longer using the body u have now..... i meet this girl from Chicago, she also had few months of live on her own on this planet.... is different how humans behave.... in a more sweet way when they know they are about to go..... go.... what it that means?..... not by a suicidal pact...... though...... wonder what the Galactic Brother think about our little sweet things we humans do or behave like in moments.... those memorial moments are worthy to be part of a life.... an eternal life...... is ok to let go a friend that needs to go..... go... after that.... you will feel alone.... but the essence of this poem.... is that the love u placed on that gone person.... u can place it now easily onto the planet.... on the world.... there are no more words to get to hold on it..... no more words to murmur.... to whisper..... to pronounce..... to articulate..... just a subtle good bye like a bird song.....
2.4.18 18:48
going in the wrong direction.... or going in the right direction is a knowledge to sense and discern at the right exactly time when the coordinates meet..... echoes of changes are arriving from different corners of the world.... everyone try to set the songs to be sang by potential followers..... but the voices of wisdom of the guy from Nazareth in those times warned us about that many echoes will be heard but we need to know that the time is close only when we know how to read the direction of the wind.... metaphorical verses of discernment from the old poetry of the masters..... using different words to get or assimilate the messages..... not quoting..... and that He will come back... "soon"..... that 1000 years of earth time for the Father could be as 1 day or 1 second for Him----.... and that all the eyes will see him at once.... meanwhile the only thing that seems as an obligation for us to do is..... Service to Others..... give, give and don't get tired at giving.... always.... is the only way to receive as a collective for the good of us the whole amount of the blessings from the Universe...... give and don't let your left hand known what the right hand do...... give!
for those in higher understanding levels, like in those lines of awakening.... kundalini.... chakras enlightenments..... meditation.....  merkahba..... ascension.... multidimensional gates.... different densities.... outsiders of the matrix....time travellers.... projecting into different parallel realities..... being a positive empath.... healers of all type.... mediums of higher positive vibrations.... sons of God.... masters of themselves.... intuitive beings.... connected with the higher self..... half ET and half something else..... 1111..... 0100110..... star-seeds.... indigos..... light workers..... friends of Mikkael of Nebadon..... those with an adjuster inside..... those serving the next door neighbors..... those connected with the whole universe..... those that anchor energies coming from the Father.... those that feed themselves with just energies from space and nature..... those lovers of Gaia.... Those that love your enemies.... those that know how to forgive those Cabala that hurt people for so many years..... those aware of what is going on inside the system.....  the co-creators on Earth..... those connected with the fairy world..... the spiritual hackers of the planet.... the friends of the ET br@otherhood..... etcetera and etcetera and etcetera.... for them: we know that a whisper coming from any direction is just a whisper.... a murmur.... an echo..... rumors of the ending of something.... is just another whispering in the wonderland of the human anxieties...... we humans like to created endings of something as a rule inside our paranoias learned from the brainwashing of the system into us...... for example: a good movie in the Hollywood way is the one that has among others a script that follows the patterns dictated by the general rule makers of the film industry.... a good book is the one that includes what the dictators of the world of literature wants..... a good painting is the one that follows the leads of the art worlds...... and so on.... the best thing to study is that thing that goes along a system of money created by bankers..... we like to follow the rules of a system that does not protect us but is trying to destroy us at every breath it takes...... we are caged all of the sudden in mummified patterns of likes.... i like this, u like that, we like theses.... they had taught us what is what we like.... the methodology of the likes has a rule to follow.... a way to like something..... outside that.... is not beautiful..... is hard to reach out the Jesus level to learn to like and LOVE people with diseases.... with corruptive illness.... with prostitution uses of the body..... with symptoms of lack of knowledge, lack of universities, lack of lacks and many lacks..... humble souls only..... and humbled by their illness.... bcs of all the ill people that he healed in the desert and send to give testimony to the Sanhedrin's in Jerusalem.... only 1 came back to give thank to the guy of Nazareth.... only one..... that is way we are now.... bcs the educational system we had studied for years..... there are other systems like the US system that teach their people selfishness, ego-goers, being the number one among all nations, being the best people of the world.... taught of education trough the systems of manipulated education..... not to share, not to love, not to unite, not to heal, not to be cooperative, not to take care but to destroy and consume more.... ill systems of education with ill sick rules makers.... for them, we need a lot of rules.... to protect ourselves to be sue....... to be succeed.....

spiritual hackers

while the hackers are dealing with Deep State to protect us from the real enemies of the human race..... while the politician in turn is dealing with the cabalas to free the sleeping ones that watch TV all the time from their bore life of eating and getting sick...... comfortable numbs will said it Pink at the Wall..... while the Spiritual hackers are anchoring energies coming from the Prime Creator..... is it FB healthy?, is it YouTube healthy=0=?.... 01101000 01100101 01100001 01101100 01110100 01101000 01111001.... bcs 1+1 is not 2...... is it Microsoft healthy?.... are all of those as tricky as the FBI and the CIA?..... is your local church healthy=0=?.... are the humans running for president in your country clean and healthy for the collective? are you afraid? do am i afraid of everything? did i learn to be afraid at school?.... did my parent taught me to be afraid of things and stuff and others?----.....=====?¿?.... is ok to question authority? and who is that authority? is it healthy!¡?¿? is the food i ate healthy or i just eat it bcs it taste good¿? did u notice that whatever scenario u go there will be there always someone that doesn't "like" u¿? why????????????????? is it u or is it him?????? or is the chemistry in between the both????? is bcs of what u represent??????? bcs the way u dress????? the way u talk????? the way u smiled???? is the water i drink healthy?..... is it enough what i do for others?????..... is that enough measured by who?........ my inner self perhaps?????..... does my inner-self eats death animal flesh¡¡¡¿¿¿????!!!!! 
01010000 01110010 01101001 01101101 01100101 00100000 01000011 01110010 01100101 01100001 01110100 01101111 01110010  is within myself.....
fighting the negative energies
Love; am i learning u inside the new concepts of Universal Love????? new concepts.... new realities.... new revelations.... new commands from the guy from Nazareth now in his glory alive and directing the will of Prime Creator among us.... thanx to the Eternal Son and the Infinite Maternal Spirit...... God the Father had split His glory in three different personalities but inside the Oneness..... to better reach out around and in-round us...... are u able to solve yr own problems?.... and to see better the solution to solve others problems?..... are we 7 billion people or in reality already 9 billion..... ¡¿???.... can  those higher consciousness beings being able to look back to their past in this life time and see how much they had changed in the last moments?????..... Gaia is fertile among the Light-workers..... 
2.5.18 21:02
it seems that as it is not an easy thing (task) to deal in this planet with our issues inside a time line so short and fill with so many difficulties, that is like a "talent" a gift worthy a lot entrusted to all intelligent beings..... we got in so short time to evolve so much and a lot a lot that it is........ u know...... we are so fortunate to have that trust in us..... bcs we got powers, unknown powers to do it to fulfilled
2.9.18 23:18
square numbers playing to be a meaning of Time.... particles of time inside movements of scifi pretending it is able to expand Space.... hates of cultures against other cultures, just bcs they all are different.... paranoias of deaths bcs religion believes..... one day u feel the whole universe is there around u and the next day, after giving thanx to the whole Oneness u feel asphyxiated by so many normal or regular humans around u and.... u ended after a while eating their regular food and doing stuff with them..... but what u don't know, is that actually: u are wrong.... when u are playing the Will of the Father.... u need to be around regular humans with their regular food and their regular arguments.... and u are or feel like watching a movie of scifi.... bcs u ended up don't knowing what is it that u need to turn on in their lifes in order to evolve them to see different scenarios in their lifes.... but.... again.... their carry big egos of consciousness inside fields where their arguments are the only valid argument in that script.... one sure element in between these scenarios is the small faith u need to turned on... since u know that tomorrow.... another sun will shine again and the colors outside the windows of your escapes will be so wonderfully clean and incredibly magnificent inside the appreciations of u for the little things.... that u completely forget that this night is almost a disappointed night among the regular humans..... u thought before when u started to change in yr observations that waking up your whole being into new perceptions of awareness, will guide u into groups of other humans like u.... with those kind of arguments similar to those u are using, sensing, knowing.... but, again.... meanwhile the world as we know it is falling apart in many regions and countries bcs of wrong manipulations that had created hate from cultures that actually teach their citizens to hate everything that is not like the way they teach..... and we keep on growing higher and upper.... bcs we are not essential to the evolutions, we just a part of evolution itself as a collective.... the individual is not what counts.... in other words u are disposable..... like a plastic disposable spoon at lunch time.... but.... u have and need to be there.... bcs of your own mission u agreed to before u came to Earth..... mission impossible but have to be in that film.... and is not just a movie..... is yr own life being on the edge of the sword..... a sword edge so sharp that it can drive u up and down from suicidal tendencies as the sure key to exit the nightmare.... and all the way to an ecstasies of emotions so sublime that u think and feel u are on top of the better hands of this universe.... as if the universe where carrying u on its hands and supplied u with all blessings since, even around your position of playing the humble and good will person..... u are at this moment: just a human in process of continuous changes.... exposed to the circumstances of the environment of your choices..... high cosmic philosophy with one way ticket to the unknown of all scripts of Life as the profound expression of Love..... Life and Light.... but also.... after overflowing the element of Love that we are sometimes pretending we know what it is.... it comes a higher task.... Light and Life..... Love Light & Life... why Light is higher?.... bcs is a living element that can be used also for....  transportation as well.... no more comments....
2.10.18 18:29
keep on writing....  keep been a different being among them..... keep on doing what u are, what u like.... no way to change the world in a click of a finger..... 
2.17.18 10:32
... the invisible letters can't be read at all...... Poka-Lypsi-A... it runs year 2018.... the prisioners are eating everyday their fears on their horses of survival.... i am just a single time traveler crusing a short period of learning and services to others.... i am not ready to be a teacher of the many values learned on the path since that road is a personal journey school where the Warriors under specific missions are doing what they came here for.... after a while of being in trip school, u know that u are not of a great value for the Cosmos but your contributions are appreciated to the collectives (the few or the many) since your job is to be a plain soldier for the Deep and Higher realms of the Spiritual Heavens... the final resolution of the mission's message sent, was to endure until the "gods" resolve the puzzle of the cycle in this last shift of a planetary evolution..... those "gods" are just the higher evolve br@therhood from the inhabited planets of this Milky Way and beyond.... they are guiding our steps and sending subtle messages to our personal Seraphim's..... they are saying that the millennium of our dreams is coming or approaching a great convulsion on the street corner of human evolution where the heavens and the Earth will be shaken one more time for the good and.... a New Heaven and a New Earth will appear.... the ocean, that eternal ocean of the landscapes of nocturnal cosmic days are flowing on and on in multiple colors from dark blue to silvered white shadows that look like the pure images of long memoirs inside infinite realms of great peace playing as the background of a New Beginning.... the King of Peace is riding his white horse.... the horse feet are stepping on the skulls of his enemies.... the fields are ready..... the the long waited Lord.  
2.22.18 18··18
the parallel item find at the corrupted intelligence agency office in the middle of the planet was following directions established from the beginning of the western civilization times by the elite of the cabala and based in FEAR.... to kill was the main order and to those that represent a threatener to the establishment..... what was that establishment they argued about it?.... the same ideology implanted in the center of a metal machine that moved forward the benefit of the banks they own and the subtle links with whom they manipulate the leaders of this world.... fear, why fear and fear from what? fear of that a possible awaken of the masses and with that light being able those unnecessary sheep's to find out the reality of a truth hidden behind everything..... which represents at the same time in other words, that the masses might choose to close their bank accounts and proceed to be free from a illusionary society made for them as their "home" or a home of their dreams.... a dream maker machine full of colorful images and followers that will satisfy all their needs.... all their needs for ever and ever....but.... that wont happens at all.... like the movie the Matrix putted..... in other words: that if you go against them, they are sooooo deep inside the matrix, that at any cost they will defend the system they are living in if it was necessary..... with their life..... so, the new question arose it is.... are they right and we are wrong? or the truth is that we are right and they just.... don't know any better. at the end of the puzzle, the total disclosure of all events and inside all fields, will show the winner of the cake they are eating.... the party is not yet over.... the spiritual beings from the invisible worlds are there.... all the key actors of this video are there.... the film is rolling.... the lights are on..... the effects are working on....... but, the main movie director is giving some more seconds of His time to the plot for the enemies of the universe repent.... but there are no way or hopes of repentance from them.... the ideology of the principles of a "rightness" of directing the scenes in determinate locations, are guiding by big huge egos that only understand the voices of their mouths speaking their mind out..... there are not solutions.... repentance is not an option for them.... same as the Ancient of Days waited for how long.... for how many centuries of our own lineal time for them to repent?.... and whom are them? Lucifer and Satan's and those fallen angels of their army after they screw up our planetary life..... they never repented from their mischievous actions against the directed plans of the Creator..... the ego might destroy our main course of direction when we emotionally follow something or someone in blind mode...... the result..... the planet you are in.... go outside the windows of your protections and see all around whats is happening on the streets of all big cities..... homeless people on the streets, beggars.... poor in disable mode.... handicapped brains moving around like zombies.... and the other zombies playing the game with a smile in their faces.....
i meet a pastor, he said he is a rebel from the churches.... the churches of the earth wont satisfy him, he said bcs they only care about the money they can get from the faithful on their knees... the faithful is always sensitive and delicate exposed to anything coming from the pulpit.... i read the Urantia Book and i putted in order my ideas.... spiritual and physical ideas.... before i read it i got all the way empty from mis-information.... by choice.... before that i attended and discuss the truth with some leaders of many christian religions, gather at some esoteric reunions, walked spiritual paths, read of false doctrines, self ideologies, and many other "awakening" paths..... to later find out the simplest truth was hidden inside myself.... my higher self speaking to me directly.... a part of God the Father inside myself as a Monitor in my mind..... millions of protection spiritual beings all around us...... but.... my destiny of choices brought me to this farm of this "rebel" pastor..... i thought is was real.... but after a while, i find out again.... he was another religious ego playing the religious man inside a small community...... in FB i remember someone asked if it was ok to congregate in the church even if you knew their mistakes and errors after read the UB.... i was already living in the farm and congregate in this "rebel" pastor small church on sundays at 8am..... i know now that the path includes that.... some level of obedience with "lesser" beings (in the understanding of the spiritual cosmos).... i know what u thinking now.... talk to him man.... i did it couple times.... no chances..... no way..... total rejection with bible contradictory and emotional arguments and discrimination words against my points..... silence.....
2.25.18 17:58
...when using the facilities that the whole brain offers.... can jump us into realms of unknown analysis.....  how many hip-hop dudes are partaken in the formation of a global community of a br@therhood of evolve humans that are tired of the abuses of the tyranny and are on the side of the so many victims of the elite's system.... hip-hop rapers in Palestine and Israel singing together a protest of a pain built under bombs and strategies of the selfishness of huge egos that wanted to own the planet..... while destroying at the same time all that is under their feet..... africa from Senegal are also crying out their own songs of freedom.... dudes from Medellin are also singing along protest of unequal rights for humans of lower levels as those black dudes in Germany.... and so all the planet is singing against the elite..... while wikileaks is stealing secrets from that elite that rules over all of us..... the poetry allowed here is equal to the the image of an Elephant being killed by 86 bullets from the cops in Hawaii..... reason why they shoot it?..... they had a chance to unload their hate and repression against the living planet.... is a simple way of how they were educated by that system.... while chief Israel of the Florida police department is hidden behind a police car while kids inside a state school are shooting out their nerves in bullets of hate against the same cops that are going to kill them few minutes later..... the poetry of the victims is not being hidden from no one i know.... is just being exposed at the same speed the bullets are flying killing a kid and an elephant..... while the manipulator bring out a school kid to give explanations and public statements about a policy of disarm a country that is based in arms and killing....
31.3.18 11:11
still asking yourself for: "which are the perspectives for changes?"
Sensing unknown realities.…When the empty silences are approaching an indigo thought in solo diving among humans.... Many of those humans around in the close.... are call themselves Christians and they read the book called bible... and how can one fit opposed meanings of unknown realities referring these to the human concepts of God..... we are wasting lines inside our mind sometimes around listening messages of love from false flags of confused manipulated ideas of "hopes" that got little to do with the faith we also have sometimes or all of the times to bring the idea of an invisible God into being a part of our existences.... when our existences are so little and so insignificant in this whole reality of all the cosmos beings into the One... On the other side, those voices of Christian faith based in a book half borrowed from the religious book of the hermetic believes of an ancient race starting to walk the path of believes based in the beginning on the teachings of Melchisedec and then in coming centuries absorbing believes through their history from all foreigner religious of atheistic or folkloric cultural human superstitions and primitive emotions of patriarchal procedures that when Jesus came he just placed them on situ when he called them race of serpents..... But that book of the Christians is been also the other half manipulate for conveniences from the beginning by the rulers of Roman Empire ..........asking a Christian pastor about those themes is getting in conflicts with his egoistic ideas of "goodness" reflected in their ideas of their book as holly and inspired by a god they called with a name giving by the translators of the original versions from Greek and arameo as the god of the Jews..... But the. Christians now adopted it as their god as well..... Concern involved in concepts of religious ideas so manipulated by conveniences of........ But it is not really of a great convenience to deal with this ideas in a blog that has nothing to do with the absolute.... We still in this imperfect dualistic reality managed by the clan of the Cabala in all aspects...... But don't feel caged like a wild animal isolated by the ideas of the hunters...... the freedom of the thought goes beyond your a Now since the only things u see in front of your eyes and around the limitations of your concepts of what is inside your mind..... Are sufficient to be the reality u need to believe in and that gives u the impulses of just do what u have to do in this Now and stop listening to false cosmic flags of ideas that are not going nowhere but keep circling in the dark movement of approaching apocalyptically ideas that are not being validated by the gods...... We still have the "gods" and a God..."..."....... And among those concepts are Life and Death ideas according to our little understanding......... How pleasures and small is our understanding...... It doesn't let us go beyond our 3D fantasy created by our own limited ideas........ But a huge faith still keeps us holding to our Father as the only valid reality to Life as we don't know it..... cuz is a Life that can go beyond our primitive concepts of death as well.......
when u have a good will heart in your interacting intentions with ppl... u might get abused sometimes or used in cold ways... but u need to know an important thing: That is exactly the idea of a Good Will at heart.... complaining about it is nor acceptable, is part of your mission on Earth...., since the source that feeds your heart with love resides above all the universes, is coming from the One Father of all, a personality that enjoys for eternity to keeps on feeding good will hearts like yours... u have an infinite supplier of good positive energy... another thing is to educate your emotional being to be more aware of those individuals that act as vampire "friends"....
Poka-Lypsi-A... it runs year 2018... the prisoners are eating everyday their fears on their horses of survival..... i am just a single traveler on short periods of learning and services to others..... i am not ready to be a teacher of the many values learned on the path since that road is a personal journey school where the Warriors under specific missions are doing hat they came here for..... aftyer a while of being in trip school, u know that u are not of a great value for the universe but appreciated your contribution to the collectives (the many) since u job is to be a soldier for the deep and higher realms of the Spiritual Heavens... the final resolution of the mission's message sent, was to endure until the "gods" resolve the puzzle of the cycle of this last shift of a planetary evolution.... those "gods" are just the higher evolve br@therhood from the inhabited planets of this Milky Way and beyond..... they are guiding our steps and send subtle messages to our Seraphim's..... they are saying that the millennium of our dreams is coming or approaching a great convulsion in the street corner of evolution where the heavens and the Earth will be shaken for the good and.... New Heavens and a New Earth will appear..... the ocean, that eternal ocean of the landscapes of nocturnal cosmos are flowing on and on in multiple colors from dark blue to night silvered white shadows that look like the pure images of long memoirs inside infinite realms of great peace playing as the background of a New Beginning.... the King of Peace is riding his white horse.... the horse feet are stepping on the skulls of His enemies.... the fields are ready...... is the Lord long waited....
Electric Cosmic Rain... It seems as now I only write when the storms are drumming. It seems as the human nature goes into crossroads changes only when the flash street light pumps out a signal in red....

Ain't no more suffering, is only the acknowledge that this living situations are a part of the “service to others” kind of will of the universe and the Father’s above....

The symptoms of a crucial shift at the crossroads street light seems more and more closer than I thought. The night rain is falling strong on the fields of the wild south. The primitive behavior of the citizens is the same when compared with the attitudes of the north men.... No civilized clean human race is at hand, they carried inside a lot of the same aggression in the scale of their destinies as when in love with each other.... since aggression goes in hand with the superficial love they profess.

I hide in a corner with a movie camera pretending in doing a silent documentary of their intimacies, but I fail every time I persevered shooting at their agonies of death after an aggression between them and a night of bodies in love under the skies of the universe where the gods are at the same time praising the Lord… cosmic contradictions of the third kind.

I only have a sense of limited observations while a cat animal next to me softly caress my hand as a symbol of acknowledge of friendship between different living races on Earth.... between different levels of appreciation for what we know as life.

It seems all of these as the cliff the humanity needs to be at is best and as cold as the nights of winter in the north. Many distracted manipulated humans are trying to mislead others into confusion just for the fun of it or for the fan of unconscious self destruction.

The corners off the road are filled with the blood of the bodies of the living death ones while they sleep their dreams of illusions at day and at night. After many years of doing same repetitive innocent rituals of self visiting the cliffs of the broken dreams, it appears that they decided to absolve the choice left at the border line before they jump into oblivion.... perhaps looking for forgiveness; but the nurses and the witches are following the agendas of the strings controllers outside the matrix.

I might sound in constant chaos but the chaotic rhetorical of the life we living is hanging straight from the inner hidden curtains beyond the broken dreams of the survivals that practice the “love your neighbors” without stopping.... they had just read the last supper of Jesus of Nazareth and the invocation of the bread and wine to remember that he promised to come again and bring his herd into a new supper above the skies inside the realms of the Father above.

But wonder what we know.... nothing for sure.... just beating the heart of the soul as the spirit inside is sending the new coordinates for the body and mind to fit according to the reunion of the chosen ones in the last days. The light workers meanwhile are flashing their integrity into the unknown fields of the nearest future to read it without seeing it while they send their positive energy and thoughts through fake 3D waves that need to be fixed inside a build up futuristic scenario of living humans wonderfully in a paradise place with the Lamb of humanity. The huge Faith the readers of the last apocalypses have a will that allowed them to be a part of the new supper with the Lord.... apostles and friends joining a fest above in the heavens of densities. What will be next after the supper? Is another service we might do together with him for the next centuries to come.... and so is life inside eternity.... service with Love Light and Life.
 the realities of a moment in suspense...

i dont write poetry here. i don't write prophesies here. i don't write anything that makes echoes in the world that is now there. i write for other beings, i write for other parallel spheres beings that are breathing in and out in different architecture environments of a different kind... like a journalist of space passing through info of a  parallel planet.
4.2.18 12:20
in some scenarios of the past, i might like to experiment inside a parallel reality; going back to some of them and look for alternative choices that i might like to experience and others that i might like for curiosity, take a pick... but it seems that these are desires of a mind getting to crossroads of choices.... the expansions inside the mind are looking so vast in undiscovered info that the abruming packages of stuff to unfold are so heavy for the ming itself, that she decides to rest every step at the time....  it reveals to us that the mind of a human being can not preocess big ammounts of new info at the same time and at once.... it needs to process it and to digested.... then once inside, assimilated in accordance with the storages info inside the memory, which brings me into conversation with the "machines"... what are the machines and what are not the machines.... we build the computers in reference of how the human being is built in the basics: ...memory, HD, processor, screen, keyboard, mouse, software, hardware ...human memory, brain, heart, senses, assimilated stuff, tools.... then we build AI in the same way... robotic in the same way.... like extensions of a damaged or lazy reflection of ourselves... thinking that the machines are build to be under our command always.... thinking as usually, that once we dont use them, we recycled them or just throw them away, or leve them in the attic alone and forgotten for years until a great grand son will discovered them and hang them on the wall as a vintage item of the past.... it seems as we can not activated vintage tech items anymore as the software is been upgraded to fast that in just a year is already obsolete.... does the robotic machines  know this?... sure they do says a Silicone Valley dude in the race to develop the whole thing in one day.... the e-prom and similar items have been built to be upgraded... question is... how can a machine upgrade itself in 20 years from now?... then we will absorbed the paranoia from Hollywood movies in the good old American way: "they will attack us".... so we need to be prepare for that.... we need the weapons to be legal to have them in our houses because of a possible attack coming from the Ai's.... is the format used by the controllers of the mass media..... inventing or creating new enemies always to keep us moving in this way and supporting all those argument pro war.... hidden wars built to be our solutions for life.... life cornered to be used exalted and enjoyed for a short period of time.... the rest of the time we are like prisioners of the methodology of education, of work, of surviving, of religiosity, of fears in the arm of the leaders of a country.... and we dont know when this is going to end.... since a part of the educational program is to teach us the short life we have and the causes to be extinguished it as well.... but we dont even know that.... since the absolute truth is not abiding in this part of the solar system.... probably in different corners... probably in another experimental lab.... probably the gods have different plans for us.... probably due to the beauty and tenderness of some areas of the human behavior: we have the chances to survive an imminent Apocalypse.... how do i fell? now?.... the same as before i read all this bs..... if every human on Earth had a blog to write their inner most deeper thoughts and feelings, we will have already 9 billion blogs in the Internet.... so the blogosphere is populated in reality by only 152 million blogs.... where are the rest of the humans?.... what are they doing?.... what do they think about a blog?.... what are they feelings about their existence?..... do they care a bleed about this at all?.....
i dont write poetry here. i don't write prophesies here. i don't write anything that makes echoes in the world that is now there. i write for other beings, i write for other parallel spheres beings that are breathing in and out in different architecture environments of a different kind, like a journalist of space passing through info in a primitive wild violent planet... but at the same time; a beautiful tender and incredible planet.... nature dances according to the codes.... i was sitting laying in a sofa the other day, watching at the same time through am open wide window that shows the idea of a garden out side the door.... it was raining with stormy noises of clouds pumping into each other by strong winds over producing a wild amount of lighting thunder lighting storms. lol, while nature in the ground has been wild moved by the winds.... a thought came asking where the insect were at that time.... where the birds are?.... i felt for that second the strength of nature but at the same time the nature of it; wild, primitive, crude, beautiful though.... and gave thanks to the Universe for it..... thankful for allow me to be in such a primitive stage of evolution..... admiring at the same time the strength of the primitive reactions of a planet dwelling in 3D..... and me there, sitting down (laying), eating and relax.... observing.... thinking..... feeling..... connecting with the Universe at the same time.... listening... ¡listening!
april 8/18 20:02
stranger than fiction, about a fiction narrative of a living character asking to preserve his life to the author whom writes so far only tragedy. the end is not important on this blogger narrative. i am not a writer like ms. Eiffel. i write only phrases of brain impulses inspired by outside characters that are sometime fiction, sometimes unknown passengers inside the fb bus. some few times from out-space characters. the real fact here is that i can only visualize the road ahead of a blog, just like the highway under construction that we can see or read some lines of it in this blog. somebody invited me to a zoom meeting about a group of people telling their stories in how they got saved by the help of a spiritual group. many people even if they live accurate life, they are always like a part of a play where their performance are about their routine lives around their similar projection of relatives and friends. fortunately or unfortunately for some others, their stories seems that always ended in death situations. unstoppable line of a long but at the same time short plot. i am not a poet in search of a poetical narrative to describe the scenes of what is sensible about it in the outside world in front of my eyes and perceptions and senses...the impulses can be or wrong do or right done. but the end of the novel is the same: death as an attribute of an element of a narrative. what are these elements of a narrative allowed by humans in this 3D as something u have to follow in order to be read by millions:... Setting - Where the story takes place; usually every scene has a change of setting. Character - Description of the character and a little of their background. Plot - The series of events that unfold in the story. Conflict - The struggle between two opposing forces. Climax - The strongest part of the story, where the conflict builds up to the emotional peak. Resolution - Where the conflict is resolved. Another user defines it this way: The elements of narrative are the plot, style, theme, point of crew, exposition, resolution, climax, conflict, characters, and setting. Six Elements of a Narrative: Plot: the sequence of events that take place in a story. Setting: the time and place in which the events of a story take place. Characterization: the methods used to present the personality of a character in a narrative. Direct--the author describes the character...and that is it¡¿¿¡¿! all of the above elements are a mirror to our daily life. so is the way our life functioned. and of course<: so are the ways the humans like or can read or should be writing a story about what ever very nice or whatever not that nice like a tragedy. a tragedy with annunciated death ending although beautiful inside a plot full of the flowers involved in the narrative. we can risk to deeper these sequences of the narrative of our simple or not too simple life, as the steps of our highway.... sometimes the road of some humans is so small as a country road, but beautiful though as well as those other with higher cymbals and stronger noises. how could we face another optional alternatives on the plot of our lives¿? sometimes is not necessarily to take the risk of the adventure of jumping down that cliff of suppositions. the background music of the movie of our experiences, sometimes is more important than the plot. sometimes we can get the capacity of connecting with the writers of our life story and they bless us with a touch of sensible emotions that makes an eye drop to fall down on our softly and delicate face skin... oh, the poetry of our plot can be cultivated with a bed of flowers and singing birds.... sometimes the narrative doesn't need a tragic ending.... may be it is ready for a metamorphosis interact with other different alternative realities.... where are these different plots living in¿? inside a T.Burton's movie¿'=? inside a Tarantino script¿? inside a L.Besson idea¿? maybe not, perhaps if we try to inquired inside our mind with more strength than the usually force we repeat everyday to follow patterns, we might discovered that there are other recipes for the cake... for the cookies... for the steps.... for the observations... for the feelings out............................... wow, and how can that new plot be playing in a now so stressful and beautiful but complicated at the same time fill with obstacles and conflicts and contradictions and so many other attributes inside the negative rulers of choices and the positive segments of the dreams..... what if u realize that the plot u are creating everyday might need to come into a conclusion of colors.... for a better change..... to evolve in a direction of a run we bend inside our inner silenced intuition of a possible eternity with roads of a permanent evolution directed to be pushed in direction to the center of the whole creation of these cosmic energies of all types..... as been attracted by a powerful force of gravity from the prime center of a relationship we have in secret with a Creator that call us for us to follow His steps into or inside eternity.... a road of constant permanent changes that what they do is to change our plot at every single line and every page of the narrative of our novel writen by our own personality. what are the physical choices of changes¿? physics here because at this stage, we involve still of body even if it gets some metamorphosis or not. since sometimes can be just experimenting form changes in order to adapt to new environments. sorry to disappoint those lovers of this 3D. i love it too, but i feel an urge call from higher densities calling to make a step forward in the plot. one important in the narrative would be a change of settings. the transformation of the character; taken in the description is past live as it is now.... so: this now will be his past... before the shift. the conflict will be to face the neural middle point where the plot changes into a different density. experiencing at the same time those small pains of the transformation of the physics. not emotional peak at all in this plot. the emotions will be adapted to new environments. not opposite forces now. just one force pushing hard to give bird to a new reality.... not a single climax anymore due that the new experience activities in the new reality are now marked as a climax at every moment. as we change the elements of a narrative we can possibly change these reality or our realities. the influences we can make to others in the collective mind of the planet, can be a positive influence or a positive vibration of higher energies through us as we moving on................. i am trying it and the senses are feeling a noticeable sensation in the body and mind as if there were a "leaving" experience from the actual perceptions. our senses might listening to the outside noises and think of them as those are coming from humans we are trying to influence throughout the process,,,,.....------ but there is not risk at all.... the gods are with us..... they are calling you as well....... for now it sounds loko..... for now we need to drink lots of water...... for now we know the man from Nazareth is calling.................------------................. meanwhile i drink some water................
br@others... here are the last news inside the transformation... i just going to write the key words... since those who get this far in reading... are choose ones and they don't really need many words to catch up... Lemuria... 12 chakras... spinning... 12 helixes in the DNA... upgrades... downloads... two planets... metamorphosis of EARTH... 5D to 9D... Pleiadians... <<<sun°|||>>> as closer medium of bringing in new Energy through the heavenly circuits... anchor of the energy by the star-seeds... rest a lot and sleep a lot after channeling heavenly energies... drink lots of water.... spin keep on spinning... receive those heavenly vibes that are on earth... pleiadians as the ones in charge of this blue planet... metamorphosis of earth is peeling out the new blue skin through the surface of the old earth... geometrical lines of energy in the air... everything is frequencies... love is a tool now the only one... be sweet with yourself... with your memoirs... drive the time line back and forwards and clean everything with celestial LOVE... Liebe... AMOR... Amour... Amore... Rakastan... 
april 10 tuesday 2018 13:01
thing is that an skeptic friend of the journalist came to him to questioning  all that stuff about the narrative and the shift of time and location.... the skeptic were based in those obligations writers do in order to be published like:
Setting - Where the story takes place; usually every scene has a change of setting. Character - Description of the character and a little of their background. Plot - The series of events that unfold in the story. Conflict - The struggle between two opposing forces. Climax - The strongest part of the story, where the conflict builds up to the emotional peak. Resolution - Where the conflict is resolved.
skeptic:    why that change of settings mister philosopher?--- we are living in a proper way and i like it though.... please don't change the scenarios.... they are working alright....
journalist:   it is actually the same place where the story takes place.... it is just in an elongated time sequence.... where u are stepping in right now mister skeptic friend, it is just the past sentence of their present.....the character has the same personality located in a better physical environment where they can achieve their capacities in more lighted ways.... the plots are upgraded to a more perfect perspectives.... no more conflicts mister skeptic friend... no more struggles for surviving from all the new collective of beings..... those left behind where happy about the choice they make and now they are experiencing another 3D with better options for evolution where the positive climax of their stories is a permanent one at every day experience..... why aren't u happy about the new option?...
but an urban rap singer came along in between the philosopher and the skeptic and standing in front of both characters began his rapping:
after many days in the desert space, my skin began to turn blue.... the spaceship run out of power.... it was my fault..... a spaceship without name.... there was a shaman.... the air was full of musical sound... it was good to be out of the rain.... after 2 days in the planet red.... i was looking at the subterranean river bed... i couldn't remember my old name.... after 9 days i let the UFO run for free since i could fly in my own.... the space is like a desert full of stars... that was the last part of the journey.... i met the shaman dancing barefoot in the space desert.... it felt good to be out of the rain.... no pain..... no one give u no pain..... there were stars galaxies and planets..... suns in the space desert....psychedelic of colors inside the mind that is traveling free....
4.11.18 5:48 raining morning
 -Hazel Grace & Augustus and the 6 Sunflower plants in my garden-Love in the times of being sick terminal... ....... ..... Love is a difficult task.......... Some of us have some sickness in their bodies, others in their hearts...... Some in their spirit...... It seems as if we were unable to separate our weakness from the tenderness..... It is painful the solitude of the soul when the inner self of the unconscious emotions is breaking hearts...... Six sunflower plants beautiful growing....young..... I water them every time possible, took care of the soil around them..... There are some great incredible things in this life, and the love between them is one that pushes me forward to find that fraternal universal cosmic love for all created and not yet created things and beings of this multi-dimensional life of moments, short incredible moments with every single cell shared with other lifeś sensational feelings around me..... One night, an ant saw the sunflower beautiful plants growing so tender and strong and she went and called her family and they all came and admired so much the beauty of the sunflowers kiiijmjnj -that was the name the ants gave the sunflower plants..... So they all in a common agreement began to eat very slowly all the leaves of the sunflower young and tender plants... Then I saw a brighter light around them telling me that they were a reflection of our lives...... Now that they don't have their beautiful hugely leaves since the ants eat them, I was able to see a reflection of our human nature.... A part of our nature..... Since the other half...... It's an eternal beauty filled with tenderness in a short reflection of a forever small moment on Earth. From this idle observation corner it's difficult to know the division line between weakness and tenderness; although we all get mess up in our conclusions..... And ended up forgetting that Love is eternal and Love can hold everything... Anything.

Love is still eternal
i love to write when it feels like the proper background of a written poem..... many times the poetical word hide behind blue eyes.... no one knows what is like to be behind the wall of an emotional situation but yourself.... you and only you can perceive the inner conglomeration of emotions pushing each other against the main idea and without a chance to be organize.... at that particular moment the brain send only chaotic signals that can not be of any help in that awareness second of inner turmoil... it is still the previous presentation of a holly day. i live only as a part of the fantasy of a program inside my trip that is not sensible enough to be detected by outsiders that watch only the movie with the ticket they bought.... i watch outside my window, the perception window of the spirit inside and find an infinite space ocean next to the desert ideas of short observations..... i try to propagate my message, the invisible message of the gods planted in many star seeds..... but the message is not a visible one, is not readable, is not touchable, is not way to heard a word of it..... is perceived it only by the echoes left inside the waves of the collective energy waves of those actions of the doer..... and i find that ant that the other day ate the sunflower leaves, and she said to me that i am just tripping out outside the sanity of the masses that are watching this written video.................. and i laugh with her at our lives together in this space-time moment..... for the chances of experiencing the magic of the life given... they are at that second of our short moment of interaction.... wonderful!, because it is so important and beautiful when we have somebody that is listening to our talks..... so, i listen and i talk..... so we share..... the ants are reading now all these words of unity written from the solitudes of the inner spirit in connection with the gods and the Father..... at the end, we know one thing for sure: we are not alone!
FRIDAY 13 april 2018 8:20
the moments are perpetual... <
Thought Recorders - Co-Creators of Consciousness - the Pope's Bible - the Collective Planetary Mind
Remember heard Corey Goode mentioning in one of his speeches, the urgency of humanity -or at least those in search- to become co creators of consciousness. Once we deposit the idea of the mind living on a campus of a global context, we are able to participate in the share of constructive info. -inputs upgrades downloading uploads... The experience is so creative and functional in the good shape of the positivism of thinking and it might be a great tool when helping giving form to a collective of positive ideas.... Once I remember that -inside the collective mind, I found areas where the thoughts are so stagnant in form that their sound were like as they had been frozen for eons. I found lately that there are in the cosmic creation of the multidimensional universes artisans beings called the Thought Recorders devoted to the preservation and reproduction of superior thought.... I imagine they dewling inside the chambers of the collective higher thought of every inhabited planet of this universe. I try to image them sitting in invisible computers classifying every thought that comes out of every single being inside a planet. Here on Earth already about nine billion thoughts at every second pushing uploads of ideas either from the dark side or from the light choices. A recompilation of them must fill a big file every day. One of those thoughts came from the Pope in Rome about upgrading the bible of the Christians and called it the bible 2000. Wonder if they will include some of the apocryphal books or upgrading some of the apostles Letters to a more accurate translation avoiding the omission of some of the controversial lines that in Rome VII century of the human era were taken off for some fearfulness reasons.... Then I went back to the few co creators of consciousness of this planet and the realms of that abstract creative form of integrations and evolved ideas felt as if it was like the roof for the house of the billions of thoughts coming from the human race of the Earth. Why so? The consciousness is like the frame that holds and give form to the millions of ideas we carried inside our mind... classifying them some stored it in a basement with the property of been deleted in few seconds after arrival and some going to the bride chambers .... I went inside the room where my thoughts were classified by the Recorders and thought I might found shame in many of my dark side of my moon ideas as they climbed to be glued to so many emotions... but one of the Recorders beings said to me.... Don't worry little brother, here we file only those thoughts that are building the collective into a direction where they contribute to feed up the Supreme Almighty -main being collector of universal evolution towards an unification of these One Creation -”IF MAN recognized that his Creators — his immediate supervisors — while being divine were also finite, and that the God of time and space was an evolving and non absolute Deity, then would the inconsistencies of temporal inequalities cease to be profound religious paradoxes. No longer would religious faith be prostituted to the promotion of social smugness in the fortunate while serving only to encourage stoical resignation in the unfortunate victims of social deprivation”... In a small scale example of a reflection of these thoughts in this reality of time-space and viewed from a different angle of observation it might be possible to mention the fact that we all have been tracked in our digital communications in social networks or elsewhere… but I heard the shaman said that if u don't have any fear and is not doing any wrong the worries are gone, since it is even a better chance to spread your thoughts.
> the continuing of creation is growing...
monday 16 april 2018 00.31.16
even the animals are having changes inside their kind of consciousness....  even the synthesized aliments nowadays are similar to the taste of meat..... not even the smells of the meals we used to ate by the folkloric cultural reptilian education we have for thousands of years is been replaced easily by the top corporations. but it seems as the priority is not to criticize those who eat or do not eat meat. instead against those processed aliments that carried inside many ingredients that can alter a normal healthy nutritional human body. the third chakra inside the body can be altered in its energetic circulation... creating symptoms that can affect the health of the body. we absorb many things. some expand our consciousness others dont. some humans have the peculiar characteristic reactions when talking to defend the processes inserted in our life for centuries. changes are a risk for the cartels inside the multinational corporations. when u dont eat meat are facing every time u eat with relatives or acquaintances to jokes or thoughts or questions from people to asked u why u dont like meat or what is the problem in your health. fluoride, aluminum, mercury what other chemicals are used inside our foods?... the cartels of the multinationals do everything they do just for the money. why they want money? it give them power and control.

Wild storm in Cali........... At the edge of a probably arriving WW3 whichever the enemies are, it seems as this "conflict" is not a Cabalas arrangement. It seems more as the Cabala is been attacked. It seems though as the influences of the Cabalas inside the government leaders of the US had been pushing hard for the president to push bottoms and joint the queen of the Cabalas... God save the queen... Meanwhile in this Third world country named Macondo a wild storm had fallen down bringing in with it a lot of ice drops in the shape of frozen vapor pellets call hail.... seemed as if the earthly gods were crying before an unknown event that will materialize on the news. I do service as a missionary volunteer in a non profit foundation. The property has about 5 and a half hectares of land like a nice Finca within the perimeter of the city, with football field tennis courts 4 lakes and a bunch of different domestic and forest animals. A small creek coming down from the hills of a western range arm of the Andean cordillera feeds the lakes of the finca with its waters. In a wild stormy day like today, the proportions of the creek waters become like 100 times its original size falling wild and it sounds like it was the trumpet of an apocalyptic war arriving on the shores of the skies inside the human mind. The waters became brownish, carrying the element within tons of dirt that ended up been like the new shape for the bottom of the lakes. Any other animal living inside the lakes might perish with the flooding. I putted on the rainy coat and went out after the hail went away but still under heavy rain feeling inside these journalist impulses I have sometimes bringing with me a mobile device and started filming and shooting carefully under the wild rain fearing it might damaged with the humidity or the waters.... It survived though but in the confusion of the event the video didn't. The goats were freezing and Randy the she dog too... living survivors of a rain of hails of almost an inch in size. Same with Plank the cat that scared jumped out of the house and went into the fields of grass to hide from the noises that the hail made against the zinc roof... not sure how he survived outside with all those frozen vapor pellets hitting the grass... not to mention the insects and the birds. Now everybody is wet. My raining boots are also wet in the inside... they might have a hole or two. In the back of the place where I live there is a garden. I have sunflowers, tomatoes, lettuce, beans, garlic, two different kind of onions, corn and some herbs and orquids.  The hail rain hitted hard against the plants and some of them are damaged a little bit. But we all survived. The animal did... even the insects and lizards and snakes and the family of the Iguanas as well and those small pigs called Guatin -a forest animal of the mountain that come once in a while for a tour inside the Finca looking for food waste, they survived too. The plants the small flowers and trees survived. The lakes and the tadpoles survived as well. The chickens are a little bit wet but alive. All the dogs are alright same with all the cats around the other houses in the property. The humans in here are well and alive and still as usually complaining about the weather and the rumors of a global war. I don't know why the human are so stinky to themselves in so many ways. Under the wild rain, everybody remains silence and is ready to help each other. Like that big spider I found by one of the lakes and the feeling I got from her when I was trying to save her from drowning. The look in the eyes of the goats when I went after them to bring them into the shelter away from the heavy rain. The look in the eyes of Plank the cat after he came back from the rain. The look in the eyes of the women when the storm the lighting and the scared noises of the sky and the earth from wild nature of a primitive planet at its best expression performing one of its best cleaning acts inside the plot of this unfinished dimension. Fear was a common look in everybody's eyes. Unity of different creatures at the edge of chaos was the main expression on this stormy reality show.... wonder if what we have to change for the better inside our damaged personalities is needing a WW3 scenario...? many in Macondo think that mr president needs to win the war because we as a small third world land we are depending of its support... other half are afraid of death and the lost of their children.... dependencies..... depending of.... the common wealth of the population sometimes is not considered over the personal feelings about their own families.... FEAR runs through their inner blood system blocking their mind and so the thoughts.... evolution doesn't exist in their approaching.... Adam and Eve were their begotten parents and since then everything is written in the Koran the Torah and the Bible..... somebody that needs support and an urgency to belong to a group, asked the network community if we suppose to be call urantians since our planet also has the name of Urantia... i replied to the post saying that i am just passing through in a mission... someone insinuates if that is a: yes?... Worries and needs inside the solitude of the individuals belonging to the masses of the sheeps while they do their shopping.... contradictions.... voluble subtle indications of low levels of inferior minds with scare eyes after the wild storm are logging in the networks of a society in decadence.... why decadence? if you read their sacred books from beginning to end, they have all the sequels of war anger violence desperation lost then hope desires anxiety filling a faith that ended up in an Apocalypse..... their book don't show them evolution.... evolution of mind of body of thought in the arms of a always changing spirit connected to a holly source a prime creator in the center of an universe they can not pictured cuz their ego don't let them see beyond their stormy rain or the wars one after another after another.....

Congruence of idealistic ideas.................. The nice side of an urban landscape is the bright side of a weakyleak. the new horizon of a new human if is alive is to look to the wide range of the scale of the truth within yourself and apply it to the apparently real world outside your eyes... that truth is your own personal experience of what you investigate and grab with both hands and then exposed it to the network you are linked to. for sure it might occur u to have a temporally warning on your head or against your person because u are speaking your truth and not just listening to medias truth version make for the masses. and these individuals are considered enemies of the state. people fight and die because of a hoping focus of directions... when the right direction inside the human cells is pushing subtle but strong and firm with consistency in order to get the positive elements of humanity been protected since that person wants the best of all of us to flourish as the blooming of a thought that is singing for freedom and of living freely among the free elements of the free air we breath and the free universe where we belong to. in reality we need two things. freedom and truth. in spirituality we need three things: beauty bondage and life. and in higher realms we need cosmic love life and light. and in even higher realms.... i don't know yet. the congruences of a point in the road of ideas had been able to drive the automotive of boldness to be dancing alive and be satisfy with your spirit and soul at the same time your brain is thinking while your body feels at its best expression of relax and satisfaction knowing that your wholeness is alive and is doing the right stuff since that right stuff is the will of the universe and the will of the Father. mr Trance has a dog but i have a cat. thirsty for the truth is a search persisted vision for many hackers. even the spiritual hackers do the same in their invisible ways. most of the suicidal humans with tendencies to suspend their life since their feeling for being alive has no more memories pumping inside wishing u and to the others outside -relatives or family of the other blood, something about whatever,,, when whatever is so important in a dedicated moment of truth. but if we feel repelled alone and in the solitude of  desert mind with nothing valuable, then the suicidal idea of a story hanging from a pole touches inside our impulses and we begin to drive the car of our dream in the highway to hell. nobody has a radio station hooked to your inner cells. is just you and your imaginative other selves planning a announced death of the central character of the plot. all of them were looking for the other truth. but only one got inside the ovule.
april 21 2018 12:20
in not raining... a song singing everything is alright.... i woke up today in the middle of mixed thoughts that actually are blended together in the same pot of my emotions.... sometimes or, most of the times the emotions are expressing themselves out in subtle exposed visually images pássing through the brain..... i look at my eyes in the mirrow and see a beautiful strong human being like many others around this universe.... the joy that produce the discernment brings up a movie of letters to Juliette... the followers women that answer those lñetters left by the romantic walkers of the heart of humanity, living in the center of the emotion called human love... respectable sensitive subtle but truelly love between two planetarian human beings without any other negative cloud around theoir minds or emotions.... driven by the automotive of the grace beauty and togetherness sensitive tender soft forms of the humans when they feel the love of magical walkers on the fields of colorfull valleys of incredible plantation of little flowers that decorate the halls of the amazing corridors of knowing u are trully in love with another human being. u look inside the eyes searching for that other souls pumping rivers of eneries filled with the color of eternity.... your body might reflects readings of fleshy emotions but what really has a meningfull in scence is the look inside the eyes of your lover. the water inside that ocean is able to transform your allways changing vesel of aventures through the roads of planetarian stars and galaxies singing along the merry song of the pumping of the heart of this side of the universe.

april 22.18 15:28
..."dont let the bastards take u down" (Kris-K.)... the songs that are pumping from the inside of a speaker remove neurons of rememberings of solid state feelings and of ethereal state emotions... the past draws inside the heart like in a wooden scupture figure that is more vivid that a digital album inside a mobil phone. a raining season is part of the experience. along the line of our days we are permisive enough to remember moments people and locations.... when they appear in a flash back inside the mind without calling them, is like a refreshing water from the mountains that falls down a creek of a spring water fountain. the shaman was living with a prostitute before he turn into a spiritual talker. the phylosopher was living with a girlfriend with no physlosophical tendencies before he went into the desert to live 40 dias and 40 nights without anyfood but drops of spring water from a desert rock. the temptations arrived in a solid airplane fill with squidy shapes of desires -hidden for most of the humans. the filmmaker was living with himself and alone on top of a mountain before he was hired to film the documental. the production crew was invisible. no editing alowed. the wild animals of the desert were sincere company of the characters. the music came from the angels of the presented individuals. the gods financed the video.

april 24.18 21:18
yoga.... inner consciousness..... collective influence...... living around different cultural humans....... learning in the process..... feeling free..... animals around....... a piece of wood cut from a tree found...... being at service full time...... doing my works...... pushing hard to overcome limitations...... getting the strength from above or from inner self...... being with other humans even if they are so different..... learning...... yoga again......
now is 2018 still....... april....... 25th........ 4:37.........
forgiven is a task, a sour one......see an Imagen of many deep state Illuminati representatives gathering together in line and dressing in black at a funeral day from one of the cabalas wife death.... forgiving is a sour task, see their faces and i know that not matter how much pain they inflicted in humanity in the name of money power  and control.... forgiving is a sour element inside the emotional rescue of the ideas. heard that the cabalas queen kingdom is changing the aspects of their dominions..... a drastic structure of their castle is cracking down and the inside of their private softness is showing up..... signs of changes.... forgiving them is a sour task but must be done.....
... and the friends gather together for another experience of being a mochilero in this temporally planet of the nomad travelers of spirit.... there from colombia or england or france......
being aware that you are now in a mortal vessel.... take a hike everyday away from seriousness for at least 5 minutes of the 24 hours of your day.... in that short and not serious moments u give yourself everyday be aware of what u doing within you and the outside looking of... your projections, your desires, etc.... see if what u doing now is essential for to continuity to the next level.....
Thursday 26 april 2018 5:40
not everything is call in the ambiguity of the finite steps of the long run of ideas or actions. many gurus have the 10 keys to success, when u only need your only key to enter the paradise of your dreams.... is a short period this transitional stage while we are alive on Earth... i can look outside the windows of my desires and see that gorgeous girl name Hanna from sidney with that smile and nice conversation and movements and hair and hands and legs and feet and colors and everything is so nice and pleasant to look at her at every move she makes.... but that superficial and temporally beautiful visualization is not eternal. many times we have this idea that we are eternal on this planet. specially when we arrive to the age of 18. i remember myself at age 18 feeling all powerful and able and thinking that i had all possibilities of ruling this planet, my life and the life of others... is getting better.... i stop the world i melt for u.....there is nothing new...... the future is over bright....... one day u wake up..... another day u find out u are not any more 18..... and next day u began see that your vessel -the one u recline so much to drive the world u melt on your feet, is melting away cuz due to all excesses u dumped in it, it began to get sick.... sick in the mind.... sick in the flesh..... sick in the inside..... and then if u are not silly or stupid you began another stage of survival realizing u are not eternal with the vessel..... it needs to transform..... it needs changes....... it needs a lot of care...... it needs to be calm aware meditative wise profound clear lovely cosmic nice beautiful understand so many things, be one with the whole around u, be aware, be ready, be tender, be in nature, stop the speed and analyze the path..... the surroundings the environmental the humans around their buildings and the cities of man...... getting to the conclusion that the only person u can rule is yourself. but.... then as u advance in that new realization road, u find out that there is a plan there is a mission there is service to others there is eternity in a different channel of the video within u..... and.... there is the will of the Father -somethings He wants of u to do now or will desire or will be please that u make them.... to help him fulfill or push forward some unfinished evolution patterns and application inside the whole 3D creation and then.... u became a co-creator with him..... a vessel with soul and spirit inside that powerfully drive in the highway of the gods..... oh, how comfortable that is. ૨୨೦๙၂.
 letter of love von Vermeer..... let it go.... swimming inside the shapes of the temporally fields of the city melted with the nature around the head.....
still on/in april 26 17:58
the art of writing is not really an art, is just the expression of an inside part of a human.... communication of thoughts in a paper on a screen on the walls etc..... afterwards the writer becomes an artist as they develop the surviving camouflage of being able to have the dominion over the jungle of letters following an instinct of direction to get to the beach of the ocean of satisfactions.... a story is tell very well with all the arguments of a magician with the power of being a god over all the tale..... graffiti is also an art.... sometimes with images another times with words.... small jungles of words fighting to be seen by all the passing by humans..... the wind blows for all the artist.... bringing inside them the seeds of creation of whatever mixed with a DNA of a personal individual character at play.... the result are most of the times temporally expressions of a personal moment...... those valuable art pieces with higher values are valid only for those that are stagnated or clang to past moments..... the feeling is sweet since the art piece, is a re-memoir of a particular moment or time or location or whatever..... 
L'Amour est quelque chose de sublime qui exalte les humain... sort of in français since a couple of hearts meet and the flow of many kind of energies penetrate all cells of the human consciousness body soul spirit mind and the hard drive and the software and the memory and the senses and the other senses and the telepathy and so and so and so.... is so great uh?... and now... can we imagine the LOVE of ourselves when in touch or connected or in the cosmic whatzap with the Father????????????????????.... sad when we are disconnected from it..... why sad? since the polarity of the poles in 3D still is in need of both: positive and negative..... well sad i said thinking in the One. For the One is vital that we pass this test and enter in the harmonious stages above this reality..... well.... when emotions are pumping above the normal..... is good to feel them.... but not overthrow them outside..... keep it them inside is like having a treasure of invaluable value..... hidden..... in secret..... feeding in our inner garden with waters of Life......
the positive attitude of a personality might connect with higher realms..... tonite the moon has as neighbors Venus and Jupiter..... meaning from the point of view of the earthlings......  Venus is in her location and Jupiter too.... they both are sending their cosmic solar system energies through the circuit of our galaxy......
the butterflies are playing in my garden......
4.30.18 15:45
Whatever they say.....
Some XXI century "prophets" love to imagine dates of futuristic whatever events every once in a while and it's influential over a whole network of readers... they eat it. Some "Potus" individuals decided to launch a bombing rain over population with children involved and it's alright for the management of the lies and the analytics of a war when they measure the collaterals. Some governments have ultra right wing ideas of feared and manipulated concepts over what peace means and the risks it might affects in a "negative" way the whole of a country and it all grabs a half of the population mentality against peace proposals and it's alright, it is patriotic. Some "anonymous" characters are saying that they have the truth before everyone else knows it and everybody follows. Some federations of whatever group love to proclaim events over a planetary "future" and they act as they are gods and we believe it. Many human sleepyheads are very happy with status quo and we ended up being very confused. Mostly all inhabitants don't even know what are we talking about here and it's alright. Whatever "they": media, governments, politicians, military, police, religions, educational centers, nut heads, psychopaths, leaders, doctors, lawyers, contractors, fake institutions, gender movements, majors, news, etc.  say about daily things becomes our reality and it's normal and it's alright. I can't argue with a fella about anything since I myself don't even know what the truth is behind closed curtains. What the guy from Nazareth answers to some people just before dinner about the "ending of times" -Many will come in my name and will misguided the many, and it is already happening. We are living in a place and time where absolute truth doesn't exist so we look as/like confused animals fighting over some leftovers on the ground. Have u ever see animals fighting over some primitive issue? That's exactly the same way some higher beings are watching over and what do you think they think of us?. Our religious groups and organizations are all confused and talk in contradictions. Some individuals are tired of all these and they are angry and posted and talks mad verses against the Establishment. The dogs of the controllers are watching what u said or write in your social networks and they might think according to protocols that u might be a "terrorist" or a mental ill individual or a psychopath person or a danger to the deep state. At the end of this blahblah we are empty in conversation and might don't know any other right direction for the course of our ships. Then the guy from Nazareth might whisper u in silence that the kingdom of heaven is for those whom are like children... then we look at our children and what we see? ....some are dying in controlling wars, some are involved in brain washed educational programs inside institutions made and run by the same mad feared politicians. Where is our horizon then?... This is called 3D..... Like we thought before: a place for learning. Confused but beautiful. Contradictory and wild. Sweet and in madness. Peaceful but stressed. Perfect but incomplete. Warm but cold. Mortal but eternal. Masculine but feminine. Electric but in short. Wisely but dummy. Sadly but happy. Fun but motionless. Shine but darker. Primitive but brilliant..... and maybe many many other opposed adjectives. And now... we just get back to our daily shores and emotional feelings and little truths and tv shows and shopping ideas and theatrical scenarios and limited brain activity and bills and fears and worries and attitudes and aggressions and phones and family and friends and work places and driving and eating and wc activities and sleep and nightmares..... in jails -physical mentally spiritual or nothingness. But we keep on going back to that same song. And then the story ends one day in a hospital bed or in jail or in a psychiatric institution or inside a coffin or on a cold and plain sidewalk. ...but we still believe is normal. Is a part of the evolution. a human thing. A side effect of survival. A great emotional feeling inside a football stadium. Among our pals. The dudes and the chicks. The ladies and the gentleman. The cops and the bad guys. Those of the common and those of the princess. Those in the gettho and those in power and control. Those with hungry and those thirsty for justice. ."........what justice?......... Tell me about it. ........ Hopes? Faith? ....I am all ears. My heart is open. My soul is connected. My mind is there where the circuits of cosmic transitions are happening... but please, no more theories. Let's face our facts. Let's be real. In order to change, might need a whole touch of a miracle. If not..... Cruise with your automotive or take a walk around town or outside your comfortable groupies. Bring your mobile phone and take lots of pictures of people animals and sidewalks. Then on your desk feel the Love. Are there any real love in those pictures? Are there really Beauty and Truth in those pictures? Take a look at your hands.... are there any bondage in those palm's lines?...... 
-2 lokos reformados-
and the date is? mayo 6.....2018 18:27
pussy riot.... a russian band.... punk art activist..... and we are not into supporting weaky people with malicious intentions...... we don't like at all injustice...... we don't love hypocrisy........
Согласно нашему плану, мы уходим в небытие. В истории мы останемся неизвестными маргиналами, трешовыми ублюдками, играющие в обход всех правил. Мы понимаем, что вы краснеете, о чем мы кричим и откровенно негодуем. Будучи анонимными медиа камикадзе, мы можем себе позволить сказать самую неудобную правду. Но в обществе настолько развит культ самопродвижения: напрямую или под прикрытием декоративно создаваемых социальных проектов, что вы вынуждены проявлять эту конформность. Провокации закончились. А ситуация настолько изменились, что больше нет необходимости в существовании группы. Мы прощаемся с вами. Пожалуйста, оставьте нас в покое - группа не играет музыку, не танцует, не участвует в ток шоу, не снимается в кино и не общается по 15 минут с желающими за 50 баксов. Группа умерла. Трупы разлагаются, а черви молчат.
According to our plan, we are going into oblivion. In history we will remain unknown marginalized, trash bastards, playing around the rules. We understand that you are blushing, about which we are shouting and frankly indignant. Being an anonymous media kamikaze, we can afford to tell the most uncomfortable truth. But in a society the cult of self-promotion is so developed: directly or under the guise of decorative social projects that you are compelled to show this conformity.Provocations ended. And the situation has changed so much that there is no longer any need for the existence of a group. We say goodbye to you. Please leave us alone - the group does not play music, does not dance, does not participate in the talk show, does not act in films and does not communicate for 15 minutes with those who wish for 50 bucks. The group died. Corpses decompose, and worms are silent.
.......we hate very firm liers...... 
The Saga of cowboy Gustaff
 and... he went off to the desert again..... a short story coming soon!
domingo 20 2018 00:14
and life goes on.... and karma applies to those that deserved..... and Love covers up the pain of those in suffering..... and the land -they said belong to those of their ancestors; so the Indians entitle their land back to their tribes..... and people still kill other humans and is normal for the institutions..... and the odds are still being odd.... and the corrupted politicians in China are sentenced to DEATH and what the law do with the corrupted politicians in your country?...... and when humans are in distress, they acted as they have hate for everyone and everything and they don't even care for their own life since life of others and of animals and nature are worth nothing for them..... what a sad world in some places or in some human hearts...... few of FB posts are worthy a refresh of crystal water for the readers.... positive vibration is forgotten for the many, life around them is so critical and in that way so grows criticisms towards everything.... humans are many time so hard to themselves and want the world around them to be also as hard and difficult..... light-workers have had their material possession being stolen by relatives or by the destiny of processes of Learning the inward path of evolution. It seems as that path has arrived to a second base of perfection and now the light-workers can have access to their belongings...... injustice is a cause for many to protest..... the few like to create injustice environments around the places and people where they are targeting dark plans pursuing ways to own more assets to their riches..... sad decisions leading to karmic debts and conclusions.....
i found it! one of the steps to 5D............. to the NEW EARTH....
energy.... past 7 years.... multidimensional reality..... quantum consciousness..... breaking away from collective reality..... multilevel.... co-creators......shape plasma energy...... material experience...... not confined by collective expectations.....  create our own narratives in our physical lives...... light body shifts..... free us from OLD COLLECTIVE MATRIX...... redesign our DNA.... 5D raising frequency........ quantum..... same space different dimensions....... diamond light body....... tune into different frequency....... choose your space reality....... 5D..... relax, content, creative, joyful, peaceful....... identify your space and engaging inner creative energy..... u are NOT stuck..... everything FLOWS..... re-imaging your reality.... next coming months u will feel comfy with the shifting and the making new choices...... dimensional separation will occur soon.... migrate into higher reality..... rolling waves photonic diamond light & water codes..... seeding New Earth..... New LEMURIA..... right BRAIN to activate channel of Galactic Power & Diamond Light to activate shape energy plasma into form through INTENTION & VISUALIZATION..... electricity will occur, passing through the nervous system..... integrating diamond light & water codes..... diamond codes help direct the Cosmic Fire through our bodies via Central Nervous System..... become a new shaman to connect with & interact with nature with Honor & Respect..... asking permission to Nature Spirits & Elementals......

miercoles 23 de mayo 2018 2:46 am
in other words: after the living basics we learn on the first level and with the willingness to be jumping in the habitats of higher dimensions starting in this basic kindergarten of 3D.... now on the second base u need by INTENTION & VISUALIZATION to channel Galactic Power and Diamond Light using the right Brain to activate Shape Energy Plasma into form within yourself. For what? to help transform your physical body adapting it to multidimensional purposes once you live in the New Earth. When activated the Energy Plasma u are able to strength the Nervous System inside yourself to make it ready for the New Earth. What for? well all of these information is mostly for those braking away from the collective reality being able to create your own narrative into new realities. Free from old collective Matrix and focus into dual realities to experience the multidimensional quantum reality consciousness. You can do that by yourself or in groups of the same kind. Be NOT confined to collective expectations of the masses, break away from all that does the collective around you. They have a strong mass energy moving around the cycles of 3D: born learn eat defecate procreate follow agonize and died. Many of the New Humans are in some ways influenced by the expectations of New Heavens and New earth coming with the arriving of the second materialization of the man from Nazareth  in Gaia Earth Urantia. But  those that expect the old promises need to adjust the material experience for what is coming up. Redesign the DNA to function in Multidimensional realities. Raise the Frequency. Use the same Quantum Space in different dimensions. That Diamond Light has a different structure of colors able u to tune into those new frequencies you need. Choose those spaces of the new reality. Be always RELAX CONTENT CREATIVE JOYFUL and PEACEFUL. identify your New Space engaging inner creative energy. Everything is ENERGY. You are not stuck in here since everything Flows in the cosmos. Feel comfortable with the shifting and the making of choices... for the dimensional SEPARATION that will soon starts on the planet. Migrate always into higher realities. The Diamond Light you channeled has some codes that need to interact with the codes of the water in your body since the body is mostly water, they need to integrate as well as the water codes of the planet and those neighbor planets and solar systems around us. Seed the New Earth. Remember the old Lemuria? it will arise again to be your home. Electricity will pass through your nervous system once it is strengthened. The Diamond Codes will help direct the Cosmic Fire passing through our bodies via the Nervous System. Shape the Energy Plasma into Form, be creative, start with the nervous system first to strength it for the new stuff, then fix your health issues, DNA, death cells, blood, bones, tissues, heart, inner members, body, hair, face, aging issues, muscles, curves, beauty, aromas, brain neurons and etcetera. Now you are a Cosmic Shaman to connect and interact with the surrounding environment of Nature with honor and respect for her, asking her permission to its many Nature Spirits and the Elementals to have a new body ready to travel in multidimensional trips and,,,,, Love it! Welcome to the new cosmic realities of your LIFE...... Love Life & Light...... <readThisManyTimesUntilUgetIt>
12:34 june the 20th 2018 Earth summer XXI century
one of the few frustrations a star seed might face in times is a form of "hate" against other less developed minds. but changing that perspective from a different angle from where you can see the levels in a scale from the distance where Love directs those angles of observation, then that hate can turns into a compressive stimuli of understanding it. The original plasma included in the biological vessel of the physical human still carries the beauty of the original designers. looking deep into the human reactions man can see that cute surface of the biological interaction at play separate it from the mind conclusions or the reflective emotions. then one can be more please with "lower humans" and remember those words of the guy from Nazareth: Love your enemies.... most of the times, the Soul is the connector with everything and everyone.
00:58 june 27 wednesday 2018 XXI 3D Earth Satania System Nebadon
Knowing your inner powers<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
After the minutes
After the days
After the years
After the centuries Eons of watching ourselves walking paths we pretend to call'em paths of evolution..... <<<slow evolution which has been helped by copying in reverse form some alien tech and in other time been help by them directly for their benefit or for some mutual benefit of the parties>>> Seeing ourselves as civilization most of the times now on edges of superficial inappropriate scenarios filled with wasted moments forwarding our whole entirely human race to more paths of dead ending streets. And billions of zombies walking the illusion of a system made for you to be distracted from........ But behind those camouflaged horizontal ways moving in circles, is growing up the lava vulcanized liquid of an eminent apocalypse due to the intrepid solution that is going to shift the colors of this video we call Life.
Are we ready? Not even close.... Do you know your inner powers and known the ways in how you react at moments of intense decisions at the edge of a cliff before an inevitable fall that brings in you a new you remastered...¿?... Ready to react and survive those fields while the Earth planetary forces are shaking adjusting looking to match the new forms inside the Earth for a New Planet outside and without those Comfortable Numbs minds included in the game.....¿?......
Are we ready? Not even close my friend..... Still need to survive and guide yourself in apocalyptic scenarios before everything else fall in place...... Are your powers open and ready for that soon to be moment?....... Hope you so are........ Those powers are coming not from your guts but from your inner spirit: The guidance for the moments to come...... You can heard it in the power of your shout scream....... In the unknown strength coming from your brain into your muscles actioning the weapon of your invisible sword....... While the seraphic angels around you are swinging the flames of the ending time's scenario's fire........ Miracles of surviving for the few 144000 survivors that will lead those other millions of resurrected humans that waited for eons for that day inside their tombs....... You know what I mean? Yeah! Cool........ Keep it to yourself before the trollers mockers make a non sense joke inside their short view of the cosmic reality....... And before the fearful falls in their knees to pray a lamentable procession of unstable words of hope bathed with fear because they forgot to be a part of the action......and they forgot their inner powers...............
After the seconds
After the hours
After the months
After this lifetime, you will be able to live life as real as it is...... Different, multiple, abundant, beautiful, amazing, colorful, delicate, friendly, honest, real, connected, full, illuminated, eternal, loving, truthly, kind, protected, interesting, multidimensional, quantico, cosmic, fraternal, sensible, powerful, strong, great full, thankfully......... But before that we need to be cleaned from the old ways... the old paths we hold to it so strongly or in so unconscious ways.... that's why we should need to know if the gate to our inner powers is open.....
sometimes inner feeling arise in unknown forms.... and i just write'em down.
14:37 wednesday July the 4th 2018
Upset Time
unconditioned forms inside the small brain of a third dimensional human are pushing him into the oblivion of an upset moment because -he said, his realities of the physical level are not of his delightedness. he keeps on complaining that the forms are moving in a different speed as his wishes are. And that creates a momentary lapse of oppositeness in the field of this reality where he lives. Then another forms of minds that considered themselves of higher caliber, are entering ideas in the social networks about multidimensional steps of a regular human can do, said that humans can transfer themselves between dimensions at will, operating different task in them. But for normal brains, this kind of information is too advance, so advanced that they are been pushed in the road of the mockers exploiting their emotions with troll reactions against even their own closer friends as they heard stuff as "time traveler" or "multidimensional voyagers".... in my personal case, i can considered myself not a normal human but also a not special one. i see myself not even in the middle of the human cities where you intermingle with the normals and with their subtle mind reflexive occurrences and/or with some others with a kind of primitive behaviors almost like little animals conducts.... on the other side of that wonderful scenario with the normal humans that love or need to work and work and work like ants in order to feel fit into stages of their reality of a society that they complain a lot against it but also at the same time they defend with their nerves in case some misfit pretends to complain against their system of life given by a big invisible status quo of their things.... then in some other corner of the painting a mass of humans dressing like they are the alternative solution for the planet and the best shot of the discussions about environment and all that new age stuff. Then in the frame of the painting are the gurus and the illuminated ones and those higher humans with spiritual knowledge that love to create moments of peace among the wild behaviors of the human societies they are in. And on the wall bordering the outside frontier of the picture we are talking about, i found myself hanging there looking at these madness of improper solutions and paths that collapse with each other and in every corner of their highways, and.... i try to look to the other corners of that apocalyptic view and see nobody else there.... is just me alone in the insane reality of my own third dimensional reality facing the obligations of been alive and pretending i found eternity and sensing my soul in connection with other realities of the cosmic experience and my personality pretending that knows a lot.... but i ask her: a lot of what, if every time you catch up with something new a new field of unknown processes appears on the table i am eating..... I sense that the road i am driving my camaro in it has the width for only a motorcycle driver..... and i immediately need to get down of the 450 hp of that engine and jump fast on the two wheels motorbike similar to a one person Royal Entfield green army color bike with 500cc in engine and fast i know i need to take off immediately from all those scenarios i am pretending to achieve in this third dimensional reality that upsets me a lot in times of discomfort. i have to let you know now, that i already overcome long ago the negative attitude i had before of not having enough money to move around... nowadays i already learned to drive in the paths where the God of all will paves the roads of this life of mine. take it. accept it. live it. do it. and shut up. but..... where are the schools that teach how to be multidimensional in the personal level? where are the tutorials teaching the technics or the steps to do it? there are some humans that share info in how to find it from possible arcturians helpers that tell how to render some personal developing in order to become multidimensional that include recipes that need some ingredients that are able to find in the supermarket of the possibilities of the cosmos and the inner self using your right side of the brain.... meaning using more than the monkey 10% of your divided brain. but you ended up always listening to leave the comfortable numb places, the distraction actions and to place in focus the distracted emotions and thoughts used to be in the carpet of the red colors splatted by the many distractions specially those of the electronix. Humans sometimes are able to leave those primitive distraction stages and reach out to the fourth level of dimensional attitudes and catch up with the invisible subtle instruction booklet and touch the roof of the dimensions for a second, but the suffocating atmosphere of their neighbors and the food they eat and the actions they take and the labors they do and the tireness of their bodies and the lack of elements of material needs place the student again back in the track that the cabala loves to have you doing.... so, when the human realize that he is back and stock again in the primitive level of the immense "opportunities" of superficial happiness then the symptoms of upsetness come back again and there is>>> again that frustration arisen to the personality surface and the waves of that ocean are so repetitive that boredom arrives again and again and again at every circle of tides and the regular dude or dudette gets again mad with the self or with the surfboard. but what are the cosmic possibilities of approval? do you think that those efforts are validated in a world of mediocrity. look around yourself..... look outside your window. the world is beautiful, the scenario is beautiful in tenderness but.... that is only the background of your new job..... now needs more to be incorporated in the picture.... and i heard this guy that says he wasn't the One but just a regular guy, but after the transition of his ideas of who he was inside the matrix, he started to believe in himself and the powers within and voila: he began moving as the One.... in harmony with the law of One.... in partnership with the brotherhood of the Ones..... where are the other Ones=?= 1.872.000 spread out all around the planet. ¿doing what? the same you doing now..... wondering..... trying.... surviving...... reaching out in the subtle places of the unknown..... feeling frustrated and falling in the upset container of frustrations.....then a neighbor call me on the corner while i was putting some gas in the motorbike and whisper in my right ear: the Soul whom has the multi-dimensional fluid, bro.....
will continue.... 
20:25 jueves  5th of july 2018
find an old man walking alone on the dusty road of life and he goes: "patriot is a word invented by the Cabala to infiltrate some of the best human spirits on Earth making them believe or assuring them that they can be safe if they belong to some pĺace" -the old man stop for a moment, took a sip of some liquid he was drinking and continued.... "if you become a planetary walker then you will finally find out that there are only Rebels and Tyrants....." then i understood inside my short circuited brain that i can't be a part of the followers otherwise my Soul will be a part of the Tyrants cannon fodder..... my choice was clear: or i decide to be a Rebel and fight the Tyrants -there are many ways to do the fight: mine is from the spiritual level,  or I will disappear from the existence of Life if i continued being a comfortably numb.... and i asked the Universe for REDEMPTION.... redemption not just for me, but also for the br@therhood of the Ones.... and the echo of a song arrived to my lap.
...accept the facts of our reality on Earth NOW.... violence is a reality, tyranny is a reality, hate exist inside the many, mean is something that exist in abundance in almost all the conversations of the humans, hard situations as possible obstacles that come back once in a while is a fact, difficulties is a challenge that abide among our paths, confrontation is in the daily menu........ all of the above and more are there.... is not being negative.... is just listening to the dark side of the moon, and knowing is there as part of evolutions and as steps need it to overcome in order to do the jump over troubled waters.... your progress will stop if one gets upset against anyone of the dark side facts.... know they are there.... after that: move on forwards.... avoid them.... enter the collective mind of the planet to dispossess them....right click: delete!
00:46 viernes <next day>
...the Soul doesn't  rebel, 
the Soul penetrates.
the Soul is not revealed,
the Soul is hidden in the inner most.
when the Soul reveals,
is because is already penetrating the unknown
and the vessel then needs to be ready
and the spirits within already flying high.
That is the way the Soul rebels
against the numbness of the mind
and the crustiness of the body.
The Spirits are always in the move
even if the consciousness is not aware of them.
while the emotions play not roll at all
since they are already enjoying a new trip,
and the thoughts are on vacations
by reason of they already imagined all the new horizons............
July summer of 2018.... 3rd week of the month.... different days and hours....
mister: I am just a regular guy from the Milky Way. Living NOW in the Solar System in a planet called Gaia (or Terra or Urantia, or Earth or the Blue-Planet or the Planet of the Cross or many other names). That planet is located in the registration folder of this Universe of Nebadon as the planet number 606. TERRA is commonly referred to as 606 of Satania in Norlatiadek of Nebadon, meaning the six hundred sixth inhabited world in the local system of Satania, situated in the constellation of Norlatiadek, one of the one hundred constellations of the local universe of Nebadon. Constellations being the primary divisions of a local universe, their rulers link the local systems of inhabited worlds to the central administration of the local universe on Salvington and by reflectivity to the superadministration of the Ancients of Days on Uversa.
The government of our constellation is situated in a cluster of 771 architectural spheres, the centermost and largest of which is Edentia, the seat of the administration of the Constellation Fathers, the Most Highs of Norlatiadek. Edentia itself is approximately one hundred times as large as our world. The seventy major spheres surrounding Edentia are about ten times the size of Urantia (Gaia, Earth), while the ten satellites which revolve around each of these seventy worlds are about the size of Urantia. These 771 architectural spheres are quite comparable in size to those of other constellations.
Edentia time reckoning and distance measurement are those of Salvington, and like the spheres of the universe capital, the constellation headquarters worlds are fully supplied with all orders of celestial intelligences. In general, these personalities are not very different from those described in connection with the universe administration.
The supervisor seraphim, the third order of local universe angels, are assigned to the service of the constellations. They make their headquarters on the capital spheres and minister extensively to the encircling morontia-training worlds. In Norlatiadek the seventy major spheres, together with the seven hundred minor satellites, are inhabited by the univitatia, the permanent citizens of the constellation. All these architectural worlds are fully administered by the various groups of native life, for the greater part unrevealed but including the efficient spironga and the beautiful spornagia. Being the mid-point in the morontia-training regime, as you might suspect, the morontia life of the constellations is both typical and ideal.
...and.... since my most inner desire and most inner Love comes from the First Source of all these creations around me (visible and invisible) <physical and spiritual and all in between> I might say a few words about that source, the First one from which my most inner Respect and Love feels touched and warm inside a protective aura of morontian energy that surrounds my whole self making me feel stuff like Eternity, Life, Light and a huge sense of GRATITUDE for letting me being a part of this experience created by: (words i read in a book that in a sensible way make me feel a warm cosmic Love I want to share with ya all)........................................................>>>
THE Universal Father is the God of all creation, the First Source and Center of all things and beings. First think of God as a creator, then as a controller, and lastly as an infinite upholder. The truth about the Universal Father had begun to dawn upon mankind when the prophet said: “You, God, are alone; there is none beside you. You have created the heaven and the heaven of heavens, with all their hosts; you preserve and control them. By the Sons of God were the universes made. The Creator covers himself with light as with a garment and stretches out the heavens as a curtain.” Only the concept of the Universal Father—one God in the place of many gods—enabled mortal man to comprehend the Father as divine creator and infinite controller.
The myriads of planetary systems were all made to be eventually inhabited by many different types of intelligent creatures, beings who could know God, receive the divine affection, and love him in return. The universe of universes is the work of God and the dwelling place of his diverse creatures. “God created the heavens and formed the earth; he established the universe and created this world not in vain; he formed it to be inhabited.”
The enlightened worlds all recognize and worship the Universal Father, the eternal maker and infinite upholder of all creation. The will creatures of universe upon universe have embarked upon the long, long Paradise journey, the fascinating struggle of the eternal adventure of attaining God the Father. The transcendent goal of the children of time is to find the eternal God, to comprehend the divine nature, to recognize the Universal Father. God-knowing creatures have only one supreme ambition, just one consuming desire, and that is to become, as they are in their spheres, like him as he is in his Paradise perfection of personality and in his universal sphere of righteous supremacy. From the Universal Father who inhabits eternity there has gone forth the supreme mandate, “Be you perfect, even as I am perfect.” In love and mercy the messengers of Paradise have carried this divine exhortation down through the ages and out through the universes, even to such lowly animal-origin creatures as the human races of Urantia.
This magnificent and universal injunction to strive for the attainment of the perfection of divinity is the first duty, and should be the highest ambition, of all the struggling creature creation of the God of perfection. This possibility of the attainment of divine perfection is the final and certain destiny of all man’s eternal spiritual progress.
Gaia mortals can hardly hope to be perfect in the infinite sense, but it is entirely possible for human beings, starting out as they do on this planet, to attain the supernal and divine goal which the infinite God has set for mortal man; and when they do achieve this destiny, they will, in all that pertains to self-realization and mind attainment, be just as replete in their sphere of divine perfection as God himself is in his sphere of infinity and eternity. Such perfection may not be universal in the material sense, unlimited in intellectual grasp, or final in spiritual experience, but it is final and complete in all finite aspects of divinity of will, perfection of personality motivation, and God-consciousness.
This is the true meaning of that divine command, “Be you perfect, even as I am perfect,” which ever urges mortal man onward and beckons him inward in that long and fascinating struggle for the attainment of higher and higher levels of spiritual values and true universe meanings. This sublime search for the God of universes is the supreme adventure of the inhabitants of all the worlds of time and space.
Of all the names by which God the Father is known throughout the universes, those which designate him as the First Source and the Universe Center are most often encountered. The First Father is known by various names in different universes and in different sectors of the same universe. The names which the creature assigns to the Creator are much dependent on the creature’s concept of the Creator. The First Source and Universe Center has never revealed himself by name, only by nature. If we believe that we are the children of this Creator, it is only natural that we should eventually call him Father. But this is the name of our own choosing, and it grows out of the recognition of our personal relationship with the First Source and Center.
The Universal Father never imposes any form of arbitrary recognition, formal worship, or slavish service upon the intelligent will creatures of the universes. The evolutionary inhabitants of the worlds of time and space must of themselves—in their own hearts—recognize, love, and voluntarily worship him. The Creator refuses to coerce or compel the submission of the spiritual free wills of his material creatures. The affectionate dedication of the human will to the doing of the Father’s will is man’s choicest gift to God; in fact, such a consecration of creature will constitutes man’s only possible gift of true value to the Paradise Father. In God, man lives, moves, and has his being; there is nothing which man can give to God except this choosing to abide by the Father’s will, and such decisions, effected by the intelligent will creatures of the universes, constitute the reality of that true worship which is so satisfying to the love-dominated nature of the Creator Father.
When you have once become truly God-conscious, after you really discover the majestic Creator and begin to experience the realization of the indwelling presence of the divine controller, then, in accordance with your enlightenment and in accordance with the manner and method by which the divine Sons reveal God, you will find a name for the Universal Father which will be adequately expressive of your concept of the First Great Source and Center. And so, on different worlds and in various universes, the Creator becomes known by numerous appellations, in spirit of relationship all meaning the same but, in words and symbols, each name standing for the degree, the depth, of his enthronement in the hearts of his creatures of any given realm.
Near the center of the universe of universes, the Universal Father is generally known by names which may be regarded as meaning the First Source. Farther out in the universes of space, the terms employed to designate the Universal Father more often mean the Universal Center. Still farther out in the starry creation, he is known, as on the headquarters world of our local universe, as the First Creative Source and Divine Center. In one near-by constellation God is called the Father of Universes. In another, the Infinite Upholder, and to the east, the Divine Controller. He has also been designated the Father of Lights, the Gift of Life, and the All-powerful One.
On those worlds where a Paradise Son has lived a bestowal life, God is generally known by some name indicative of personal relationship, tender affection, and fatherly devotion. On our constellation headquarters God is referred to as the Universal Father, and on different planets in our local system of inhabited worlds he is variously known as the Father of Fathers, the Paradise Father, the Havona Father, and the Spirit Father. Those who know God through the revelations of the bestowals of the Paradise Sons, eventually yield to the sentimental appeal of the touching relationship of the creature-Creator association and refer to God as “our Father.”
On a planet of sex creatures, in a world where the impulses of parental emotion are inherent in the hearts of its intelligent beings, the term Father becomes a very expressive and appropriate name for the eternal God. He is best known, most universally acknowledged, on our planet, Urantia, by the name God. The name he is given is of little importance; the significant thing is that you should know him and aspire to be like him. Our prophets of old truly called him “the everlasting God” and referred to him as the one who “inhabits eternity.”
God is primal reality in the spirit world; God is the source of truth in the mind spheres; God overshadows all throughout the material realms. To all created intelligences God is a personality, and to the universe of universes he is the First Source and Center of eternal reality. God is neither manlike nor machinelike. The First Father is universal spirit, eternal truth, infinite reality, and father personality.
The eternal God is infinitely more than reality idealized or the universe personalized. God is not simply the supreme desire of man, the mortal quest objectified. Neither is God merely a concept, the power-potential of righteousness. The Universal Father is not a synonym for nature, neither is he natural law personified. God is a transcendent reality, not merely man’s traditional concept of supreme values. God is not a psychological focalization of spiritual meanings, neither is he “the noblest work of man.” God may be any or all of these concepts in the minds of men, but he is more. He is a saving person and a loving Father to all who enjoy spiritual peace on earth, and who crave to experience personality survival in death.
The actuality of the existence of God is demonstrated in human experience by the indwelling of the divine presence, the spirit Monitor sent from Paradise to live in the mortal mind of man and there to assist in evolving the immortal soul of eternal survival. The presence of this divine Adjuster in the human mind is disclosed by three experiential phenomena:
1. The intellectual capacity for knowing God—God-consciousness.
2. The spiritual urge to find God—God-seeking.
3. The personality craving to be like God—the wholehearted desire to do the Father’s will.
The existence of God can never be proved by scientific experiment or by the pure reason of logical deduction. God can be realized only in the realms of human experience; nevertheless, the true concept of the reality of God is reasonable to logic, plausible to philosophy, essential to religion, and indispensable to any hope of personality survival.
Those who know God have experienced the fact of his presence; such God-knowing mortals hold in their personal experience the only positive proof of the existence of the living God which one human being can offer to another. The existence of God is utterly beyond all possibility of demonstration except for the contact between the God-consciousness of the human mind and the God-presence of the Thought Adjuster that indwells the mortal intellect and is bestowed upon man as the free gift of the Universal Father.
In theory you may think of God as the Creator, and he is the personal creator of Paradise and the central universe of perfection, but the universes of time and space are all created and organized by the Paradise corps of the Creator Sons. The Universal Father is not the personal creator of the local universe of Nebadon; the universe in which you live is the creation of his Son Michael. Though the Father does not personally create the evolutionary universes, he does control them in many of their universal relationships and in certain of their manifestations of physical, mindal, and spiritual energies. God the Father is the personal creator of the Paradise universe and, in association with the Eternal Son, the creator of all other personal universe Creators.
As a physical controller in the material universe of universes, the First Source and Center functions in the patterns of the eternal Isle of Paradise, and through this absolute gravity center the eternal God exercises cosmic overcontrol of the physical level equally in the central universe and throughout the universe of universes. As mind, God functions in the Deity of the Infinite Spirit; as spirit, God is manifest in the person of the Eternal Son and in the persons of the divine children of the Eternal Son. This interrelation of the First Source and Center with the co-ordinate Persons and Absolutes of Paradise does not in the least preclude the direct personal action of the Universal Father throughout all creation and on all levels thereof. Through the presence of his fragmentized spirit the Creator Father maintains immediate contact with his creature children and his created universes.
God is spirit.” He is a universal spiritual presence. The Universal Father is an infinite spiritual reality; he is “the sovereign, eternal, immortal, invisible, and only true God.” Even though you are “the offspring of God,” you ought not to think that the Father is like yourselves in form and physique because you are said to be created “in his image”—indwelt by Mystery Monitors dispatched from the central abode of his eternal presence. Spirit beings are real, notwithstanding they are invisible to human eyes; even though they have not flesh and blood.
Said the seer of old: “Lo, he goes by me, and I see him not; he passes on also, but I perceive him not.” We may constantly observe the works of God, we may be highly conscious of the material evidences of his majestic conduct, but rarely may we gaze upon the visible manifestation of his divinity, not even to behold the presence of his delegated spirit of human indwelling.
The Universal Father is not invisible because he is hiding himself away from the lowly creatures of materialistic handicaps and limited spiritual endowments. The situation rather is: “You cannot see my face, for no mortal can see me and live.” No material man could behold the spirit God and preserve his mortal existence. The glory and the spiritual brilliance of the divine personality presence is impossible of approach by the lower groups of spirit beings or by any order of material personalities. The spiritual luminosity of the Father’s personal presence is a “light which no mortal man can approach; which no material creature has seen or can see.” But it is not necessary to see God with the eyes of the flesh in order to discern him by the faith-vision of the spiritualized mind.
The spirit nature of the Universal Father is shared fully with his coexistent self, the Eternal Son of Paradise. Both the Father and the Son in like manner share the universal and eternal spirit fully and unreservedly with their conjoint personality co-ordinate, the Infinite Spirit. God’s spirit is, in and of himself, absolute; in the Son it is unqualified, in the Spirit, universal, and in and by all of them, infinite.
God is a universal spirit; God is the universal person. The supreme personal reality of the finite creation is spirit; the ultimate reality of the personal cosmos is absonite spirit. Only the levels of infinity are absolute, and only on such levels is there finality of oneness between matter, mind, and spirit.
In the universes God the Father is, in potential, the overcontroller of matter, mind, and spirit. Only by means of his far-flung personality circuit does God deal directly with the personalities of his vast creation of will creatures, but he is contactable (outside of Paradise) only in the presences of his fragmented entities, the will of God abroad in the universes. This Paradise spirit that indwells the minds of the mortals of time and there fosters the evolution of the immortal soul of the surviving creature is of the nature and divinity of the Universal Father. But the minds of such evolutionary creatures originate in the local universes and must gain divine perfection by achieving those experiential transformations of spiritual attainment which are the inevitable result of a creature’s choosing to do the will of the Father in heaven.
In the inner experience of man, mind is joined to matter. Such material-linked minds cannot survive mortal death. The technique of survival is embraced in those adjustments of the human will and those transformations in the mortal mind whereby such a God-conscious intellect gradually becomes spirit taught and eventually spirit led. This evolution of the human mind from matter association to spirit union results in the transmutation of the potentially spirit phases of the mortal mind into the morontia realities of the immortal soul. Mortal mind subservient to matter is destined to become increasingly material and consequently to suffer eventual personality extinction; mind yielded to spirit is destined to become increasingly spiritual and ultimately to achieve oneness with the surviving and guiding divine spirit and in this way to attain survival and eternity of personality existence.
I come forth from the Eternal, and I have repeatedly returned to the presence of the Universal Father. I know of the actuality and personality of the First Source and Center, the Eternal and Universal Father. I know that, while the great God is absolute, eternal, and infinite, he is also good, divine, and gracious. I know the truth of the great declarations: “God is spirit” and “God is love,” and these two attributes are most completely revealed to the universe in the Eternal Son.
>>>The infinity of the perfection of God is such that it eternally constitutes him mystery. And the greatest of all the unfathomable mysteries of God is the phenomenon of the divine indwelling of mortal minds. The manner in which the Universal Father sojourns with the creatures of time is the most profound of all universe mysteries; the divine presence in the mind of man is the mystery of mysteries.
The physical bodies of mortals are “the temples of God.” Notwithstanding that the Sovereign Creator Sons come near the creatures of their inhabited worlds and “draw all men to themselves”; though they “stand at the door” of consciousness “and knock” and delight to come in to all who will “open the doors of their hearts”; although there does exist this intimate personal communion between the Creator Sons and their mortal creatures, nevertheless, mortal men have something from God himself which actually dwells within them; their bodies are the temples thereof.
When you are through down here, when your course has been run in temporary form on earth, when your trial trip in the flesh is finished, when the dust that composes the mortal tabernacle “returns to the earth whence it came”; then, it is revealed, the indwelling “Spirit shall return to God who gave it.” There sojourns within each moral being of this planet a fragment of God, a part and parcel of divinity. It is not yet yours by right of possession, but it is designedly intended to be one with you if you survive the mortal existence.
We are constantly confronted with this mystery of God; we are nonplused by the increasing unfolding of the endless panorama of the truth of his infinite goodness, endless mercy, matchless wisdom, and superb character.
The divine mystery consists in the inherent difference which exists between the finite and the infinite, the temporal and the eternal, the time-space creature and the Universal Creator, the material and the spiritual, the imperfection of man and the perfection of Paradise Deity. The God of universal love unfailingly manifests himself to every one of his creatures up to the fullness of that creature’s capacity to spiritually grasp the qualities of divine truth, beauty, and goodness.
To every spirit being and to every mortal creature in every sphere and on every world of the universe of universes, the Universal Father reveals all of his gracious and divine self that can be discerned or comprehended by such spirit beings and by such mortal creatures. God is no respecter of persons, either spiritual or material. The divine presence which any child of the universe enjoys at any given moment is limited only by the capacity of such a creature to receive and to discern the spirit actualities of the supermaterial world.
As a reality in human spiritual experience God is not a mystery. But when an attempt is made to make plain the realities of the spirit world to the physical minds of the material order, mystery appears: mysteries so subtle and so profound that only the faith-grasp of the God-knowing mortal can achieve the philosophic miracle of the recognition of the Infinite by the finite, the discernment of the eternal God by the evolving mortals of the material worlds of time and space.
>>>Do not permit the magnitude of God, his infinity, either to obscure or eclipse his personality. “He who planned the ear, shall he not hear? He who formed the eye, shall he not see?” The Universal Father is the acme of divine personality; he is the origin and destiny of personality throughout all creation. God is both infinite and personal; he is an infinite personality. The Father is truly a personality, notwithstanding that the infinity of his person places him forever beyond the full comprehension of material and finite beings. *
God is much more than a personality as personality is understood by the human mind; he is even far more than any possible concept of a superpersonality. But it is utterly futile to discuss such incomprehensible concepts of divine personality with the minds of material creatures whose maximum concept of the reality of being consists in the idea and ideal of personality. The material creature’s highest possible concept of the Universal Creator is embraced within the spiritual ideals of the exalted idea of divine personality. Therefore, although you may know that God must be much more than the human conception of personality, you equally well know that the Universal Father cannot possibly be anything less than an eternal, infinite, true, good, and beautiful personality.
God is not hiding from any of his creatures. He is unapproachable to so many orders of beings only because he “dwells in a light which no material creature can approach.” The immensity and grandeur of the divine personality is beyond the grasp of the unperfected mind of evolutionary mortals. He “measures the waters in the hollow of his hand, measures a universe with the span of his hand. It is he who sits on the circle of the earth, who stretches out the heavens as a curtain and spreads them out as a universe to dwell in.” “Lift up your eyes on high and behold who has created all these things, who brings out their worlds by number and calls them all by their names”; and so it is true that “the invisible things of God are partially understood by the things which are made.” Today, and as you are, you must discern the invisible Maker through his manifold and diverse creation, as well as through the revelation and ministration of his Sons and their numerous subordinates.
Even though material mortals cannot see the person of God, they should rejoice in the assurance that he is a person; by faith accept the truth which portrays that the Universal Father so loved the world as to provide for the eternal spiritual progression of its lowly inhabitants; that he “delights in his children.” God is lacking in none of those superhuman and divine attributes which constitute a perfect, eternal, loving, and infinite Creator personality.
In the local creations (excepting the personnel of the superuniverses) God has no personal or residential manifestation aside from the Paradise Creator Sons who are the fathers of the inhabited worlds and the sovereigns of the local universes. If the faith of the creature were perfect, he would assuredly know that when he had seen a Creator Son he had seen the Universal Father; in seeking for the Father, he would not ask nor expect to see other than the Son. Mortal man simply cannot see God until he achieves completed spirit transformation and actually attains Paradise.
The natures of the Paradise Creator Sons do not encompass all the unqualified potentials of the universal absoluteness of the infinite nature of the First Great Source and Center, but the Universal Father is in every way divinely present in the Creator Sons. The Father and his Sons are one. These Paradise Sons of the order of Michael are perfect personalities, even the pattern for all local universe personality from that of the Bright and Morning Star down to the lowest human creature of progressing animal evolution.
Without God and except for his great and central person, there would be no personality throughout all the vast universe of universes. God is personality.
Notwithstanding that God is an eternal power, a majestic presence, a transcendent ideal, and a glorious spirit, though he is all these and infinitely more, nonetheless, he is truly and everlastingly a perfect Creator personality, a person who can “know and be known,” who can “love and be loved,” and one who can befriend us; while you can be known, as other humans have been known, as the friend of God. He is a real spirit and a spiritual reality.
As we see the Universal Father revealed throughout his universe; as we discern him indwelling his myriads of creatures; as we behold him in the persons of his Sovereign Sons; as we continue to sense his divine presence here and there, near and afar, let us not doubt nor question his personality primacy. Notwithstanding all these far-flung distributions, he remains a true person and everlastingly maintains personal connection with the countless hosts of his creatures scattered throughout the universe of universes.
The idea of the personality of the Universal Father is an enlarged and truer concept of God which has come to mankind chiefly through revelation. Reason, wisdom, and religious experience all infer and imply the personality of God, but they do not altogether validate it. Even the indwelling Thought Adjuster is prepersonal. The truth and maturity of any religion is directly proportional to its concept of the infinite personality of God and to its grasp of the absolute unity of Deity. The idea of a personal Deity becomes, then, the measure of religious maturity after religion has first formulated the concept of the unity of God.
Primitive religion had many personal gods, and they were fashioned in the image of man. Revelation affirms the validity of the personality concept of God which is merely possible in the scientific postulate of a First Cause and is only provisionally suggested in the philosophic idea of Universal Unity. Only by personality approach can any person begin to comprehend the unity of God. To deny the personality of the First Source and Center leaves one only the choice of two philosophic dilemmas: materialism or pantheism.
In the contemplation of Deity, the concept of personality must be divested of the idea of corporeality. A material body is not indispensable to personality in either man or God. The corporeality error is shown in both extremes of human philosophy. In materialism, since man loses his body at death, he ceases to exist as a personality; in pantheism, since God has no body, he is not, therefore, a person. The superhuman type of progressing personality functions in a union of mind and spirit.
Personality is not simply an attribute of God; it rather stands for the totality of the co-ordinated infinite nature and the unified divine will which is exhibited in eternity and universality of perfect expression. Personality, in the supreme sense, is the revelation of God to the universe of universes.
God, being eternal, universal, absolute, and infinite, does not grow in knowledge nor increase in wisdom. God does not acquire experience, as finite man might conjecture or comprehend, but he does, within the realms of his own eternal personality, enjoy those continuous expansions of self-realization which are in certain ways comparable to, and analogous with, the acquirement of new experience by the finite creatures of the evolutionary worlds.
The absolute perfection of the infinite God would cause him to suffer the awful limitations of unqualified finality of perfectness were it not a fact that the Universal Father directly participates in the personality struggle of every imperfect soul in the wide universe who seeks, by divine aid, to ascend to the spiritually perfect worlds on high. This progressive experience of every spirit being and every mortal creature throughout the universe of universes is a part of the Father’s ever-expanding Deity-consciousness of the never-ending divine circle of ceaseless self-realization.
It is literally true: “In all your afflictions he is afflicted.” “In all your triumphs he triumphs in and with you.” His prepersonal divine spirit is a real part of you. The Isle of Paradise responds to all the physical metamorphoses of the universe of universes; the Eternal Son includes all the spirit impulses of all creation; the Conjoint Actor encompasses all the mind expression of the expanding cosmos. The Universal Father realizes in the fullness of the divine consciousness all the individual experience of the progressive struggles of the expanding minds and the ascending spirits of every entity, being, and personality of the whole evolutionary creation of time and space. And all this is literally true, for “in Him we all live and move and have our being.” *
>>>Human personality is the time-space image-shadow cast by the divine Creator personality. And no actuality can ever be adequately comprehended by an examination of its shadow. Shadows should be interpreted in terms of the true substance.
God is to science a cause, to philosophy an idea, to religion a person, even the loving heavenly Father. God is to the scientist a primal force, to the philosopher a hypothesis of unity, to the religionist a living spiritual experience. Man’s inadequate concept of the personality of the Universal Father can be improved only by man’s spiritual progress in the universe and will become truly adequate only when the pilgrims of time and space finally attain the divine embrace of the living God on Paradise.
Never lose sight of the antipodal viewpoints of personality as it is conceived by God and man. Man views and comprehends personality, looking from the finite to the infinite; God looks from the infinite to the finite. Man possesses the lowest type of personality; God, the highest, even supreme, ultimate, and absolute. Therefore did the better concepts of the divine personality have patiently to await the appearance of improved ideas of human personality, especially the enhanced revelation of both human and divine personality in the Urantian bestowal life of Michael, the Creator Son.... (Jesus of Nazareth)
The prepersonal divine spirit which indwells the mortal mind carries, in its very presence, the valid proof of its actual existence, but the concept of the divine personality can be grasped only by the spiritual insight of genuine personal religious experience. Any person, human or divine, may be known and comprehended quite apart from the external reactions or the material presence of that person.
Some degree of moral affinity and spiritual harmony is essential to friendship between two persons; a loving personality can hardly reveal himself to a loveless person. Even to approach the knowing of a divine personality, all of man’s personality endowments must be wholly consecrated to the effort; halfhearted, partial devotion will be unavailing.
The more completely man understands himself and appreciates the personality values of his fellows, the more he will crave to know the Original Personality, and the more earnestly such a God-knowing human will strive to become like the Original Personality. You can argue over opinions about God, but experience with him and in him exists above and beyond all human controversy and mere intellectual logic. The God-knowing man describes his spiritual experiences, not to convince unbelievers, but for the edification and mutual satisfaction of believers.
To assume that the universe can be known, that it is intelligible, is to assume that the universe is mind made and personality managed. Man’s mind can only perceive the mind phenomena of other minds, be they human or superhuman. If man’s personality can experience the universe, there is a divine mind and an actual personality somewhere concealed in that universe.
God is spirit—spirit personality; man is also a spirit—potential spirit personality. Jesus of Nazareth attained the full realization of this potential of spirit personality in human experience; therefore his life of achieving the Father’s will becomes man’s most real and ideal revelation of the personality of God. Even though the personality of the Universal Father can be grasped only in actual religious experience, in Jesus’ earth life we are inspired by the perfect demonstration of such a realization and revelation of the personality of God in a truly human experience.
When Jesus talked about “the living God,” he referred to a personal Deity—the Father in heaven. The concept of the personality of Deity facilitates fellowship; it favors intelligent worship; it promotes refreshing trustfulness. Interactions can be had between nonpersonal things, but not fellowship. The fellowship relation of father and son, as between God and man, cannot be enjoyed unless both are persons. Only personalities can commune with each other, albeit this personal communion may be greatly facilitated by the presence of just such an impersonal entity as the Thought Adjuster.
Man does not achieve union with God as a drop of water might find unity with the ocean. Man attains divine union by progressive reciprocal spiritual communion, by personality intercourse with the personal God, by increasingly attaining the divine nature through wholehearted and intelligent conformity to the divine will. Such a sublime relationship can exist only between personalities.
The concept of truth might possibly be entertained apart from personality, the concept of beauty may exist without personality, but the concept of divine goodness is understandable only in relation to personality. Only a person can love and be loved. Even beauty and truth would be divorced from survival hope if they were not attributes of a personal God, a loving Father.
We cannot fully understand how God can be primal, changeless, all-powerful, and perfect, and at the same time be surrounded by an ever-changing and apparently law-limited universe, an evolving universe of relative imperfections. But we can know such a truth in our own personal experience since we all maintain identity of personality and unity of will in spite of the constant changing of both ourselves and our environment.
Ultimate universe reality cannot be grasped by mathematics, logic, or philosophy, only by personal experience in progressive conformity to the divine will of a personal God. Neither science, philosophy, nor theology can validate the personality of God. Only the personal experience of the faith sons of the heavenly Father can effect the actual spiritual realization of the personality of God.
The higher concepts of universe personality imply: identity, self-consciousness, self-will, and possibility for self-revelation. And these characteristics further imply fellowship with other and equal personalities, such as exists in the personality associations of the Paradise Deities. And the absolute unity of these associations is so perfect that divinity becomes known by indivisibility, by oneness. “The Lord God is one.” Indivisibility of personality does not interfere with God’s bestowing his spirit to live in the hearts of mortal men. Indivisibility of a human father’s personality does not prevent the reproduction of mortal sons and daughters.
This concept of indivisibility in association with the concept of unity implies transcendence of both time and space by the Ultimacy of Deity; therefore neither space nor time can be absolute or infinite. The First Source and Center is that infinity who unqualifiedly transcends all mind, all matter, and all spirit.
The fact of the Paradise Trinity in no manner violates the truth of the divine unity. The three personalities of Paradise Deity are, in all universe reality reactions and in all creature relations, as one. Neither does the existence of these three eternal persons violate the truth of the indivisibility of Deity. I am fully aware that I have at my command no language adequate to make clear to the mortal mind how these universe problems appear to us. But you should not become discouraged; not all of these things are wholly clear to even the high personalities belonging to my group of Paradise beings. Ever bear in mind that these profound truths pertaining to Deity will increasingly clarify as your minds become progressively spiritualized during the successive epochs of the long mortal ascent to Paradise.
>>>[Presented by a Divine Counselor, a member of a group of celestial personalities assigned by the Ancients of Days on Uversa, the headquarters of the seventh superuniverse, to supervise those portions of this forthcoming revelation which have to do with affairs beyond the borders of the local universe of Nebadon. I am commissioned to sponsor those papers portraying the nature and attributes of God because I represent the highest source of information available for such a purpose on any inhabited world. I have served as a Divine Counselor in all seven of the superuniverses and have long resided at the Paradise center of all things. Many times have I enjoyed the supreme pleasure of a sojourn in the immediate personal presence of the Universal Father. I portray the reality and truth of the Father’s nature and attributes with unchallengeable authority; I know whereof I speak.]
....and all of that was shared with a primitive being like myself (me speaking now), and i had receive it in joy and huge curiosity for a thirst for learning more about something big and immense related to the essence of my own nature........ an unknown curiosity had pushed me off the limitations of my initial reality to search for the Source of what i felt, sense, perceive, experience in and on these amazing moments of my personal experience as a human in such a primitive level of existence..... Notwithstanding the fact that i am flesh still in a process of transformations and mutations due to a spiritual NEED that dwells inside....
1:52 july 24th
for those there living outside the Wall... learning the duties of the garden or the farm.... after scaping from the big cities.... is a whole challenge to learn something totally new when you tried to plant a seed of a flower of a tree of a vegetable or a fruit.... is challenging but it is also a satisfaction as one sees the results and the life emerging from little to production in an organic way.....same with the farm animals and cats and dogs.... from small puppies to grown ups..... at any rate we learn those physical visions of death and living situations with those animals and plants. and we learn new things when inside our hand we are holding a new creature or plant changing moments of being alive, or being death. and that death is clear that is only a transition. some of those forms go underground and others into a compost area. transformation. there are some sad moments though when a complete animal with the whole of the physical capacities looses the link to be alive and  motionless is in your hands the beautiful process of matter to become a living form, but is not moving. that feeling of impotence and that inner desire or will to be a god to restore live in a death form comes into your feelings as an electric storm. but we learn those things too and continued knowing we are are only in this stage of evolution.  with many disabilities though.... when we lean or lay on the grass looking up shapes of different greens in contrast with a huge deep pale blue sky and a breeze of air slowly moves things as well as small clouds up there, then we know there is a softly gentle subtle beauty in this 3D too and is as said before= subtle strong and temporally.... a moving experience of small finite moments.... those small form also moving under your tall figure in the form of insects some flying and some under waters or on the surface crawling their ways in repetitive actions or organized collective actions.... is amazing that world.... but it takes also a learning with them since they bite hard or they eat your garden lol....

16:44 julio 27th freitag
.........................blah blah blah..................................
25:05 tuesday july 31st 2018
a.- the physical creation of the creatures on this planet is loaded in addition to everything else, of a beauty that is tender, ephemeral, primitive and with loads in its energetic structure that reach out the limitations of violence, aggression, destruction and so on ... Although everything is part of the same evolution ...
b.- luck is only the precision of calculations in any action to be carried out .... the failure of these movements is not bad luck, it is only erroneous calculations in the previous analysis before taking a step .... 
22:57 saturday 4th Agosto 2018
a contradiction has arose in the midst of any earthy day.... in the middle of any situation, turning itself into a flow of becoming like a river of wild impatience before any simple event of daily life, the interesting thing about this terrible behavior of personality, is that one can get to touch the beach of the interior discernment among that mind provisionally rounded inside by a short circuit of another small physical insidient that mixes in a bottle frustration and discomfort to be prevented it from solving normal 3D situations that are simply part of the daily training of overcoming the human character of the person. then it begins to blaspheme any physical moment that does not develop as the mind would like it to unfold, forgetting that there are some very basic and clear laws about a developing binary planet in the middle of a change .... that mind begins then between the lake of spirituality and the material stuff to realize for itself that there are many laws of that natural physics of the planet that must be changed to another level or abolished altogether at once. At that precise moment, the intangible within that human being who thinks and feels realizes that the gap to the 5D is breaking down in that internal dialectic dialogue of 4D insights of the human perceptions. and.... which are those laws that need to break away...¡?¡¿ they are different, many and they change from human to human.... they are up to every single step of the human observation of things.... only to mention one of them it baths in the everyday field of the routines. The routines can have different faces from time to time. But in reality they are so repetitive that can make a human in stage of observation, to develop a stage of boredom when it come to see them face to face. Wake up, eat almost similar elements everyday, doing during the lapse of a week sort of the same things according to the job or creative moment or recreation moment or intermissions of relaxing; even for the wanderer or the homeless or the jobless or the artist.... Facing those routines with analytical eye, the mind can reached out the beach of boredom and ask immediately for a change. Changes of place, job, recreations, people around, colors, tastes, etcetera. The most crucial moment comes, when the inner mind senses and desires and realize that the 3D is not functional enough to the expectations of a move. In the middle of those insights, the human ask the gods for permission to any conclusion that arises in between. Can not go further into those ideas alone or in the path of ego or against a spiritual flow that is unfolding in the collective mind of the planet. And this is what happens, that the collectively of the planet and the humans on it is going to changes, drastic changes that involve a new event of global magnitude.... This boredom has different facets, it has nothing to do against the basics of primitive beauty, comfort or happiness for life. This boredom has to do with the architectural circuits of a precisely behavior of the human mind in relation with the human body. That theatrical opera is directed by the human spirit itself of the same human in reference.... in the action of pushing itself the vessel within and the vessel outside.... meanwhile the soul is happy and observing the human in relation with its observations and the resolutions it takes to adjust to the new sensations that the soul is finding as it touches the house of the gods. The soul realize something new as it develops its way back to the Source, the the vessel needs to adjust fast and accurate to the new stuff in perspective.It is in other words, the transformation or the metamorphosis of a human from worm to butterfly.
19:16 friday 24th agosto
the subjects that get closer are uncountable. man can permanently stay for eons writing without ending, a whole lot of nothing. the chances that man can be right at the insights from discernments, are few.... the chances and the odds are always a dice spinning inside the Russian roulette of the hopes and the luck and the positions of a called own destiny; when in reality, none of the above is the right bullet that is going to hit into your brain. making it explode since the circumstances of the mistakes involved in it are the effect of so many chances taken lightly as causes. dear colleagues of the infinite roulette of the chances and the odds flourishing the insights of a little brain that uses in reality only 5% of its capacity.... this is round control major Tom.... dear bloggers and unknown beings from the digital world. this is our only underground. there is no other exit door out of the matrix. even if u took the red pill. we simply pretend at flashes of light inside the insights, that we can read the future or we can fly to the past or we can create unions with the unbalanced other beings around the same planet sharing the same moments, but not the inside light insights..... oh my universe, words and words going nowhere..... making non sense..... pretending, just playing in a serious way anomalies that reflect the ways we eat, the ways we fornicate, the ways we separate, the ways we stay away from universal Love.... but man, where were u when u heard the call from the inside..... oh, no!. the perfectionist is at hand and we ran and ran more than Lola in endless repetitions making the same or similar mistakes along the way.... along the paths....

 but so far, i haven't say anything constructive. wandering around ideas without meaning or with truncated or unresolved sense..... it happens a lot in this 3D. like when an immobile object is in our way and in a show of impatience we kick it and then we curse it..... knowing that the object is there and in many ways, it doesn't exist at all. but we keep on pushing the gun, we shoot and shot a sheriff by accident. the sheriff was a cop in Kingston town. sheriff was after the smokers, while the shadows of the invisible were after him declaring the arrest as a lack of sensibility with the other color of the rainbow. in all the processes, we gotta keep on kool an remain calm at all times, knowing we are just passing by and there is not a fast escape as a suicidal tendency or managing the remote control of life by clicking a bottom to make everything we don't like to disappear. yes, in the process of doing time in the beautiful jail of this planet, we have to complete the time stipulated a priori and continued with the routines and see ourselves and others getting old, very old.... sometimes very ugly.... with the repetition of the circles..... with the same videos and the deja-vu of the scenes we sense are repeated. the rent is due or the mortgage on the house is due and we had already a notice of eviction, and there is not food to put on the table.... and so on and so on survival..... but the blind man said: so what!!! yelling from the inside of the insights. and the man -now blind, remained kool and immovable under any storm or tsunami. he didn't forgot that he got inside the capacity of endure all and whatever. he did sacrificed all those passing illusion from the material world, in order to get a grip on the real Freedom. and tomorrow, in his own tomb, the epitaph reads like this: here lies the only survivor of freedom who decided to live free. but the tomb wasn't real either. many hacker Comanches attacked the sequences of the Quantico statistics of the insight of the ideas and deleted for ever the answers and the choices and the odds and so everything else were also deleted in a domino effect that not only absorbed the wicked man but also those thinking they were superior than the "lower" ones................... and here we are. listening or reading other peoples writings. the higher beings are not using the social networks at all. cause they are in a better level of communications. is just you and me and we and myself and they. the real lower ones.
22:58 domingo 26th Aoüt
last time i saw her she was in a wandering train.... and the poor heart melancholic and coward looking at her face.... quiet.... it was cold outside and inside and i was afraid of oblivion..... squeezing each other we said good bye....  and i went back down the road all alone and uncertain about this life..... and her memoir pumping inside my brain so deep.... and i felt that cold of absence again........................ but life went on -like they said, and -even if i am still remember that feeling inside my heart, i don't related it to her anymore.... is like a fuel that feeds unknown writers of different topics writing at the same time on the same paper at several hands.... memoirs.... but in this school they taught us to don't get melancholic in heart as one of the musts.... so i remain still and sober and calm and absent and distant..... observing the outsides of this planet with the inner eye.... an i began reading the meaning of this school on Nature, Trees, Flowers, Animals, inanimate things, Humans, the Elements, the Spirits of this Milky Way's Nature.... the inner observer is connected with the higher self whom advice me to be cautious and prudent.... when possible mistakes arrived or are about to showed up, the inner Spirit inside the spiritual mind guides the thinking actions following higher protocols i am sometimes unaware of...... and in conclusion i come with ideas like..... this school is beautiful, it is a wonderful opportunity within a great background.... even though everything has a negative "but" behind the curtains of beauty.... the amazing vision of duality at spontaneous actions........the beautiful playful puppy dog has its own "but" hidden of primitive behaviors..... the Humans the same..... the inanimate things too.... And if passing a quick look at those primitive behaviors one can find several different conducts from aggression to attachments to endless desires of unfulfilled carnal cravings to fears to distress to distrust to confusions to primitive reactions to strictly following laws of physics to laws of chemistry to laws of educations to laws of repetitive actions to fall in causation to fall in effects outside their controls to open availabilities beyond their own will to laws of attraction by instincts of primitive impulses to dreams outside their own capacity or ability.... to to to too many "to"...... and the observer knows now that all those different colors are just a singular explicit clear way of behaviors adapted and instituted in a class as normal and as part of cosmic education and as part of the beautiful inner background conducts to learn and overcome in the daily final tests of challenges from/of the school..... stuff to be conscious of and knowing is a part of the everything at this planetary moment....
 -the noises and sounds inside this video are the perfect effect for the above insight-
so far that's it.... 
7:51 monday 27th 2018 agosto
.... comes from before>>>>>>>> ....and the school where we learn all these stuff has different levels: kindergarten field is really wild noisy confuse fill with a raw beauty, strength, impulses,  loaded with emotional expressions, virgin, orderer chaos, lots of curiosity leading to the island of mistakes, sponge sponge of the absorbing info and so on and on...... then comes initiation school: in this area the human began sensing he finds the mission and the purpose for life, then the journey of a new born baby began.... many mistakes are still at find.... curiosity of a second degree is approaching..... solitude is something to find along that path, emotions still pump high and hard and hot..... changes is the middle name..... short moments of confusion sometimes pass by..... feeling uneasy incomplete inferior away from the tracks of self esteem..... inquisitiveness of many dogmas believes and paths are going to be experimented..... and so on until the human finds calm peace quietness the introspective line of observation and inner listening then the human again finish another level from that school and the doors of high school are open..... knowing that ahead of the self still are college, university, post degree, master..... and so on..... meaning that the possibilities of studying in this planet as life offers those chances, is long and the human has not many time to adjust, the life span given is so short that needs to adjust fast and change a lot and knowing that still needs to deal with the social adventures of surviving or what ever that is....... when the human looks behind, finds a path where many time approached many desperate options like considering suicidal tendencies, wrong moves of surviving, couple of deaths inside the last tunnel, self destruction in many levels from legal absorption of products to illegal consume of many substances, and so on so many other ones................ but now when is reaching the high school class, is still not proud at all, is still feeling the same struggle as when doing time in kindergarten. humbles is a filter tool used a lot..... among others.....
7: 35 a.m. the day is full.... August 28th 2018
inside the social networks, people i don't know in the flesh but are my "friends" is chatting of or dreaming from, or sensing inside the pushing action of, or want so hard an.... an EARTHQUAKE. but not a small or regular one..... bigger than 10 or 12 degrees, one that change the face of the planet for good. feeling those plates under the surface moving all of them and at the same time into new positions. heard they said is going to be their final move. they know in their DNA what and where is the position they need to move to. very similar to a perfect design of a living planet in coordination with the cosmos around. anyway i had a dream last night. it wasn't as vivid as i thought it should be. nothing to do with earthquakes......... from the room where i sleep i look at the garden outside and i feel the life rounded as if i was a balloon. heard a voice saying that we humans are filled with blood. so my new self is a sort of a floating six meter in diameter balloon slowly jumping in the garden outside and filled with red blood. that is my new form of my new me in that dream.... nothing to do with anything else. just blood. we are filled with blood. wherever you puncture your outside skin.... blood arose as saying: we in here are full of this red watered element, thank you for not picking our skin.......
19:44 last day of Agosto 2018
yes, definitely since i don't have privileged channels inside the tv set, so, whenever i decided to watch some movie, i have to always repeat the same ones, since that is what the menu of the programs give u for the basic fare. so ask me how many times i already saw Mad Max-Fury Road? probably already 75 times..... how many times the Matrix? probable 1015 times.... well, it is not that i only watch repeated ones or that type of movies.... it is just that the other choices are sometimes and most of the times so sick and boring and with zero nutrients for the distraction time that......, but i see other stuff as well, and i am not a tube guy either since i also do so many other things and stuff that at this moment are not in need to mentioned. point in this blah blah is based in the repeated story of one of the movies, i just saw the last part of Matrix 1 and that last thing Neo said is so strong and futuristic considering the time the movie was released....
Neo: I know you're out there. I can feel you now. I know that you're afraid... you're afraid of us. You're afraid of change. I don't know the future. I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it's going to begin. I'm going to hang up this phone, and then I'm going to show these people what you don't want them to see. I'm going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you..
Switch: Listen to me, Coppertop. We don't have time for 20 Questions.
Trinity: I know why you're here, Neo. I know what you've been doing... why you hardly sleep, why you live alone, and why night after night, you sit by your computer. You're looking for him. I know because I was once looking for the same thing. And when he found me, he told me I wasn't really looking for him. I was looking for an answer. It's the question that drives us, Neo. It's the question that brought you here. You know the question, just as I did.
Neo: What is the Matrix?
Trinity: The answer is out there, Neo, and it's looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to.
Morpheus: What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.
Agent Smith: I'm going to be honest with you [takes off glasses and ear-piece]. I hate this place, this zoo, this prison, this reality, whatever you want to call it. I can't stand it any longer. It's the smell, if there is such a thing. I feel saturated by it. I can taste your stink, and every time I do I fear that I have somehow been infected by it. It's repulsive! Isn't it? [violently grabs Morpheus's head] I must get out of here. I must get free, and in this mind is the key, my key!
Morpheus: What are you waiting for? You're faster than this. Don't think you are, know you are. Come on. Stop trying to hit me and hit me.
Morpheus: The matrix is a system Neo, that system is our enemy.
Neo: There is no spoon!
Morpheus: The pill you took is part of a trace program. It's design to disrupt your input/output carrier signal so we can pinpoint your location.
Neo: What does that mean?
Cypher: It means buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy because Kansas is going bye bye.
Morpheus: You have to let it all go, Neo. Fear, doubt, and disbelief, Free your mind.
Neo: I know what you're trying to do.
Morpheus: I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it.
Neo: Trintiy!!!! Help!!!!!!!
Neo: Trinity. Help!
Morpheus: The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.
Morpheus: As long as the Matrix exists, the human race will never be free.
Morpheus: I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it.
 HERE is the original script ending speech :
"I know you're out there. I can feel you now. I imagine you can also feel me. You won't have to search for me anymore. I'm done running. Done hiding. Whether I'm done fighting, I suppose, is up to you. I believe deep down, we both want this world to change. I believe that the Matrix can remain our cage or it can become our chrysalis, that's what you helped me to understand. That to be truly free, truly free, you cannot change your cage. You have to change yourself. When I used to look out at this world, all I could see was its edges, its boundaries, its leaders and laws. But now, I see another world. A different world where all things are possible. A world of hope. Of peace. I can't tell you how to get there, but I know if you can free your mind, you'll find the way."
The brothers supposedly edited it because they were afraid "chrysalis" would confuse people.
well.... is all out there.... it fits our last times now..... in many ways...... superior humans might be those ones out there looking at humans doing our routine like Neo did on the last scene of the movie Matrix when he came out of the phone cabin.... is so amazing.... seeing and feeling himself (yourself) in a superior level where we (you) can HELP others "in need".... long ago someone asked humans to become "superior" by following simple universal behaviors.... it was 2000 or more years ago and they, the people of the common couldn't understand full the message they misunderstood it and in many cases they changed, neither the other ones in the matrix, and the matrix crucified the guy....... and the Roman Empire created a religion to control and manipulate the masses based mostly in Jews books and the letters of a Jew named Paul whom searched for the truth in his own way but couldn't grasp right the message of the guy on the cross..... many years or centuries before another guy that just showed up in this planet named Melchisedek also talked similar words to old ancient people..... some grasp some stuff and then created dogmas and believes that later they turned into established enormous gigantic complicated fanatic human religions...... last century a guy named Nietzsche also talked about the Übermensch, he ended his days in cold solitude rejected by his own people...... many saints and heroes and regular gays and girls throughout human history talked about similar stuff at the time they fought for freedom and justice and some other good stuff..... but the matrix ended killing them or putting them in prison for ever or make them fall in an "accident" or are in jail or in a nut house or in invisible locations where his/her voice nobody hears or echoes in cold silent insipid gray walls that not even the Pink Floyd super hammer can break down...... what is really happening to us? comfortable numbs like Pink yelled in that movie?..... if we see the wrongs and/but we do little (talking of those who see something, since those others see nothing wrong with the system), sometimes we just do nothing and stay for hours watching a movie like myself for infinity times and several more times and..... do nothing, NOTHING. we are in the sleeping stage still..... comfi with the social network, comfi and cozy......................buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy because Kansas is going bye bye.........................
10:52 september 7th 2018
in September a lot of crucial and important stuff always happens in this globe filled with humans living in contradiction with each other....... do we understand the connection between us and LIFE???..... if you are a part or feel like belonging to the Renegade Family of Light-workers...... system buster available for alternated systems of consciousness..... in the Free Will universe...... Abracadabra = "I create as I speak"....... make your mind to CHANGE....... shake it off....... observation...... enthusiasm........   apart from the above copied observation i heard from a video channel transmitting life something...... i see that very slowly but surely one word at the time, one phrase at the moment.... all according to how much time we have to dedicate to the new "fillings"...... or maybe according with how much we can absorb at the time...... anyway thing is that words and sentences are arriving from few different sources (the social networks and the video channels) and we started to picking up and summing all the info received.... and everyday the puzzle of the cloudy path ahead seems more and more visible and clear showing scenes of a coming event that is already happening out there..... IT is there in our nearest future self and in coordination with some or few others collective futuristic selves hooked on the same cosmic channel transmitting and receiving all these coordinates from higher channels that are trying to put us together...... even if so far in the geographical and physical level, i am alone or separate from the others in the frequency of facts...... but i know that many others are already been hooked on by superior brothers and sisters -directly or in dreams or just touched inside their DNA...... far away from dogmas, political directions, or material possessions ............and they are waiting patiently....... those members of the Family of Light.......
22:49 friday 14/18
contradictions, sometimes or.... many times, we fall into contradictions with ourselves or with some perspective, or a direction or a believe or something else..... even within other directions as food or friendships or colors or vacation sites or whatever. sometimes we touch the wound of the planetary community and the globe itself and we feel different, in a way a lit bit moody and quite. recently i felt this deep solitude of thoughts around how people behave in their regular routines of daily life in a defensive way at front.... maybe superficial smiling and all welcome and salutations..... but inside a distrust and sorrow of thoughts against what is not having the same colors we have or hang around with...... sometimes we look at our direction in life or the perspective of our actions or the calendar of our steps or the smell of the air around us and we found ourselves following our choices took from some beginnings long ago bringing us into the picture of what we do now and the how we do it now..... in a personal level i find myself walking among a society i don't really like it that much their ways of doing things of/in how they can move in directions that bring in many ways hurt to themselves.... not just the action reaction law...... but blind movements of chosen  paths and experiences that hurt other people..... sometimes using lies that involve dark destinations of thoughts. it hurts to just know that. inconceivable that short sight of mutual and collective visions. and the saddest thing is that is not just few humans doing it..... by the thousands and the millions of them without a love sight in their visions of/to facing their daily routines..... not even mentioning here heavy stuff like disclosures or the Cabala's observations or the brainwashing way of living inside the matrix within religion politics war education and economics.................. back to my personal vision or direction, i found myself every once in a while -say every six months or couple of years, in a noisy sensation of feeling bored again while i am experimenting a new experience of doing something i just began.... remembering that song: "i haven't found what i am looking for" ¡?¡?'?¿¡¡¿?¿?¿? contradictions i said in the beginning..... inside my spirit is this bird that flies a lot among planets and countries and galaxies and densities and...... then i look around, and i get bored of whatever i am doing at the moment....... then i started wonder: what it  means to/for a human to feel that way¿? then i look down inside my wallet and i count only seven dollars, not enough to expand the reality of the thoughts into the reality of the physical experience of the body (vessel)..... then i remember the little boy in the school by the lady Oracle when he said to Neo: don't try to bend the spoon.... it's impossible.... try to think better, that there is no spoon...... and voila!!! the metal spoon bends. i try this at home -even if the sign of mister Smith said: please don't try this at home..... and the spoon never bended. and wonder, yes i wonder, where is the center point of that physical metal thing.... where its DNA composition melts into the realities of its densities in order for my mind to intercept the fluids of existence and/to make it disappear or: BEND. !!!!¿¿¿¿???? DON'T KNOW YET, I'VE BEEN TRYING A LITTLE THOUGH AND SENSE SOME MOVING ENERGIES INSIDE THE SPOON........ anyway...... did u read the story i wrote about the "Dragon Rider"? in Amazon? check it out!!!.... and: "The Mark of the Apocalypse in James B."
20:15 saturday 15th 2018 still
thank you mister Roger Waters for so much feelings in your movie Roger Waters the Wall..... deep war going on around our planet and all the Cabala and their Illuminati soldiers and those Skull and Bones politicians of them and the bunch of Freemasons around the planet in key positions still dancing the songs of destruction against humanity..... and they are happy about killing children and killing humans that concern about other human forms of LIFE..... but mister Waters touched gentle and with sensibility that subject of war and crime of politicians and economics and religions as bombs falling down against us.....
Wish You Were Here So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell, Blue skys from pain. Can you tell a green field From a cold steel rail? A smile from a veil? Do you think you can tell? And did they get you to trade Your heros for ghosts? Hot ashes for trees? Hot air for a cool breeze? Cold comfort for change? And did you exchange A walk on part in the war For a lead role in a cage? How I wish, how I wish you were here. We're just two lost souls Swimming in a fish bowl, Year after year, Running over the same old ground. What have we found? The same old fears. Wish you were here. All in all you're just another brick in the wall.... Long you live and high you fly. And smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry. And all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be..... 
All that you touch All that you see All that you taste All you feel. All that you love All that you hate All you distrust All you save. All that you give All that you deal All that you buy, beg, borrow or steal. All you create All you destroy All that you do All that you say. All that you eat And everyone you meet All that you slight And everyone you fight. All that is now All that is gone All that's to come and everything under the sun is in tune but the sun is eclipsed by the moon. "There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it's all dark.....  
Teacher: What have we here, laddie? Mysterious scribblings? A secret code? No! Poems, no less! Poems, everybody!..............
Hotel Manager: He's a maniac!
Rock and Roll Manager: He's an ARTIST!
Since, my friend, you have revealed your deepest fear, I sentence you to be exposed before your peers. TEAR DOWN THE WALL!
We don't need no education. We don't need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the classroom. Teacher, leave them kids alone. Hey, teachers, leave them kids alone! All in all, it's just another brick in the wall. All in all, you're just another brick in the wall
Pink: [singing] Are there any pedos in the audience tonight? Get 'em up against the wall! That one in the spotlight, he don't look right! Get him up against the wall! And that one looks like a cabalas Zionist... and that one's a politician and war maker and a religious! Who let all this riff raff into the room? That one's smoking stupidity! And that one's got spots in his soul! If I had my way, I'd have all of you shot! >>>some words changed by author to fit present times<<<
Groupie: What are you watching? Hello?
["Hello" echoes]
Groupie: Hey, are you feeling okay?
Mother: [singing] Hush now baby, baby, don't you cry / Mother's gonna make all of your nightmares come true / Mother's gonna put all of her fears into you / Mother's gonna keep you right here under her wing / She won't let you fly, but she might let you sing / Mama will keep baby cozy and warm / Ooooh babe, ooooh babe, oooooh babe / Of course Mama's gonna help build the wall.
Pink: [singing] I don't need no arms around me. And I don't need no drugs to calm me. I have seen the writing on the wall. Don't think I need anything at all. No! Don't think I'll need anything at all. All at all, it was all just bricks in the wall. All in all, you were all just bricks in the wall.
Hello? Hello? Is there anybody in there?
....get'em all against the WALL.... we DON'T need no religion, not politics, not country line borders, not leaders, NO MONEY............ NOT Cabala and controllers..... WE NEED OUR FREEDOM back.......... ¡¡¡ N O W !!!
Those steps down the tears down our faces..... drops of sadness..... sadness of feelings of other parts of our humanity under heavy sorrow..... in pain...... under injustice prosecutors........ under wrong doers...... with chains..... and the drops of tears of voices in pain of suffering the suffers of those under the suffering of the pressure of this mislead life of horror of unnecessary wars and darkness around a business and...... and false manipulated concepts of education in a massive wrong ways to put us against the wall of the matrix architects..................... oh no......... can NOT take any more pain................... i heard that she said so............
oktober the first..... september finally ends..... 9:51 2018
that POWER of the now really vibes and grows in the stillness of focused presents moments....... not sticking solid plans for the future, a goal or direction though..... then those inner fields  of within connected with the inner powers of the GALAXY and the spiritual world, feeds up that huge fields inside u where is planted the universe itself and where u are sprouting as a SEED.
4:20 am 2nd oktober fest 2018
inside the veil of the NOW, the perception of changes are at hand..... the Quantico options of changing materialistic facts are at will......... the collective mind of the planets inhabitants is at hand..... u can change many things within this insight..... don't get attached to physical things----..... choose wisely thinking in the goodness of the universe...... goodness is good, it gives a satisfaction to the soul.... and contributes with the prosperity of the whole.....
19:48 4th X-18
it is essential to live a simple life, why? for million of reasons, but to mention just one.... for the Love residing inside each thing u see with your eyes open. It doesn't really matter if there are extraterrestrial forms living in our planet right now, it doesn't matter if there are innumerable habitable superior or inferior planets, it doesn't matter if there are an elite of apparently humans running the planet and with ideas of destroying it, it doesn't matter if life  as we know it hits to the "ends" of a road, it doesn't matter if the apocalypse is now or in another 2000 years, it doesn't matter if there are gods around us helping or just watching, it doesnt matter if our planet is going to shift into another dimension, it doesnt matter if most of the people of this planet is esceptical or mockers or trolls, it doent matter if i dont have money to fullfil the desires of my good-will intentions on this reality, it doesnt matter if i believe what you thinking or not, it doesnt matter if there are people who actually kill or dont care about animals or nature in general, it doesnt matter if God the father is watching this video or not or if some of his spirits are sending him info through the channels he has..... what matters NOW is that whatever i do, i do it with JOY.... with a POSITIVE actitud.................... only then, the other realities here or above are HAPPY about us.
oktoberfest 25 2018 19:03

Dreams Memories..............................>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<

Dreams and Memories…. It’s just noise.
Noise implanted by the “architects” for us to be clinging into their programed structure of functioning according to a plan of “living”.

Dreams and Memories bouncing from one side into the other of thin walls called Life….

Comfortably numbing around what we think are our potentials…. When in reality those are more reflections of the same noise…. Not to mention those action and thoughts coming from the ego.

Sitting in the middle of all those noises like kings and queens giving orders to ourselves to act and think and behave as we are under total control of that situation.

Dreams posted ahead like roads going into possible futures marking steps to follow…. But we don't know that the ink used to pave the road is registered to invisible circuits belonging to somebody or something else…. Or probably from a command send by a programed instruction board.

Memories of events in a location we call or know as “past”, when in reality it belongs to the same wheel of the events concerning us as part of a bigger or greater gigantic wheel of a collective….

Memories and Dreams belonging to a collective. None of our Dreams or Memories belong exclusively to us. They all are part of a collective we don't even have a clue what it is.

Then a question arises from those ashes…. What is behind that noise???

Are we powerful enough to break that noise in order to find really who we are?

Theories in abundance are in and around our collectives giving us answers of all kinds…. It all depends who is linked to the mother board of the collective.

Books and tons of books are around coming from different sources, some of the sources are fake some are illusions to keep us there doing what we doing in a “happy” way. Some other books come from out of space revelations, some inspired through “masters”…. We read and read and keep on listening to others and to what we call our inner self and keep on going and go and more going. All the time reaching out for another step into the ocean of proposals and options. What we don't know is that all those book are just what we need to heard at such moment of curiosity or call for investigation…. Not even the revelations are the top of the top. The info there is just writing in words we can understand in this level of evolution. The examples given are just what we are able to copy……… the realities out there are so and so higher that is like looking at the sun at midday with bare eyes. We are not made yet to copy their realities. We sense in a way what is behind the noise. But we can not absorbed whole. Meanwhile we keep on pretending everything in our interpretation of a dream or a future path is alright. The speed at what we move in those directions, we thinks is the right one. A higher percent of our time is used for so many different thing that are not really moving in the direction of breaking down the noise to find who we are really. Many already have answers to that question…. And that is exactly what we are talking about here.

Is anyone out there ready to sacrifice all is belongings and all what this “Life” represents for you to you, in order to step forward naked and alone into the unknown of the noises to break that glass? No many real heroes are out there in the field of the superior beings, because that move might represent you own “death” from this reality you know as third dimensional.

Only your actions define you…. To take a step forward is an action that will lead you to really know who you are and what your mission is now and here. Dieing in the transition it is not really death. Is more like a transformation of the self human into a self next step of Light.
the lower levels of beginning the almost there spiritual path in the spiritual highlands, has similar equations with the higher levels of human wisdom.........
the twenty-eight statements of human philosophy are:
48:7.3 (556.3) 1. A display of specialized skill does not signify possession of spiritual capacity. Cleverness is not a substitute for true character.
48:7.4 (556.4) 2. Few persons live up to the faith which they really have. Unreasoned fear is a master intellectual fraud practiced upon the evolving mortal soul.
48:7.5 (556.5) 3. Inherent capacities cannot be exceeded; a pint can never hold a quart. The spirit concept cannot be mechanically forced into the material memory mold.
48:7.6 (556.6) 4. Few mortals ever dare to draw anything like the sum of personality credits established by the combined ministries of nature and grace. The majority of impoverished souls are truly rich, but they refuse to believe it.
48:7.7 (556.7) 5. Difficulties may challenge mediocrity and defeat the fearful, but they only stimulate the true children of the Most Highs.
48:7.8 (556.8) 6. To enjoy privilege without abuse, to have liberty without license, to possess power and steadfastly refuse to use it for self-aggrandizement—these are the marks of high civilization.
48:7.9 (556.9) 7. Blind and unforeseen accidents do not occur in the cosmos. Neither do the celestial beings assist the lower being who refuses to act upon his light of truth.
48:7.10 (556.10) 8. Effort does not always produce joy, but there is no happiness without intelligent effort.
48:7.11 (556.11) 9. Action achieves strength; moderation eventuates in charm.
48:7.12 (556.12) 10. Righteousness strikes the harmony chords of truth, and the melody vibrates throughout the cosmos, even to the recognition of the Infinite.
48:7.13 (556.13) 11. The weak indulge in resolutions, but the strong act. Life is but a day’s work—do it well. The act is ours; the consequences God’s.
48:7.14 (556.14) 12. The greatest affliction of the cosmos is never to have been afflicted. Mortals only learn wisdom by experiencing tribulation.
48:7.15 (556.15) 13. Stars are best discerned from the lonely isolation of experiential depths, not from the illuminated and ecstatic mountain tops.
48:7.16 (556.16) 14. Whet the appetites of your associates for truth; give advice only when it is asked for.
48:7.17 (557.1) 15. Affectation is the ridiculous effort of the ignorant to appear wise, the attempt of the barren soul to appear rich.
48:7.18 (557.2) 16. You cannot perceive spiritual truth until you feelingly experience it, and many truths are not really felt except in adversity.
48:7.19 (557.3) 17. Ambition is dangerous until it is fully socialized. You have not truly acquired any virtue until your acts make you worthy of it.
48:7.20 (557.4) 18. Impatience is a spirit poison; anger is like a stone hurled into a hornet’s nest.
48:7.21 (557.5) 19. Anxiety must be abandoned. The disappointments hardest to bear are those which never come.
48:7.22 (557.6) 20. Only a poet can discern poetry in the commonplace prose of routine existence.
48:7.23 (557.7) 21. The high mission of any art is, by its illusions, to foreshadow a higher universe reality, to crystallize the emotions of time into the thought of eternity.
48:7.24 (557.8) 22. The evolving soul is not made divine by what it does, but by what it strives to do.
48:7.25 (557.9) 23. Death added nothing to the intellectual possession or to the spiritual endowment, but it did add to the experiential status the consciousness of survival.
48:7.26 (557.10) 24. The destiny of eternity is determined moment by moment by the achievements of the day by day living. The acts of today are the destiny of tomorrow.
48:7.27 (557.11) 25. Greatness lies not so much in possessing strength as in making a wise and divine use of such strength.
48:7.28 (557.12) 26. Knowledge is possessed only by sharing; it is safeguarded by wisdom and socialized by love.
48:7.29 (557.13) 27. Progress demands development of individuality; mediocrity seeks perpetuation in standardization.
48:7.30 (557.14) 28. The argumentative defense of any proposition is inversely proportional to the truth contained.
Such is the work of the beginners on the first mansion world while the more advanced pupils on the later worlds are mastering the higher levels of cosmic insight and morontia mota.
12:52 November 1st 2018 (in 5D Year 1 -one-)
something about CARLES TORA....
Carles Torà.I am a traveler, a celestial navigator in search of signals, writer of the soul, a nomadic spirit, tolerant and respectful with everything and everyone. Friend of nature and space, living between two worlds, that of being and time, contributing and giving of myself for both. My formation extends like the tentacles of a large cephalopodus. Self-taught in power and seeker of myself and others, promoting a new way of seeing the Everything in the Now. Alchemist by birth, following the signals and conflicts of my internal biology, contributing and creating to unite more and more our unconscious abstract with our conscious concrete. Born into a middle family. A childhood of illusions and fantasies and adolescence preparing me for the magic that had to come and currently living happy and serene, as father and husband of my family. Constant traveler after having been preparing the theory for many years, to later apply it in the practice of travel, learning from them, from the people and from the customs of different races and creeds. All this for the development of oneself, in order to later give it to the world, apply what is known in wisdom. Always by my people, my friends, countless friends everywhere. Constant mountaineer, walking the road between the cold snow of the mountains and the hot sand of the deserts. Traveler, traveling, walking, sailing, piloting, always in constant movement for myself and for everyone. I am a storyteller who narrates the journeys lived and their experiences in the key of stories and narrations for the good use of both the word and the intention............... search the internet for his Messages of the Change >2018  
6:19 Year 1 in 5D month of movember day 5th
the 5D is here..... man can feel and sense and see the 3rd the 4th and the 5th in this plane...... look around yourself, see those primitive ones doing and saying primitive stuff? is 3D..... see those meditating searching for spirituality and doing and saying new good stuff and being people of goodwill? those are in 4D........ see or heard of those connecting with their own higher-self and transforming themselves into higher beings of Light that BELIEVE in THEMSELVES, that know that we creation of ALL species are part of the Whole and the One and that humans are made equal and with the power to share and find the purpose of LIFE. The HEART is always open, that chakra of the heart always open to visualize to observe actions and thoughts of the surroundings to express the LIGHT knowing well that the Light always overcome the shadows of darkness. BE/GROW bcs the Light and darkness are also the same or from the same....totally everything and the emptiness and void is also the same or from the same, YOU are what matters!!! is the ORIGIN.  And also they remember that EQUILIBRIUM in all they do specially when they feed themselves towards HEALTHY bodies. They are searching inside they Heart for that LIGHT DNA::: once you find your own high-self, that being living in superior densities as the 6th and the 9th and the 12th where all of them are living and diving and acting and moving inside LIGHT always and at all times, once you perceive their Light inside your HEART, you will start changing your DNA for a more complete and higher DNA of LIGHT. They also know that EVOLUTION = CREATION = ELEVATION. And VIBRATION is the way for communication and the path to walk, Vibrate high with the Origin of the Whole....... And yes!!! those people are already in 5D>>> You wonder then: ¿is that it? <<<well thing is that the NEW EARTH will birth or emerge from the "collision" of an approaching parallel Earth on 3D reality with this we are on now. Had you see those pictures in the social networks from normal people taking snaps with their smart phones of the sky with apparently 2 suns or a sun and some big round sphere close to it? well that is the parallel dense-earth approaching this 3D reality plane of the planet, yes it is approaching this planet within this reality of transition and duality. Once the parallel dense planet earth hits this earth blue planet..... a "collision" will occur and the DENSE (heavy thick) OF DARKNESS from that approaching planet will stay here with/in the result of a whole planet with stable 3D new reality...... BUT in the action of the wonderful event a NEW EARTH will beautifully emerge.... in other words the "collision" is giving birth into a New Reality of the planet EARTH (blue planet, Gaia, Urantia or whatever new name she will has) and SHE will bring with HER those ready for a different FREQUENCY of LIGHT-LIFE-LOVE.... And it will continue the New Earth and those in 5D on her surface into the 6th frequency of LIFE path. There you will meet or you will become or you will engage or you will find the circle of unity with YOURSELF in the continued circle of Life and Eternity and together with all those around you doing similar experience..... always growing into new higher realities of Light.

Sitting on a Guanabana tree
looking down…. we see….
on the down Earth how the dogs
joyfully play with each other
on the wild green meadow after a storm….

Leaves are wet after the rains
all the universe around, is also wet;
….when I meet the joyful elements
it feels as if I am a child of the stars
wet or dry we become amusements at move….

Something out there is trying
to fit in with the inside picture of my new being,
two different universes
but from the same delightful communion of Love….
I can not invite anyone else to the play, sob….
since all beings nearby are going through a lot
I only have this fun with the trees the flowers
the meadow the raindrops and the animals….
But I know the whole of the One are watching our game,
and they rejoice with it a lot.

3:21 year 1st november 12

Burning or burying a past of photographies and original writings-

it is -they said, the 1st year when -if you are swimming inside the 5D, shifting and at the end of a cycle. I need to make a move again inside the loads of experiences I had during this life journey on this planet and as a human being of Earth. One the items my sister send me in her need to clear our parents house from unnecessary stuff stored in rooms and rooms occupying vital space for -may be a better perspective for her in her own near by future, so she send me all those photos negatives and albums and a whole lot of notebooks with a bunch of written stuff from my past emotions, ego interpretations, insights and soul’s own sensibility words. Today I am watching this film by Marlon called “Listen to me Marlon”; a series of takes based in old recorders from his own telephone answer machine and others he kept along his life during this life experience in the US. At the very end of the documentary, he goes something like expressing in a second that meaning of facing his own death and comparing it to make it real with his character in “The Godfather”. They show in a take a couple of garbage transparent bags with all those tapes and films and he concluded in how they all really mean nothing now…. Leave all that past behind, is useless and go ahead with your experience…. he said in other words. You wont need them! ...It touched me the whole documentary about Brandon experiences and sensible introspective on how he sees his own life even over all those mistakes he did. Forgiving all and being sensible about injustices.

I was giving second thoughts in what to do with all my photography negatives from old cameras of snaps taken in so many different scenarios and with many people that at the moment where very special in many different ways. Along that, about hundred of notebooks and notes and drawings made through the years. One idea was just to buried them underground, another was to make a fire place in a full moon and turn them into ashes into the night. And a third and worst choice was to write my sister see if she can hold them back again for a while during my next trip. Marlon gave me an excellent idea: I don't need them anymore, they are useless, go on with your trip experience of life. So, I decided in this XXI century to do a ceremony of a farewell to them as a thanksgiving of love for their contributions in my life helping me to learn and in the process they exalt in my creativity a normal human artist condition of how to see life from behind a lens and also to see over white backgrounds letters of poetry and a strong pushing desire of hopes to find a reality behind the illusion of the forms. The reality behind the forms even if its subtle…. and is there and I love it.... since it is the story of my life writing in fiction words and snaps of colors and B&W.

21:04 november 18 year 1st
...when the innerself needs to express emotions of crossed feelings about human behaviors in this cultural society of us...... i need to listen to it and follow through not matter what....... so here i am writting like usually....... knowing that writing is not an art for myself, but a tool of scaping thoughts flying over white sheets of empty backgrounds inside the internet...... outside in the physical stays nothing...... not a word not a feeling not a picture....... cuz like Marlon Brandon said it...... you dont need them any way on the path ahead. They figured out that the human body is designed to endure all of this and more. They find out that the human body is designed to live for 800/900 human years if the diet is healthy and the attitude is a correct one.........watching all these procedures of behaving unconciously around and among ourself creating echoes of painful reactions because our hurts, at least it hurts me a lot, it hurts the poet inside me the one watching and observing all those human doing their stuff..... observing and looking and seeing behind black blue brown gray green hazel eyes........ 21 grams of what before u hurt someone unconsciously..... 21 grams of blood? 21 grams of a bullet? 21 grams of a thought? 21 grams of a poem? 21 grams of hate? 21 grams of attachment to dogma? 21 grams might be the weight of an eye when is outside the cavity of the skull....... 21grams of pain that feel like a ton.............. but definitely i cant not give up on life........ outside even the more little move or thought or word charged with a negative impulse, will create tsunamis of destructive floods inside ourself and around our life....... how many of us by the billions walk on earth planet mother stepping on somebody's  limits? on somebody's heart?...... the worst brick inside the wall of contradictions is the pain we cause to ourself with our own actions wasting our little life to have our 15 minutes of splendor but seventy years of turmoil..... from those 70 long short periods of days and seconds and hours and months and whatever else......... we do many things against our own soul....... we treat ourselves like excrement and flush the toilet of our own unity so as simple as stepping on the side walk of eternity being massacred inside our hearts or brains or spirit or bones................. 4 seasons inside our self: Spirit, Body, Mind, Emotions...... emotions thoughts flesh spirituality................... all in one, all is one, all inside the One........... but we destroy it........ by one..... is painful to know and see what they do to themselves  and observe the contradictions involve in the suffering and the endurance through the desert on the land of the hurt............... oh no.......... a collective impulse as a race of a sphere swimming in space surrounded by other spheres doing the same breathing and walking and dreaming throughout the same Galaxy........... within the same Universe......... among the same Creation of the Whole and the expansion of the One, and we as part of the same One.............. oh no............. hurts but it is only 21 grams............ 21 grams that will lead us into the realms of death unconsciously in different tragic scenarios................ same as it happen to our ancestors and to our grand parents and to our parents and to our other friends and relatives and acquaintances and just outside strangers and other people on the streets and inside the jungles and on the desert or inside the oceans.......... oh no.......... they need only 21 grams to do it............... Love was rejected or misunderstood or mislead or misplaced or forgotten or send to oblivion or last lost alone in the technological fields of cold gray backgrounds fill with ecstasy of temporally satisfactions that are not warm at all......................... those comments and posts in the little boxes of the social networks are still bouncing themselves in repetition or in laughs of troll fingers that despite the positive words because we at the same time are deep clogged dfue to our evolution in separate capsules where we shout aloud different questions to the outside world in forms of a simple post in social networks where in reality from those 1000 "friends" we know only the 10% of them and we are really close to only 1 or 2 of them................ oh no.......... is cold and is gray the color of the scenario even though the background here is colorful and even has tunes and nice pix and even subtle commercials that remains us the TV we used to watch a lot............... when we don't do the smart-phone........ tomorrow will be another day and the sun will rise again and the moon will play its role and the job is the same and the search for survival is there and those cling to the system of the status quo of money are there moving the  hours of our jobs and scheduling our time in educational centers and giving us the same medical pills that keep us holding there........ just hold on because we still own the mortgage and the college and the car and even the cell phone .........surviving in the sharped edge of the knife of our decisions.......... the beer taste good and the sport or TV show has a lot of colors and its moving a lot............ the noises we heard we call sometimes music or poems or cries or wars urban and overseas ones or making love or a good decision or declaration of independence or good choice of a president of our places we call countries homes and we happy when she smiles, the little daughter of us the little girlfriend of us the little mother of us the women and the children and the elderly and the :::::::::: men..........................oh yeah. Check out the bodies we have, the toes, the lips, the hair, the eyes, the hair............ the birds, the water, the flowers the trees......... the factories the offices the churches the institutions the technology the scientist the doctors the mechanics the street cleaners the gardeners the husbands and the wifes the schools and the kindergarten the wars and the white tide terror-makers the one that love humanity and those that use it for their economical and more power as a benefit...........we have all and we have the nothing........ the payed slaves the homeless the countries with hunger we call third world........... our vacation spots our new custom we choose when we go on vacations or in an overseas tour.......... and there we discriminate always what is different............ what is that after all? spending the money like who cares? do we care enough? are we able to SEE the way we act outside our comfort zone? are we spoiled by our governments or by the way the educational system taught us? do we need more education of that type?, but no my digital friends its only 21 grams of anything to jump into glory or to reside in the different paths that ended up in a final and certain death!!! 21 grams. But what is glory anyway......... do we know glory as a human race? in all those thousands of years in different civilizations and empires and at this point, do we know what is a permanent constant perennial growing everlasting glory? Glory= ( a state of great gratification or exaltation, the splendor and beatific happiness of heaven, something that secures praise or renown, a height of prosperity or achievement........), what are we really persuing..... only the satisfaction of the 15 minutes of deaf temporaly glory?¿? Questions and more questions and even the other side of the story: the criticism......... few answers........ most of time the answers are written in revelations or hidden messages of the prophets but those subjects are forbidden for and by the masses............. and here also, since we can not fall in attachment to dogma and can not follow impositions of believes to others since we know EVERYONE has a different trip a different story, a different view of everything, a different level of education of evolution of understanding of feeling of thoughts and on and on and on.......... just remember: 21 grams.
   1st year
      lune décroissante....
SOB.... by artbyflow
sob.... Che
sob.... Allende
sob.... Gaitan
sob.... 2 Kennedy's
sob.... Luther K
guilty.... CIA
guilty.... Illuminati
sad.... unbalance
sad.... déséquilibre
sad.... Missklang
answer.... Love!!!

monday 3rd on the 1st year 20:36
for how long am I still writing that date, is weird.... where i got from that this is the year One? who am i to change paradigms long established by status quo for the good of them..... any way.... i am here today, just to let ya know that i did not burn those pix and old notebooks, just took several .not really several, i think thousands of pictures of the bla blah blahh and the drawings and post cards and letters and more old pictures and data and what whatever i found in those cages and turned everything into a digital format.... and before i sent them to the trash can, I thanks them and felt love inside my heart for the memories -bad regular or good, and heal and move forward...... following Marlon's advise: "I don't need them anymore, they are useless, go on with your trip experience of life  ....right?